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  1. Hey Alan, FFG really doesn't respond to the boards, this is usually community territory. That being said a few ideas that may help include sorting your tiles by symbol, then shape, then indoor/outdoor. Most of the sets have all outdoor on one side and vice versa. this isn't always the case, but at least reduces the tile flipping a little. I'm pretty sure the reason for the tiles not being announced in advance is to keep the story a bit of a mystery.
  2. Except these were the molds from the original game that were being reused to package the old content into new options in the 2nd expansion.
  3. This has been happening a lot lately! I don't think that it helps that they call the header 'Board and Card Games' and then you have to look a little further to find the 'Living Card Game' section. I can't say I looked prior to this, but has it always been like this?
  4. Of course another thing I didn't even think of until now is that FFG is known for having multiple keywords on cards, so categorizing them would be even harder.
  5. An update posted just today on the Steam page stated that they are still working on bringing it to completion. So, still delayed, not dead.... for now.
  6. Agreed, unless you find someone who is going to sell out just that part from their copy then you probably aren't going to find another way besides this. FFG does not sell separate components. Maybe sort your monster deck by type?
  7. Are you talking about the upgraded figures or something else? The additional minis tend to come packaged with the various expansions.
  8. I think you meant to post this in the LCG board as it hasn't been introduced into the board game. From my interpretation it appears that it only works for the extra action that you get this round. hence the wording "you may take an extra action this turn, during which you get +2..." I think the key word is during. Hope that helped some.
  9. I agree. The text does really seem to be more towards them being separate adventures. But it still does seem like the narrative has some cohesion!
  10. Sounds like they might not be the 'F' LGS for you any more...
  11. Well, somethings gotta give. did you tell customer service about the vendors refusal to work with you? I'm sorry that you're having this much trouble with it. If there is no give from either company, did you use a credit card. Many of them have consumer protections.
  12. Doesn't every game have some repetition or play out somewhat linear to some degree? Even games that don't have a story have the same rule set. Sometimes it's about how you change your style by using different strategies. That being said, MoM has some very different variations in the scenarios. The story might have some similar events, but who hasn't re-read their favorite books or watched a movie again to see what they missed. I have different groups of friends that I've played AH3 with and each time things have played a little differently. I'm looking forward to the expansion and what may be coming down the line in the future. As many have said it's personal choice how we choose to look at it. Good luck with yours!
  13. No problem! Good luck stopping the end of the world!
  14. Given that you are usually only using will or strength one step at a time then you don't have to worry about both at the same time. If you check RR, page 12, under Frequently Asked Questions, Q3. You can use as many weapons during an encounter as you world like, but you only use the highest bonus modifier from one weapon. So if you had all three of the weapons you used you would be able to have a combat encounter with a +2 to WILL, a +1 to STR, and a benefit if a monster is defeated. You could also use other abilities like re-rolls even if they are not on the same weapon. In fact if your weapon B had a +1 WILL, +2 STR, then your combat encounter would be +2 WILL, +2 STR, and the benefit. The only thing you do not combine is the bonuses, you only get the highest bonus for each of the skills you are testing.
  15. Tibs created a calculator for the many statistical probabilities of EH and this may be the best page to draw you conclusions from. The spreadsheet is very through so if you are looking for other details you can flip through the tabs at the bottom.
  16. Unfortunately, no. The Print on Demand packs do not get mixed into the 2nd ed. game. The scenarios for 2nd ed are new to the game, some of them are even spiritual sequels to some from 1st ed. While some of the big box components can be added such as investigators and map tiles, everything else is for the most part replaced. Hopefully this helps some. As far as double posting, we can all see where the new posts are at. 😅
  17. Unfortunately, no. The Print on Demand packs do not get mixed into the 2nd ed. game. The scenarios for 2nd ed are new to the game, some of them are even spiritual sequels to some from 1st ed. While some of the big box components can be added such as investigators and map tiles, everything else is for the most part replaced. Hopefully this helps some. As far as double posting, we can all see where the new posts are at. 😅
  18. You can use as many items/weapons as you would like. However you only apply the highest bonus effect from among those. SO if you have one weapon with +1 and one with +3, you would only use the +3. But you can use re-rolls or other effects as permitted.
  19. Daniel Chesterfield is an Ally, but rather than being in the blue Ally deck, he's in the gold/brown special cards deck. Most of the encounters use something similar so that you have to locate the specified Asset and that it doesn't fall into another investigators hand by purchase/gain ally location. It's more like a special rewards deck.
  20. I think I may have oversimplified with this statement regarding what constitutes effects, for that confusion I apologize. Attacks, some events, reckoning. These all have effects as well. The only thing that I know of from the RR regarding effects and clues is on Page 11 is under the Spend and says "When an investigator spends a token or card, such as a Clue token, he discards it in exchange for an effect." A lot of my searching on this has been tied to the Silver Key because of its identical wording. These are the sources Here's what has come up about the silver key in 2013 over on BGG and then again a few years later. And another board game forum where it came up. It sounds like the magic words that don't line up are 'Spend' and 'Place that'. I'm unsure if anyone has ever asked for an official ruling. That may be the only way that you'll be able to look further down the rabbit hole. If you do, please post it!
  21. Except that an effect would be something that modifies character stats, like through equipment, spells, and weapons with special abilities. A mystery clue encounter by nature doesn't seem like it would fit the narrative of being considered for that.
  22. Unfortunately this wouldn't work as the 'Return' boxes simply add variation to existing scenarios in the Dunwich Legacy box. You could always go for one of the newer core boxes and start that adventure with other mythos packs and maybe by then they'll have sent Dunwich to be reprinted and restocked.
  23. It's not to say that they can't. They also did something similar with Descent. They just haven't created a way to do MoM yet. I was simply talking about the idea that house ruling could skew the difficulty and inventory control that the app plays in setup.
  24. Hi Sanscouer, this topic came up recently in this thread. The problem with carrying upgrades and items from scenario to scenario is that the software has no way to deal with making adjustments to the scale. Starting with items and upgrades will definitely make the game seem a lot easier. That coupled with the fact that you might run into some issues in which the software might make use of something that you have in a players inventory. It may be something that FFG could consider for the future of the product, but right now it would really come down to how you want to make house rules work within the confines of the software.
  25. Ahhh, even though you said reward I didn't even look at the character mission/rewards. I would think that even though the wording is the same it still makes sense that you wouldn't use the reward any different from the previous Silver Key ruling of the past. I'm not sure if it has ever been officially ruled on by FFG but you can try asking them for a clarification. It would be interesting to hear an official evaluation.
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