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  1. I'll have to give that a try. Funny how they just didn't make it that easy for Android then.
  2. Maybe something of a rework in the app where insane players do something random on the mythos phase. Similar to starting a fire you select when a player goes insane and then during the mythos phase the app might have you do something like steal a random item, start a fire, attack another investigator, or run to the opposite side of the board. Of course I don't think that something like this will come to be.
  3. Yeah, and we wish the toolkit was on Android, LOL
  4. I agree! Even from a story telling standpoint if someone goes out of their way to do something that would betray others then the team would have no reason to mourn their loss. The fact that he went out of his way to commit in game suicide which lead to everyone losing since he couldn't win does make the end game a little on the weird side.
  5. Yeah, the last update that I heard from my local game store was 4/20/17. Of course this is subject to change.
  6. LOL, never mind, just saw above posts. Guess I missed this thread before...
  7. I found a similar location on Windows for Steam users. C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\LocalLow\Fantasy Flight Games\Mansions of Madness Second Edition\SavedGames\ Where the XXXXX represents the first 5 letters of your computer user name. Then just follow the steps that totgeboren listed above for copying and making new folders.
  8. Just got an official response from FFG. Yes, any investigator may attempt to close any portal in the ending of Gates of Silverwood Manor. No, the investigator carrying the Item mentioned in the text is not required–as you noted, there is no rules text that makes that requirement. If one person has all the keys, they would perhaps have an edge to closing the gates, but anyone may assist in closing the gates.I hope this helps clear things up!Thanks for playing,Kara Centell-DunkGame DeveloperFantasy Flight Games
  9. Yeah, with perma-death and lack of spell locks carrying over from one player to the others!
  10. Why not just use your first edition game, take the new stuff and then make your own scenarios from scratch or that use the new plot lines verbatim. I've seen people use the first edition to make custom scenarios before. I've always gotten the feel that the 2nd edition is more there to eliminate the need for a keeper and make it much more of a co-op game.
  11. On 1, Rules Reference, Page 18, Section 2. If the number of dice needed exceeds the dice pool, roll, record passes, re-roll any as needed. On 2, RR, Page 14, Push Action, Section 3. If pushing a monster you use the monster's brawn which is the number on the bottom in red. So it doesn't say anything about an evade check, just a strength test. Of course this is a contridiction of itself on Page 12 when it states that you have to make an Evade check. I agree with usgrandprix. No need for an Evade since is comes off attack like, you are directly affecting the monster. On 3, Evade for the pusher, not the pushee. On 4, Evade for the pusher, and then a strength test between the two investigators to see if the pushing takes place. Welcome and hope you're having fun!
  12. Okay, but all we did was add an HDMI cable to the laptop to fix the lag over casting. The Xbox option wouldn't have changed anything or added any additional clarity. Gaming systems probably wouldn't be the best use of expanding the app when they can work on expanding content. For one you have to develop for yet another set of UIs. And since they're already giving the app out for free from 3 different sources, every potential user should have access to it on some OS.
  13. There are actually a few monsters that move this way during the scenarios. I know that we have seen the Cultists and Goat Spawns with similar text. It's kinda the games way of getting them closer to the action so that they start impacting some outcomes on the next Mythos event.
  14. Yeah, I'm so use to the key item mechanic in other scenarios where the inspector carrying the physical key item has to be the one opening a door. It just made it seem like since they mentioned the resonance of the item the 'key' mechanic is attached to. I would prefer it not to be that way to give a better chance at a win, but of course don't want to cheat the system as it might have been intended.
  15. Hello everyone, I wanted to see how other players were interpreting an action that takes place in one of the newest scenarios 'Gates of Silverwood Manor'. That being said spoilers for the scenario are below, try to get a play before reading. Last night was the first time that my group tried to tackle this new event and it is definitely one of the best uses of the sets. With the moving rooms and different NPC interaction points it is one of my new favorites. That being said we ran into a point where I think some clarification would have helped. As you move around the board and collect keys, you eventually find out that you need these to close the portals. Each portal has a byline that reads that an item glows in response to the portal. We interpreted to mean that the investigator carrying that item was the one to interact with that portal to try to close it. The countdown eventually got the better of us, possibly because of this interpretation. This is where I wanted to see what other players thought about this mechanism. The portals themselves don't have a tagline stating that you have to have the item to interact with it. Do you allow other investigators to attempt to close the portal? Does the investigator even have to be there since the app makes no mention that they have to be? I know that you get the extra passes for each key that you carry so does that mean that if one person had more than one key they are then trying to run all over to close the portals?