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  1. LordPyrex

    1st Edition PoD expansions

    They have not made any use of the old PoD. They have have included some of the item/events within the existing expansions, but I doubt they will create anything specifically for them when they have been working on MoM2nd branded content for the past 3 years. Most of the PoD seems to add new cards to tell a new story or are used by the DM. These kinds of cards don't really fit into the way 2nd ed works. The way they seem to be handling PoD in 2nd edition is to release stand alone DLC that makes use of the content that you have activated. There have also been some very creative people working on Homebrew content over in Valkyrie.
  2. LordPyrex

    Suppressed Memories Availability

    You could also try looking for the first edition content. Suppressed Memories is made up of the components from Call of the Wild and Forbidden Alchemy. Not that those seem to be any easier to find. But at least it's a second potential search.
  3. LordPyrex

    how many investagor are in elder sign

    Daniela Reyes and Preston Fairmont
  4. LordPyrex

    Monster spawn.

    Just out of curiosity and for my own piece of mind... where is this rule?!? I feel like I've scanned through the RR, LtP, and even the new Errata looking for some semblance of this.
  5. LordPyrex

    how many investagor are in elder sign

    Including all expansions, there are 53. There are a total of 55 investigators in the Arkham files games, only 2 of which have not been included in EH.
  6. So, there is still a specific operation of events for Combat. These are on Page 3 of the Rules Reference and would affect you outcome as follows. 1. Check Monster Effects - The 'Lose 1 Sanity effect is read here.' While it doesn't come into play until the Strength Test it would cause you to take that hit first. 2. Resolve Will Test - Same rules as a typical attack. 3. Resolve Strength Test - This is where you can use the Handcuffs to defeat the cultist. While they both say before you cannot ignore the Monster Effects phase. Hopefully this helps makes some sense of it!
  7. LordPyrex

    Vs2 Need really new rule for leveling caracters

    Aelita has some pretty good ideas. The balancing of the scenarios is handled more by the length of play. If you take too long you'll start to see the mythos really start to hammer you. This is why each scenario is seen more as a reset. Starting with more than the app intended for you to have may lead to some breaking of the balance. Just something to keep in mind if you chose to venture down the custom rules path!
  8. LordPyrex

    MoM expansions

    Hey Ivan, Just so you know, FFG doesn't really reply on these forums. These are more for community response. You can watch the Upcoming Page to see if they are being reprinted. If you are looking to contact FFG I'd suggest trying to reach them through Customer Service. Hope this helps!
  9. LordPyrex

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    Yup, screenshots and Paint arrows have been my method of attack in explaining the digital.
  10. LordPyrex

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    WOW! 30 pages on one topic! I'm glad you got it all explained, congrats!
  11. LordPyrex

    Some questions

    Most of the bugs are for people looking for ways to create and work with the available tools, as well as make suggestion for improvements or changes to the platform. They have very little to do with the currently produced scenarios, not to mention that they were made out of love for the community to keep things fresh.
  12. LordPyrex

    How do you play in group ?

    The best thing that I've learned in my group is to have one person running the app and narrating while others take care of tile and component placement. The only time we have others interact with the laptop is to do puzzles, otherwise everyone can tell whats going on by looking at the tokens on the game board. We just make sure that whomever is reading knows how to handle the functions of the app.
  13. LordPyrex

    Streets of Arkham availability

    Not sure where you are, but I saw copies available on Amazon. Also Ebay and some other online stores. Maybe do a shopping search for it on Google? Otherwise keep an eye on the Upcoming page if you want to know when a reprint might be happening. Good luck with it!
  14. LordPyrex

    Missing card

    No Problem!
  15. LordPyrex

    Disapponting experience

    Same, I own over 15 FFG products and have only ever had one missing card which was replaced withing 2 weeks.