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  1. I guess it depends on which expansions you're talking about and where you are geographically. I did just check Amazon and found Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares for eastern America.
  2. LordPyrex

    Well, this was....sort of unexpected.

    Not to come off sounding rude in this response, but how is it that just because a game is no longer being made does that take away your ability to enjoy the game that you've already purchased? Just because a new version of the game is being made doesn't negate what you already own. Also comparing this to classic D&D modules is a bit unfair as you're talking about print material which is easily reproduced. A board game is not typical print on demand.
  3. LordPyrex

    Spell use, Box on adventure card.

    1. You can use as many items as you would like, common, uncommon, spells. But you can only add each of the dice once. Once they are gone, they are done. 2. This is correct. When you fail a test you always discard a die. You can focus before you do, but you still must get rid of another. 3. At midnight mean when the clock phase strikes midnight. This isn't triggered by failing, but rather every time the clock swings around to midnight. These effects take place just before the new mythos card is drawn. Hope this helps!
  4. LordPyrex

    Altered Fates new DLC is now available to play !

    Like most software I'm sure that it is probably just a key to unlock the software that is there. I'm assuming that if you click to buy it in the app it will get you where you need to be to make the purchase. That being said, I have never had to buy through the Amazon app store.
  5. All of them are timed to some degree. What most people mean by timer is when the Mythos events start to really wreck your party and put your investigators at risk of Injury and Insanity. That said there are a few scenarios that will end abruptly if you don't reach certain goals. There is a lot of mystery in each of the scenarios as you are trying to figure out exactly what is going on. Some of the best that my gaming group have enjoyed are Gates of Silverwood Manor and Vengeful Impulses. You'll find plenty of other lists on here where people have ranked their favorites.
  6. LordPyrex

    Altered Fates new DLC is now available to play !

    If you haven't found it yet there is a link directly from the product page. If you use this link this will take you to the Amazon app page where you can chose to have it delivered to your device. GL
  7. LordPyrex

    Ideas for Future Expansions

    A fan created one has been around for awhile. Check out the Valkyrie Wiki page for more information. At this point this is as close to official as it seems will be around.
  8. LordPyrex

    Modular gameboard?

    Just think of it as the insanity causing you to lose your way around town! With only 5 regions at most in play it doesn't seem like it will change the layout that much.
  9. LordPyrex

    Well, I'm back ...

    If you do wind up disliking it, then you can always just play 2ed. One thing to keep in mind is that FFG won't show up at your door and force you to switch to 3ed. 😅 The updates may make things easier to manage. Plus the modular look makes the board look like it can change without having to setup too much. If you think about it every fight against an AO is in a way scenario driven.
  10. LordPyrex

    What does this offer?

    Well, given that it looks like it's equal parts EH, MoM, and AH... I'd say that it's fair to assume that it will work well. It's hard to guess mechanics since it was just announced and the only video up of it so far is a teaser. Given time I'm sure they will produce something that will explain rules and game play, like many of the other product pages have. Don't forget that AH and AH:LCG are also two different products, so this game will play more like EH and AH2e, which is why there is no deck building. That being said AH:LCG is really the product that is reliant on expansions. Don't get me wrong since it's a game that I enjoy and have gotten all , but each phase of the scenario is sold separately so you are usually patching many small expansions to complete the story line.
  11. LordPyrex

    Mansions of madness 1st edition Scenarios

    There are some easter eggs, minor character story elements come back. All in all there isn't anything that you would truly be missing by just going with 2nd edition.
  12. LordPyrex

    Death or Insanity during Solo Play

    This is how the electronic game handles all investigators going crazy or dying, the game ends. Of course with that game you are given the choice to build a party of up to 4 characters. There are a few things to keep in mind as far as when a character is dead. Each time you have an investigator fall they increment the doom counter. And once the ancient one is summoned, if an investigator falls they are not replaced. Depending on which investigator is being used the game should already be very tricky. The variable powers tend to make the game work better towards a team based effort, since health and sanity can be depleted quite easily with some of the trickier adventure cards. Especially the ones that you need for Elder Signs.
  13. LordPyrex


    You are able to use an action to move a barricade away from a door or secret passage. Barricades can't be moved from one space to another unless a specific action allows you to, so if there are multiple doors in the same space as the barricade, then yes. Otherwise no. When testing a monsters brawn against a barricade, if they pass then they burst through the door and get their full movement and available attack. Hope this helps! If you are looking for more answers then look in the Rules Reference, page 5. The app shows which space the barricade is added in, you can then use an action to move it against a door in that space. Once the app spawns a barricade it will vanish because the game doesn't know when an investigator moves it for use or when a monster busts through one destroying it. Keep in mind that the only thing that the app leaves visible on the map are items that will need to be interacted like a search token that will provide more information about an object, an explore token to open a door to a new room, or an interact token for special events. Anything else will show you where it spawns, but after that it will be removed.
  14. LordPyrex

    Super Lost Here

    Not sure where the person you were playing with found that rule... The Rules Reference, page 17 explains any other questions you might have regarding the use of spells. One more thing regarding Damage and Horror. You'll eventually find events that will give you both. Whatever test you are using to counter can be used to negate whichever of the cards you would like. For example if you suffer 2 Horror and 1 Damage and roll 2 successes, you could use this to get rid of one of each or both Horror cards. And don't forget that Damage/Horror is dealt face-up unless the app specifically says 'face-down'.
  15. They've pretty routinely been putting out expansions for Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror. Neither of these are card games, and they don't take place in the Star Wars universe. So while there isn't a recently new IP, there is definitely new stuff in the other lines. And there are many other products outside of these categories that they have been working on too. It's probably getting hard to do anything too new with the Lovecraft Universe. They have 5 games based off it all!