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  1. It's not that she didn't, LOL. She was trying to explain the use of the Push mechanic to give another Investigator the ability to interact with multiple objects in a space.
  2. It could work, but they'd also have to add the monster's tile mechanics somewhere into the game's components too.
  3. That could be. I know that they could use variables that increase per event. It's a pretty solid mechanic that whenever an explore token is used add one to a variable. When variable equals some preset figure, then boom.
  4. Yes, I can see where that would be a lack of resources to try and prep DLC content for a limited audience. Maybe homebrew will tackle these tiles.
  5. Yeah, that is true. But what Julia was implying was that if you knew you were going to need both your actions to do something in a space, you could have another investigator 'shove' you into that space so that you aren't burning an action on a Move action.
  6. I just had my local store grab me a pack of them so we wouldn't have to pass them down the table every time there's a multiple investigator test. I know that 5 is enough to get the job done, but having more will definitely speed things up.
  7. There are some examples of this being used. It doesn't directly affect the games outcome though. In Vengeful Impulses it uses a clock mechanic to tell you how long you have until dinner. It's as easy as an End Round implementation to display how close your are to the end of an event.
  8. I noticed the same thing! I keep wondering if there was just something that was being overlooked as far as tile usage. I'm surprised that they would make what is essentially a reprint to work with the new game if they weren't planning on a release with the expansion.
  9. Yeah, the only time we ever used a barricade was the same time that the game told us that a monster burst through that door ignoring the barricade. Needless to say, we just tend to leave them be since we've gained mistrust of them!
  10. Don't forget to limit spoilers, guys! LOL This thread was started by a newcomer and I doubt he wants to have it all ruined...
  11. More investigators tend to make uncovering Search tokens, but they tend to ramp up the monster health. I honestly haven't played with fewer than 4 investigators. I know that the first time we played we missed the bit about being able to do the same action more than once. This makes moving across the map easier, and sometimes by being able to attack twice really helps you take out some of the damage sources. Once you have an idea of the goal try to go for it. Like Julia said if too much time passes, then the goal could shift and if it's something that you've almost completed then the shift could make things harder on you. Healing is good, but only if it's going to help you keep people in the game. The Mythos events are designed to beat you down harder as things go on to try and make you lose. It's kinda like the movie climax, things always get harder for the hero once the big bad arrives. If it really gets you then plan your party. Someone to heal, maybe someone with a specific trait like Ashcan Pete to move item around, or Rita who can hightail it through the rooms.
  12. And don't forget that a door stops you from being considered in range! Monsters can't scare you if you can see them!
  13. Just double check the parts list. Would kinda suck if it were missing any tiles, tokens, or cards! Especially since most of them can be the only one of that type in the box! You can use Page 2 of the Learn to play to figure out if it's all there! Best regards!
  14. Congrats on the 1.0! I'm getting close to wrapping up my first scenario. This is probably because that is a text based entry, not a selection based stop. This is something that can be easily fixed. Either by using the scenario editor and looking for the Event, I believe that it's one of the GetItem events, or if BruceLGL does an update. I think that this is going to be fun for everyone to have a chance to be creative!
  15. That's awesome! I hope that I can do some like this when I get the chance!