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    Campaign Mode Lost in Time and Space

    The best that I was able to find in the rules was the in the Mask expansion rules. On page 7, under the Campaign Rules there is nothing specific that covers Lost in Time and space. The last paragraph at the bottom says 'All other components and effects are reset between games'. This is the only thing that seems to cover this ruling specifically. I still like Zedwardson's idea from a story standpoint.
  2. LordPyrex

    Monster spawn.

    This is correct. In the RR, page 22 under Unstable Space 493.3 'If there are no cards in the event discard pile, the starting space is the unstable space.' We had to look that one up too. There wasn't anything about it in the LtP, and almost house ruled it because we couldn't find anything in the monster section of the RR. On a lark flipped to the back and saw they had the area about the Unstable Space.
  3. LordPyrex

    Monster Markers

    It happens when you complete this line task. In order to kill the Shoggoth you need to fulfill all three of these at the same time. Rolling the Scroll and the Terror dice are two parts, the -1 sanity is the third. So you would take it immediately in order to kill the monster. You get to keep the monster for the trophy value and you can continue to try and finish the adventure. On this turn you do not have to complete the task that was under the monster. If you fail the adventure then on a new attempt you would have to complete the task as it is now part of the adventure. If you wanted it straight from FFG there is more information in the rules on page 7. It's under the Task heading and is mixed along with the dice face explanations so it can be easily missed. Hope this helps!
  4. LordPyrex

    New to Game - A Few Questions

    1. Anytime you move into a space containing a monster you have to do an evade check to leave the space. Regardless of when the monster spawns, whether its during Investigative or Mythos. You have to think of everything as taking place at the same time, just that Investigators are doing their thing and then mythos/monsters theirs. 2. I'm assuming you mean a Horror card such as 'Hallucinations' or 'Acalculia'. These cards do affect every test that would use these skills until you have a way to flip or discard this Horror card. The Insanity cards don't affect test results but rather have the potential to change how you can win the game. 3. I haven't seen a cheat sheet, but there are only a few irregular tests that the app is not specifically telling you what test to roll. This includes Agility when attempting to put out fires, Lore when closing rifts(Horrific Journeys expansion), or busting through a barricade(Strength for players, Brawn for monsters which is the red number in the bottom right on the card). If you are getting the icons mixed up you'll find the picture printed next to the name and stat. Is there anything more specific you need from this? Hope these answers might help and welcome to the game!
  5. LordPyrex

    Folded Space Mansions insert

    I know they cost more, but I really like the ones from Go7Gaming. They are made of wood which really helps to hold hold everything into place and protect the game components.
  6. LordPyrex

    Folded Space Mansions insert

    I think the only problem that I have with this specific one is it looks like all the character figures get thrown into a series of bins together and monsters have to be removed from the bases. For those of us who paint the models this would be more prone to scratching the paint.
  7. LordPyrex

    Suppressed Memories Availability

    Another good place to try is your local game store. They would have access through their suppliers shipping and are usually able to get a good price since they will be trying to go about it through regular sales channels.
  8. LordPyrex

    Board Necessity

    I agree, with icabod. The app helps with the setup of components and flavor of the interactions. It's nice having the app to act as a DM, but there is more fun with figuring it out with friends around the table, not poring over a computer.
  9. LordPyrex

    Lost card 13

    Is this the one you're talking about? If so it has a Downtown Background.
  10. LordPyrex

    Problems receiving promo item?

    Did the stores actually have to pay for the books? I thought that they were included from FFG with all qualifying pre-orders placed before a certain date. I think that some stores may have just been trying to make an extra buck on a free item that either they ordered to sell in shop or that an unknowing customer did not collect. I'm sure that the import tariffs may have been an issue for stores outside the US, but don't understand the cost otherwise.
  11. LordPyrex

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    While I'm not sure that you can customize existing QItems, you could create custom events that call for the pictures or even external pictures. The problem with trying to manipulate QItems is that it calls for items that exist within the games code. Such as weapons and gear. These items already have a traits printed on them which would make it harder to manipulate. This is why some of the Unique Items have very bland flavor text, so that the different evidence cards can be used for different reasons. All that being said, what exactly were you trying to attempt? It might make it easier to make a recommendation.
  12. LordPyrex

    Hidden Agendas

    Yes, agenda cards are only used with 3 or more players.
  13. LordPyrex

    Lost card 13

    Sorry to provide some bad info. I've never had to use it myself and assumed that they had a parts replacement ordering section that I've seen at other companies.
  14. LordPyrex

    Lost card 13

    Removed for being bad help.... 😞
  15. Yeah, there's a gathering of them on Amazon as well... Not sure if it's pre order resales from people who didn't want it, or a company trying to turn a profit on something that they got for free.