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  1. I don't even tend to allow my group to pick characters. Especially in games where player power comes into consideration. I don't like for someone to learn how to abuse any given power that one might have over another. I basically take the characters and make them roll a die at random to determine who they are going to be. That being said I do agree that a good balance of gender roles can help to bridge the choices available to those who want to put themselves into the mindset of the story.
  2. The one downfall to this is that the game uses random mechanics that sometimes affect a certain investigator. This would leave one of the characters out of the random pool of possible events. Like several of the others have said, this is not meant to be a game where you are breezing through to the end. You can expect to have a few loses out there, otherwise what would be the point of having a co-op game like this? Good luck with figuring it all out though!
  3. If you look on the Mythos cards(purple back) on the text side there are borders on the cards that have snowflakes that represent easy events, no image that represent regular events, and tentacles that represent hard events. A game with all tentacles means that you are playing a hard only Mythos run. These are very difficult games!
  4. This game is meant to be a much lighter game than EH, AH, or MoM. There really are only so many ways that you can say add the red/yellow die or lock a die. They tried to dress it by including different pictures and names, but only in namesake. The expansions add different story elements, locations to play, and game play mechanics. However the items stay the same for the most part. There are some additional items added in with each expansion such as the Blessed and Cursed dice. The game is meant to be played quicker than most of the other Lovecraft FFG games. It makes a perfect introduction for people who are reluctant to dive into the bigger boxes.
  5. YouTube is your best friend in this. Both games play really well, but if you're only looking for one or the other you'll be able to get a feel for play style and mechanics. This is usually my first stop for any board game, be it FFG or not because the back of the box can only do so much to show the game itself and not the way it plays.
  6. You could always ask FFG what the intention of the card is. I haven't gotten to open my copy yet...
  7. Hey Novemberisms, Can you post this over on the project page under the issues tab? It helps us keep track of the issues that we need to address. That being said, did you install Valkyrie since the latest update of MoM for Streets of Arkham support? With the new update I don't think there has been time to parse the new info into the handler.
  8. Yeah, it's rolling in on Steam too. LOL I guess there will be no waiting to play when it gets there tomorrow, palleon!
  9. It will probably roll out on the official release date which is listed on the product page as Thursday 11/9. I'm assuming the push will go out sometime overnight Wednesday into Thursday.
  10. I wonder if they would tweak the other scenarios to use the improvement items. They are handled with Elixirs, so they could just as easily be left out of the item pool resources.
  11. Of course this storage solution makes it easy to carry everything you need in one place. At least for the base game, and then there are boxes for the expansions if you need more space. I use these myself and it makes organization a breeze.
  12. Love that line... an alien will takes control of your mind! Almost everyone I play with reads it wrong at some point. I keep waiting for the tangible 'aliens' to come take over their investigators!
  13. Unfortunately this is correct... Different service providers all want to get their cut, so when you buy something in one place, unless you are talking phone to tablet with the same account then there is no cross device unlock...
  14. Unfortunately there is no solid list as the game is meant to be somewhat flexible. You could always just use the chits that go into the bases. They have all the information anyways.
  15. There are plenty of postings about these games on YouTube already that would help you in your evaluations. Eldritch Horror Dice Tower Arkham Horror - Off The Shelf These videos should give you an idea of gameplay mechanics and help you get an idea of which direction you might want to lean.