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  1. No, it counts as one of Carolyn's actions. It works as if she's passing the action to the receiving investigator, who would still get their own 2 actions.
  2. Yup, too many FFG game rules in my head, lol. I think Mansions popped in there and for a moment I thought it was only AH3rd with the single use mechanics.
  3. 1. Performing an action means just trying. So if you pass the observation test you get an asset from the display, and then you can search the discard pile for another asset that's less than your current observation value. Even if you fail your influence roll for a display item, you can still get something from the discard pile. 2. As long as it's not the same spell, yes, as you cannot use the same component twice in the same turn.
  4. If you're going to seperate them, you could try using this to help randomize your card pulls.
  5. Well, Grave Consequences adds 3 new decks that can be added to the base game. But your right that all the other expansions add specific story arcs which play out independently.
  6. This depends on what is required. If an event requires you to discard in order to create a pass condition then you would not be able to consider it a pass as you did not discard an asset. If an attack of some kind would cause you to discard an asset as a punitive step then you can ignore that. The important thing to take into consideration is that you get to choose to discard. But you can't pretend to discard and take a positive outcome.
  7. Yeah, but broken molds can be a part of expense and economics. Developing new monster molds plays into the potential cost of a reprint...
  8. The only thing that I can point out regarding FFG reprinting. They have to make sure that they are going to be able to make a profit from the reproduction. It's one thing when people say that they want to get a copy on here. They make up a couple dozen if not less than 100. These prints are not done on an as need basis, so they have to be concerned that if they go through the trouble of printing 1,000 copies of these, will they all sell and will they be at an affordable price point to the company? Since you were able to pick up a copy of first edition there is a chance that you can find 'Call of the Wild' and 'Forbidden Alchemy'. These seem to be just as hard to come by though...
  9. Unfortunately you have to use Steam to at least install the app on the computer. A similar topic came up on BGG a few years back. Steam could be uninstalled after the install, but without Steam there would be no push updates to the software. Even in the fan creation community our software piggybacks off the assets derived from the official software, so I don't know if you will find another way...
  10. Like Hannibal said, Doom on the scenario sheet is pretty much a one way accrual. That's why the next codex card always allows you that much more before the next advancement of the bad events. As far as the monster encounter, from the LtP, page 12. There are 3 phases to Monster activities. 1. Ready monsters activate, referencing the movement style of the monster. The last line says that if it enters an investigators space, then it stops moving to engage. 2. Engaged monsters attack, which means that any monster that just latched onto an investigator gets to attack since this is the second step in monster actions. 3. Ready any exhausted. The interpretation seems to be that they would move and attack in the same turn.
  11. Here a link to the scans. You could do a high res print, but of course it will never be like the linen card finish....
  12. Hey Alan, FFG really doesn't respond to the boards, this is usually community territory. That being said a few ideas that may help include sorting your tiles by symbol, then shape, then indoor/outdoor. Most of the sets have all outdoor on one side and vice versa. this isn't always the case, but at least reduces the tile flipping a little. I'm pretty sure the reason for the tiles not being announced in advance is to keep the story a bit of a mystery.
  13. Except these were the molds from the original game that were being reused to package the old content into new options in the 2nd expansion.
  14. This has been happening a lot lately! I don't think that it helps that they call the header 'Board and Card Games' and then you have to look a little further to find the 'Living Card Game' section. I can't say I looked prior to this, but has it always been like this?
  15. Of course another thing I didn't even think of until now is that FFG is known for having multiple keywords on cards, so categorizing them would be even harder.
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