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  1. Yup, page 12 of RR says that unless he passes the movement is forfeited. So he's stuck there until your luck runs out!
  2. I guess that they will need something like a hospital setting. It would be hard to do any kind f campaign if your investigators are already on their last legs by the next chapter.
  3. Actually, once wounded there is no way to get rid of the condition for the duration of the game. It represents the halfway mark of dealing with health situations. Once you reach the other half then you are eliminated. Much in the same way that going Insane marks the halfway point to full blown Insanity with elimination, probably due to being in a catatonic state.
  4. If the app says that the monster moves towards a specific investigator or NPC then it moves directly. Investigators cannot stop monsters during the Mythos Phase as monsters don't use evade the way that Investigators do. While these are two separate rounds, you have to think of them as taking place at the same time. The only time evading even happens is when a player wants to scramble away from a monster in order to interact with something or run away. Short answer, there is not much that can be done to prevent it unfortunately. You can chase it to try and kill it on the next Investigation Phase though!
  5. It's shipping now as of the last update. So, I would expect it to be in with the same shipments of Cities in Ruin. Or at least shortly thereafter. See if your local game store can put out an order for you. Then maybe it won't be another miss till the next print. Or use CoolStuffInc's notify me button as to when it's available.
  6. If you contact customer service, they can usually help with some of the particular components. You might want to catalog the damage with pictures and a list of whats damaged in case they ask for specific items.
  7. Yup. The magic spell doesn't count as a discard, but as a lock(think pinball). If you get all the way down to the last die and realize that you want to lock it, you can. But you always have to pay the price for a failed roll, barring any re-rolls like through clue tokens or special abilities.
  8. There are actually a few Tutorials written in the Wiki section found here. In fact at the bottom of that page is a link to the Quest Creation Guide, which has a lot of links to various ways of using the software. If you have more specific questions that aren't found there you can always search the Issues section for upcoming fixes, or to get some insight from other creators.
  9. In the pinned thread of the board. It is the very first thread at the top of the page. But here's a link just in case.
  10. And then this happened! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/3000/1/21/streets-of-arkham/
  11. This is awesome, especially considering that there was a lot of recent lament about the future of the game! I'm glad that there is definitely more on the way!
  12. The scenarios range in many different lengths, and there are are multiple variants as well as win conditions, some of which come up in the middle of play. It's not the same as saying that it's like the same level of a video game over and over. Not to mention that you are getting more components by way of tiles, monsters, and game parts. There's a reason Monopoly only costs $12, so please take all that into consideration.
  13. The only way it is worded in both the LtP and RR is: Whenever a monster starts its activation in a space containing Fire or moves into a space containing Fire, it suffers one damage. So I don't know if it gets multiple hits per activation. The way I interpret the text is that if it does this or that it suffers one damage. It doesn't state that it suffers one damage per. I've honestly never had a game where this has come up though.
  14. I think the only expansion that you'd have any trouble with would be Beyond the Threshold. That one has some extra cards that come with it for all of the decks. If you activate that expansion it would start generating some things you won't have.
  15. The inventory actually doesn't keep track of the items that you have or find. It represents a section where you can interact with certain items that you will find in your journeys. The app will tell you when you have found these items to interact with. Otherwise when the game tells you that you have a starting item you pull that card from the matching deck to represent it.