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  1. Strange Remnants

    I feel like it almost has to be hard to find before they decide to do a reprint. At that point it's just waiting for it to arrive from the boat to be distributed.
  2. Well, the box does say 1-5 players, but it says if playing solo to pick 2 investigators. Good find on the glitch though! i wonder what math it applies to the monster power and countdown timer, if it uses 1 or is 2 the base value for calculations.
  3. This might not be a bug... While it is anticlimactic and some times even works out to be against the story, your still working against a countdown mechanic that is running behind the scenes. You might think that you are further along, but there are times when the game hits midnight and the end arrives. I've had to explain to my gaming group about not looking in every nook and cranny just to uncover each search token if they don't have to.
  4. Omens of the Pharaoh rules?

    it already is, under the support section of the products page. But here's a LINK to it.
  5. I was interested in looking just to see how this worked, but it is solid spanish and not wanting to sign up for an account was a deterrent as well
  6. I was literally just typing all that BruceLGL! Then saw that you posted before I could finish typing.
  7. This is of course hoping that someone would realize that that would be a door, since it is being covered with a wall token... could be a first game and with no solid direction I can see where this would cause confusion.
  8. Failing Clairvoyance

    Yes, you would simply ignore what you were trying to do with the spell since you didn't pass. You do still have to resolve the flip side of the spell card, then you complete an encounter which would be for the space that you are on. Not the one that you were trying to reach out to with your mind.
  9. Strange Remnants

    And it looks like it crept from 'Awaiting Reprint' to 'On the Boat', so maybe expect it sooner than you might have been!
  10. Errata/FAQ Questions

    Muspellsheimr, Contact Customer Service here. There's a link there that let's you ask questions and bring ambiguous wording up.
  11. Yeah, there are only a handful of apps that have control over these functions, and they are apps that are created for the sole reason of suppressing and changing the system options. Samea has the right idea if you plan to cast. My gaming group usually uses a laptop connected through HDMI with a wireless mouse for control. Also helps to make it easier to pass for a puzzle and provides background music from the app.
  12. Strange Remnants

    It's been awaiting reprint since July, so it's probably being less prioritized to get new product through first. It doesn't appear to be that far back in the list of things that are 'Awaiting Reprint', but I don't know if that makes any difference as far as what order things get done in or not.
  13. Yes, but they are specifically designing something to work with BtT and SoA. Something that is more on par with the storage that from their other boxes. Their customer service said that it should be ready mid January.
  14. This is probably one of the reasons that I have stuck with the old bases. I must agree that the clear bases and some of the bases that people have painted look AWESOME! But I really like my organization when it comes to games like this and the GO7 organizers hold everything perfectly in place. I'm probably going to have to see what I can buy as an expansion from there to hold all the new expansions that are coming out!
  15. I don't even tend to allow my group to pick characters. Especially in games where player power comes into consideration. I don't like for someone to learn how to abuse any given power that one might have over another. I basically take the characters and make them roll a die at random to determine who they are going to be. That being said I do agree that a good balance of gender roles can help to bridge the choices available to those who want to put themselves into the mindset of the story.