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  1. You. I like you. This is an opinion, stated as an opinion. Not an opinion stated as fact. This is the way. Extended is the way.
  2. Extended is X-Wing with all of the ships and upgrades released up to this point. Hyperspace is limited to certain ships and certain upgrades. Hyperspace was supposedly more beginner friendly at first, but at this point I think of it more like the X-Wing equivalent of Magic the Gathering's standard format. Extended is still the most common tournament format around here, but FFG is pushing the hyperspace format for many major events including system opens and the first round of store stuff. This article has a good summary of all of it: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/12/27/2020-roadmap-for-star-wars-x-wing-organized-play/
  3. I'm fairly sure triple defenders and commonwealth were on their way out from the top lists anyway. It annoyed me that FFG nerfed them before we really got a chance to see expertise make waves. Even more annoying was the fact that they nerfed the best ship to check Jumpmasters... the defender. (Incidentally they're still pretty solid against the jumpmaster) I'm not completely convinced that undoing the FAQ will magically make lists appear that still struggle against ordinance, 4+ red dice primaries (looking at you Finn), and high pilot skill aces with multiple attacks (Dengar, QuickDraw). It might help though. Oh and Palpatine still isn't OP
  4. Queue up some scrub's complaint about how the complainers who complain about people who complain are suppressing their right to complain. Have we hit inception yet?
  5. After playing them both a ton, I can pretty safely say QuickDraw, at least in this meta. Both pilots still struggle on defense. With so many 4+ red dice shots floating around they just don't last super long. QuickDraw though can really bring the pain before she goes, if your opponent isn't already toast from her offense. My favorite builds for both are always Fire Control System, Title, and Lightweight Frame. The rest of the upgrades are to taste, but I usually choose crackshot or veteran instincts on backdraft and Expertise or Adaptibity on QuickDraw. Sort of depends on points.
  6. One day soon I hope they do. I'm tired of modern getting cards banned because of the pro tour. *cough* Splinter Twin *cough*.
  7. Accidents happen. You need to calm down. Intentional cheating should constitute a game loss, but you have to make sure that's the case. One example would be, "purposely picking up your opponents dial when exchanging dials would benefit you". Lol.
  8. I wonder if that has anything to do with that fallacy people here keep spouting about how X-Wing isn't about how you fly anymore. What a ridiculous notion.
  9. Heavy Metal (99) Genesis Red (31) - M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor Veteran Instincts (1), "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2), Pulsed Ray Shield (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Fenn Rau (34) - Protectorate Starfighter Push The Limit (3), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) Kavil (34) - Y-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), Twin Laser Turret (6), Unhinged Astromech (1), Vectored Thrusters (2) Featuring the most metal pilot name ever, Genesis Red! It's fitting that this list dishes out a pretty gross amount of firepower. In testing thusfar, Genesis has been great, especially with all of the great action economy out there. Even at 31 points, you're often out matching a defender in action efficiency, at a much lower cost. High pilot skill and moving second are pretty important. What do you think?
  10. You have to be in the mobile arc of a large base ship with low pilot skill and at range 1 to 2. Even with a 1 point EPT and a single upgrade, she comes in at 40 points. What do you expect? You basically just wrote out a long explanation of power creep. It's not overpowered unless it's significantly more powerful than the rest of the metagame. A few times throughout the history of the game, this has come up. Namely the cloaking nerf, and deadeye scouts. Frankly, I don't know what you hope to achieve from these complaints. As new ships and mechanics and combinations come into play, new combos and optimal ways to play will appear. It's part of the lifecycle of any competitive game.
  11. You just listed 3 different defensive strengths of different ships. All of which have answers. Always have a focus? Not when they're stressed. See: Latts Razzi, Kylo Ren's Shuttle title, and stressbot. Got evade tokens? Ordinance. See: HM, mines, etc. 2 agility and 10 health includes the YT-2400, which only excels with a title and HLC. Easy pickings at range one. That guaranteed evade you seem hung up about was on an 8 point, two crew slot card, that currently can only be put on three ships. The ship he's on can't exactly dodge well. I don't know why people don't just focus the shuttle. I've seen Fenn Rau and Old T take one out in a single turn. These ships are not "invincible". That's the point. Their effects are powerful, yes, and they might even be the best ships on the table but something will always be the best.
  12. No, it wouldn't fit into the game because it would have 99 attack dice. That's a quantifiable problem. Subjective arguments centered around hyperbole (invincible ships), personal opinion (what you prefer your opponents play against you with), and bias against ships that behave in a manner you dislike, is not a justification for the removal of something or the nerf of something in game. Parattanni was the first list in a while that I had been watching closely, since it had an undeniable dominant streak. It was definitely worthy of scrutiny, because we could look at the tournament results over a long period of time, and then say, "okay, this list might need to be looked at for metagame adjustment". That's how you have to approach this. Not, "feels bad when I lose, nerf Palpatine".
  13. Projecting, much? People complain about a lot of things. Latts Razzi isn't a problem. I don't know how many more times people need to be told that just because something beats you, and you don't like how it won, doesn't mean it doesn't fit within the game's balance.
  14. WHAM! Careless Whisper (97) "Whisper" (41) - TIE Phantom Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Agent Kallus (2), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Captain Oicunn (56) - VT-49 Decimator Adaptability (decrease) (0), BoShek (2), Darth Vader (3), Rebel Captive (3), Dauntless (2), Engine Upgrade (4) it helps to play careless whisper whenever whisper crashes too. "I'm never gonna dance again..."
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