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  1. All the ideas are good. thanks for the healp for now i don't knowe if il need it agen some time in the futere
  2. I like the idea of having a senile inquisitor Professor Tanhauser. But what if instead the Inquisitor distaste Deathwatch and is himself a member of this cult? I think she (and I think it will be intresting to have a womanly inqvesitor) might have something against the God-Emperor himself and has accepted chaos power to destroy the empire of man. for I am thinking to not allow her to die and then return at a later mission with another of my larger enemies, Apoverus former librerian of the Grey Knights chapter how is now the leader of a small group of Word Bearers
  3. I understand what you're saying. To start with the Word Bearer's does not sound like a dumb idea. But do you have any suggestions on mission objectives. I had thought that first goal that they will protect the inquisitor and secondary eliminate all threats. but if you have some ideas and inprovment so please, I'll take all the help I can get. For as I said I am brand new to writing to the Deathwatch but I'm not new to the Warhammer 40k world.
  4. it sound intresting but i wonder is it mor to it like can you use it's energi to your energi weapons or can you convurt the tessaract to a weapon?
  5. Hello This is the first time that I write a Deathwatch campange and mission's/adventures. I would really appreciate some help with ideas for my adventure. I have an idea on two missions. The first one is a bodyguard's assignments ta a moon that has become occupied by a relatively new colony. Which states that a cult is in the raising. So the players must escort a Inqusitor through to cleanse this colony from the cultists. And the second one is a Vanguard / Recon / Deffens mission. The idea is that they have been ordered to locate a lost squad. They should locate the squad and learn about what happened to the squad. But they will wander in to the orks and learns that they have landed in the middle of a WAAAGH. And they need to fight their way back in order to survive and find the lost squad. And one important thing is that the communication did not come in through the space hulk ( I would love to have proposed name to the Space Hulk. I want to have it through my adventures). so they will be there to stuck there until they either succeed to fix the communication or find a space ship that they can take. so these are my ideas so far, I hope you like them and come with suggestions and ides to healp me inprove my adventures and ideas
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