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  1. AlessandroD

    Charge Into Battle Announcement

    FF is selling lot of stuff in a row...very positive sign!
  2. AlessandroD

    Cards reprint

    Surely I will be one the potential buyers given that I'm a new player, maybe they know that most of the X-Wing players are collectors and buy everything (and sometimes more copies for every expansion )
  3. AlessandroD

    Cards reprint

    Thanks to both!
  4. AlessandroD

    Cards reprint

    Thanks LagJanson, therefore the normal process is to add the reprinted card(s) in the next expansions, is it right?
  5. AlessandroD


    Hello, maybe is my fault, but can I load a custom Avatar? (btw there isn't the X-Wing game selection too)
  6. AlessandroD

    Cards reprint

    I tried to check on the "X-Wing Mission Control Technical Support and Feedback Forum" thread but no lucky. Maybe someone already has the answer. Thanks
  7. AlessandroD

    Cards reprint

    Hello all, maybe this question has already been addressed but I don't have found anything with the "Search" function. Is there any chance to have the all the errata cards reprinted? Something like this site where you can download a pdf or ask for a on demand printing.
  8. AlessandroD

    X-Wing Beginner's Guide

    Thanks for your work, I'm a rookie player (just started to play a week ago) and I find your guide quite useful!