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  1. Fully agree with that, I really dislike cookie cutter lists due to auto include combos One way to look at it is to consider that a unit can belong to 2 armies : its original faction army (because spearmen are still Daqan units even when fielded in a Waiqar army) and also the army it is included in (because these same spearmen are currently in a Waiqar force). As a result, only neutral upgrades can be taken for these units
  2. It's nice but it's 2d for the price of 3d
  3. They definitely did, particularly Kari who did 6 damage par turn shooting, and would have gotten rid of my Ardus in 2 shots of not for a little blight The oathsworn on the other hand proved a bit squishy in front of a 3*2 reanimate block. They did good damage on the charge but ended up taking more back Great game though with some mistakes on both sides but Kari was the star of the show
  4. *cough* Gandalf *cough*
  5. I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now! Both please, many factions and all fleshed out. There will be unbalance, but there is always some. If looking at this forum had taught me anything, it's that people will complain about unbalance whether it's there or not. So we might as well have fun with lots of factions and plenty of choice, units, etc...
  6. On the other hand, an advantage of the hard plastics with many parts is the possibility to have interchangeable parts, and/or round joins that enable you to decide which arm goes on which body and/or at what angle. This brings a lot of fun to the assembly task and enables a more custom and varied army
  7. Yes, and we should continue to make airplanes out of wood
  8. Yes. So I think we'll have to agree to disagree there
  9. But it's not only for small detail that having nice crisp lines is important. You can get the same (low) amount of detail with good plastic as what we currently have, which I agree is just the right amount for this kind of game, but with a sharper cast that will shine through even an average paint job. For me apart from cost (which I respect) there is no good reason to lower the quality of the minis with soft plastic
  10. I must admit that this is a very good illustration. The choice of soft plastic means that the minis are indeed a lot less crisp. Disregarding personal taste and detail amount, the hard plastic had a lot neater, sharper and crisp detail and is a pity we don't get this, at least for the main pieces such as heroes
  11. I really like the slightly cartoony minis, they are certainly a lot better (imo of course) than the current AoS steroid-fest. Of course they don't compare with Confrontation or other skirmish or artsy games, but they are solid and exactly what you want for a mass combat game
  12. Actually, I find that a coat of silver does the trick even better that white, as it will reflect the red you paint on top. If you prime white you should be fine, but if you have any other colour under then give it a coat of silver and you'll be good
  13. Absolutely, but don't forget objective taking