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  1. Heroes have great manoeuvrability and early activations that units of similar cost do not have. They are versatile and strategically useful even if, as you point out, they may not be as tactically valuable as an equivalent unit
  2. Given how unsatisfying the cardboard runes are to cast, I have created a 3D printable version that has a lot more heft and is quite nice to cast It prints quite easily on a standard printer then the supports come off easily Finally paint them and seal them and you have some good runes to cast You can find all the files on Thingiverse If you don't have a 3D printer, any printing service will be able to print this for you, please note you only have to give them the "Runes with supports.stl" file If you can come to the excellent IBuyWargames store in Woking, UK then I'll print a set for you - it will only cost you a game
  3. Thanks all for the reading suggestions, always good to try new books people have enjoyed
  4. OK, we probably have different tastes otherwise you would not have read *much* better, but I'm still interested. Can you name authors and why you like them? Open question to others as well
  5. I had counted all units individually, which was wrong of me, but you have not counted all units together So we agree that you need to treat all units against all units so number of factions is irrelevant We do disagree though that 4 units would make a dull game, I find the game interesting. It will be better with more but I don't see the need for 10 different units in the medium term, while I would welcome more factions. I do see why you would think differently and respect that
  6. Adding a unit to a faction can dramatically change its dynamic (e. g. Crossbows to Daqan) so that would throw your metrics out of the window. You do not just have to test how a unit performs against the other factions but also how it impacts all the possible units inside its own faction so the balancing is about total number of units irrespective of the number of factions. How more factions reduce combos is that if you have 4 factions with 4 units each, each of them has 15 unit combinations to test for combos. With 2 factions of 8 units each has a potential of 63 combo - producing combinations. Then you add the cards etc... Having factions enables you to restrict new units and cards so they can't be used with another specific unit or set of units to form a broken combination
  7. I'd like to ask how adding a new unit to an existing faction is so much easier to balance than adding a unit into a new (empty) faction? In an existing faction you have to consider how it will be used along every single unit released for the faction. In a new faction you know exactly what it will be used with I agree that balancing the game is extremely difficult, but I think that having more factions makes it easier by having less combinations of potential killer combos compared to a smaller number of larger factions All in all it may well be just as difficult so it would not be worth killing diversity for
  8. I think I will contravene the Rules Lawyers Union edict and put only neutral upgrades on mine as that is what feels right Also I may respectfully point out to opponents that not matching the faction of the unit to the faction on the card seems stretching logic, but I will happily accept the RLU ruling for my opponent
  9. You probably want to forget Non Metallic Metal for this unless you are a super good painter and have lots of time. While it's really beautiful and more striking than TMP (True Metal Painting) it is very slow. To paint a full unit of spearmen that way would take an ludicrous amount of time. I'd love to see it done, and I'll make sure to visit you in your mental ward from the resulting breakdown from spending 500 hours painting just one unit
  10. Neutral upgrades They belong to two armies : they are Daqan army units, and they are in a Waiqar army. Hence you can only take neutral That is what makes sense to me until we get a ruling. And it makes sense for combos, etc so it's better to learn to play it the hard way than be disappointed later
  11. Fully agree with that, I really dislike cookie cutter lists due to auto include combos One way to look at it is to consider that a unit can belong to 2 armies : its original faction army (because spearmen are still Daqan units even when fielded in a Waiqar army) and also the army it is included in (because these same spearmen are currently in a Waiqar force). As a result, only neutral upgrades can be taken for these units
  12. It's nice but it's 2d for the price of 3d
  13. They definitely did, particularly Kari who did 6 damage par turn shooting, and would have gotten rid of my Ardus in 2 shots of not for a little blight The oathsworn on the other hand proved a bit squishy in front of a 3*2 reanimate block. They did good damage on the charge but ended up taking more back Great game though with some mistakes on both sides but Kari was the star of the show
  14. *cough* Gandalf *cough*
  15. I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now! Both please, many factions and all fleshed out. There will be unbalance, but there is always some. If looking at this forum had taught me anything, it's that people will complain about unbalance whether it's there or not. So we might as well have fun with lots of factions and plenty of choice, units, etc...