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  1. Corto

    My rune tokens

    You're welcome dude, it's really nice to see those files used. Such nice posts motivate me to make and post the terrain files
  2. No, it's not possible : I would *have* to buy lizard riding Orcs and I can't afford them right now so FFG should definitely *not* release those
  3. This is so much fun!
  4. Corto

    NOVA Open

    I selected Runewars over Wrath of Kings because I thought that the support and player base would be immensely better. I am not entirely amused
  5. It's not because we say so, it's because it's logical. You want written in the rules? Look at chapter 5: it does start with 5.1 but actually there is a big 'chapter 5' before that. That's what we mean. In all logic, for a 5.1 to exist they must be part of a bigger thing that logically has started for the first step to happen. Consider 'before revealing' as that little paragraph just before 5.1 Now this is not written verbatim but neither is the fact that the activation and the first step of the activation are the same with precisely the same timing. But one is logical and the other is not, apply Occam's razor
  6. There is a thing called activation, and it's first step is revealing the dial. It is nowhere described as the same thing. As part of your activation, you will start by revealing the dial. But wait! Before you actually do that you have a movement, as a very first step in your activation
  7. I agree that for the dial to be about to be revealed, the figure must be activated. So upon entering the terrain, their activation would stop. Otherwise the wording would have to be 'before activating...'
  8. I'll get the winning list and share
  9. We had a nice friendly competition, congratulations to Chris for winning it with an innovative Latari list (including a very scary 3*2 scions forest) Only 5 players made it, and the results were 1. Latari 2. Latari 3. Daqan 4. Waiqar 5. Waiqar (me)
  10. Hi all, This coming Sunday is the iBuyWargames store championship in Woking, Surrey. We're hoping to prove that even in the land of GW, runewars miniatures is supported by great events Come one and all
  11. Corto

    Yellow Command

    I would see yellow as 'Special Action' that can't be combined with much
  12. Corto

    Entry advice

    The game is not fun for very long with only a core set. It's really meant to be played as a full game, not as a skirmish (or only occasionally). Getting 2 cores and a couple of expansions is great, but anything under that will not be a good use of your money as the replay value will not be there On the other hand with a little more investment you will have an immense amount of fun
  13. Corto

    Runewars Players Global Map

    It's actually nice to keep a single map, it's going to be awesome when lots of pins are created all over the world
  14. Or monster flying dwarves, or dwarves flying monsters, ...