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  1. I'll get the winning list and share
  2. We had a nice friendly competition, congratulations to Chris for winning it with an innovative Latari list (including a very scary 3*2 scions forest) Only 5 players made it, and the results were 1. Latari 2. Latari 3. Daqan 4. Waiqar 5. Waiqar (me)
  3. Hi all, This coming Sunday is the iBuyWargames store championship in Woking, Surrey. We're hoping to prove that even in the land of GW, runewars miniatures is supported by great events Come one and all
  4. Yellow Command

    I would see yellow as 'Special Action' that can't be combined with much
  5. Entry advice

    The game is not fun for very long with only a core set. It's really meant to be played as a full game, not as a skirmish (or only occasionally). Getting 2 cores and a couple of expansions is great, but anything under that will not be a good use of your money as the replay value will not be there On the other hand with a little more investment you will have an immense amount of fun
  6. Runewars Players Global Map

    It's actually nice to keep a single map, it's going to be awesome when lots of pins are created all over the world
  7. Or monster flying dwarves, or dwarves flying monsters, ...
  8. Thinking of diving in

    That was easy, was it not? Seriously, the value for money is unbeatable and you will use the minis so don't hesitate Welcome to this great game. Are you still around Glasgow?
  9. Reanimates upgrades

    2 times 4 by 3 minus one is 22 trays, not 36, so total with extra rank is 36 all in But you can go crazy and drop the carrion lancers, and then add a 2 by 1 with the remaining points to get to 12+12+6+2 base plus 4+4+6 extras so 46. And that is beyond lunatic if you ask me
  10. Initiative One Episode 2

    Unfortunately Column Tactics does not work for ranged attacks
  11. Who else would win in a fight?

    Yes, since one does not even have to bother with blight (which is easily removed) and can just rock up with a threat equal to the other's defense and just one shot it without a counter, then the answer is indeed self evident
  12. Who else would win in a fight?

    Solo scions would have trouble wounding the golems though
  13. Fixing Golems?

    No, really what they need is 3 red dice, 8 armour, 3 wounds *and* a better dial. Oh and they should cost less as well Seriously, they are a bit meh but all these changes sound more like a 6 years old's Christmas list than a serious discussion Let's first start by reflecting on the fact that threat 2 is very close to doubling your dice. That means we stop whining about them having only 2 dice. I will take threat 2 over an additional die any day, and these guys have 2.5! Then we can agree that they are very fragile to mortal wounds, and may deserve a little protection there. An equipment to discard in order to cancel a wound would be a good idea, alongside with adding an equipment slot to the single golem. This would make them powerful without breaking the game