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  1. Corto

    Charging while squared

    You may ignore the connectors so you would collide of you wanted to
  2. Corto

    Entering Terrain after combat

    In the same vein, a rule that lets you 'close in' when you destroy the final tray of a unit could have merit
  3. Corto

    Entering Terrain after combat

    1) Both 2) You are correct 3) With a march or forward shift, the unit will overlap the terrain and as a result enter it
  4. Corto

    How are Obscenes and Viper Legion?

    I just faced a 3*2 of vipers with dispatch and rallying and simultaneous orders and it was insane. They also had the thing that hands out banes and it's a perfect support unit (dispatch you then remove your stun) that also strikes at threat 3 with banes. Because the uthuk can put great units around it to protect it and be supported, it's extremely powerful
  5. Corto

    Worlds Updates

    Well spoken, the game is not broken, it just has a tiny slant that does not prevent enjoyment but should hopefully be corrected with a few good releases for the less powerful factions
  6. Corto

    Regionals Results Thread

    Let's keep this a little cleaner, shall we? I'll be happy to take this list against your Daqan and fancy my chances
  7. Corto

    Regionals Results Thread

    This is the only list if you want to win. All the best units in the game as well as great flexibility. I used to love how well balanced the game was until ravos, threshers and warsprinter. Nicely built list
  8. Corto

    Hooked Legs

    It's waiting for my dinosaur-riding orcs to charge first
  9. I read it like that, that you are not engaged without the sweeping strikes but because of it you are engaged, during the attack only
  10. Corto

    Potentially dumb question

    Painting over varnish is not only possible, it's recommended. For example if you are going to use a wash, you can hit the mini with a very thin coat of gloss, the wash will flow a lot better on the smooth surface and give better results
  11. Corto

    My rune tokens

    You're welcome dude, it's really nice to see those files used. Such nice posts motivate me to make and post the terrain files
  12. No, it's not possible : I would *have* to buy lizard riding Orcs and I can't afford them right now so FFG should definitely *not* release those
  13. Corto

    NOVA Open

    I selected Runewars over Wrath of Kings because I thought that the support and player base would be immensely better. I am not entirely amused