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  1. Absolutely, but don't forget objective taking
  2. Indeed craft paints are good enough for a simple tabletop job. But hobby paints would make that same paint job a little nicer at no additional cost, since you don't need more than a small bottle that costs the same as a large bottle of craft paint. On the other hand, if you have kids that will use the rest of the craft paint then go for it
  3. At the Salute convention in London yesterday, deep cut were showing off their new mat texture and its pretty awesome. Unfortunately they had no ETA for them because they are *really* nice. Very lush, deep without being a carpet, I really want one
  4. Single CC are awesome. They are versatile and have very few drawbacks. Spit out blight to your heart's content in the first turns, flank or bog down units in the mid game, take objectives in the late game. It's a no brainer to me, as the embedded CC will hamper its unit's capacity if you want to blight and the dual unit will still not overly shine in combat while losing masses of flexibility
  5. Maybe that's the problem of competitive players, not that of FFG? If you can't wait to have that extra card that makes your composition absolutely maximised then they're right to take your money. It would be unfair on everybody else to lock down the set of upgrades because some players are not happy with only a good army. There are plenty of us who are happy to replace the maximised lists with good strategy and prefer variety over getting all cards right now
  6. How often do 2 surges come up? Not reliably enough to base your tactics around the fact How often does shield wall save more than a couple of figures? Not amazingly often, and in any case this is not a reflection of the ability, but of the shield wall card You forgot to mention, it's also great to get rid of blight. So yes it is useful. But you can't say that regen is useless either. I have seen it enhance the survivability of the reanimates for a couple of turns. Maybe the lancers' ability is stronger (not proven), but it is in the same ballpark so I think both are really well suited for the basic troopers
  7. Do you think that getting an inspiration token for 2 surges is game breaking ? No, abilities have reasonable impact and that is a very good thing. Extreme abilities have a tendency to break the game and should be avoided. Regeneration is far from useless but not amazing, that's exactly how it should be, now stop whining
  8. Painting with wine is very inefficient, it had low coverage and the white hardly shows at all. I would suggest paints or inks instead OK I'll show myself out...
  9. Ah Mr shine, good reference!
  10. Magic! That is your answer my dear sir. Forget the drab commoness of the lightsaber or the ever-present hurtling through space going pew pew in the noiseless emptiness of the void. Here you can be the elven warrior riding a giant kitty-cat, or the evil sorcerer conjuring the very souls of the recently slain to do your bidding. Forget all you know about space tactics and gravity-free maneuvers, this game is about the grit of lancers facing nameless abominations to save a bar wench who may not even have noticed the rank and file soldier enamored with her, it's about the pounding of hooves on a battlefield having with the banefull energies of the necromancers In other words is pretty much the same game but in a fantasy setting that will conquer your soul and leave you dreaming of pristine forests and evil marshes, of selfless heroes and despicable villains If only the dry logic of computers will move you and fighting for the honour of a pure maiden leaves you cold then keep to your spaceships and your empty space. But if you long for heroism, epic battles and magic then look no further my friend and join us in the struggle for life, or for the eternal peace of death
  11. What I find very nice is to announce this just *before* the release of the core so that those who were wondering whether to buy a core for the essentials know beforehand that it is not required. Nice move that must be applauded
  12. I'm waiting for the ninja turtles. No wait, wrong forum
  13. Yes, I also prefer 6*3 and I know that there are lots of other makers out there and I will shop around until I find what I want. It's healthy market practice to remind FFG that if they make a product that is sub-optimal we will look elsewhere. I think they are making the best game right now so I'll definitely get that but I will not purchase their mats (I hope they will survive that )
  14. I seem to remember a US-Euro divide around 40k and Fantasy, with 40k massively played in the US and a more balanced following in Europe. Now both are going down anyway...