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  1. More factions! Orcs on dinosaurs! Now!
  2. Yes, but are they considered their own enemy?
  3. The idea is interesting but I would not have room on the table for it
  4. Yes it's taxing unstable. 4 panic tokens!
  5. I would also like something more drastic when shooting into mêlée, such as having a panic test with severity equal to the shooter threat, and blanks counting as hits on the ally
  6. Also, this is a game, and a fantasy one at that. So realism is great, but when it comes at the cost of interesting gameplay then it is undesirable In this case, having to manoeuvre your units around abstract terrain and arbitrary line of sight makes this game the most interesting I've played in a very long while so I'm all for it, however historically accurate (or not) it might be
  7. Is it a unit upgrade? Does it require a specific figure? You now have your answer, no need to make it unnecessarily complex By the way that particular figure is also a siege figure but that's irrelevant in the morale card's context
  8. We could more easily consider that his ability adds N trays and regenerates N trays' worth of infantry as per regeneration rules. In that case, the trays are added to the back but the figures fill the first empty rank This will lead to some strange cases whereby one of the added trays would be removed immediately if 4 figures have been sniped in the front rank, but it still sounds logical to me. I don't have the rule text with me though so can't check whether they can be read that way
  9. As if this game could get any better!
  10. OK but where are the *dinosaurs*?
  11. Very good point, even if I fail to imagine what better entertainment than Runewars they may have...
  12. Hold on a minute, if we get attacked from other stars it may seriously affect our ability to play games. I think we are really unprepared to face a starfaring enemy and the resulting conflict may sever us from any supply of Runewars Oh, did he mean Star Wars not star wars?
  13. I remember having a beautiful curved charge dialed in and some panic from shooting have me a stun. It transformed into a beautiful charge straight into the side of the board...
  14. Not only did it do its job then, but it's even ready to do another one