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  1. A little more transparency would be great. The rules have been printed ages ago so that pdf should be on the site; as well as the release date since it's been announced. After all it is reported to be in two weeks' time so they should be confident enough by now to just publish it. I fail to see what purpose the uncertainty serves
  2. I must say that I feel a little cheated: I have paid for my boxes a month ago and I still don't even know when I will get them; and at the same time a bunch of random people are going to get one for free right now. How is that fair? I understand the need to promote the game, I would greatly appreciate if it was not done at the fans' expense in a very unfair way. It would help if at least at had a confirmed release date, or if anybody could get a chance in that draw. Don't get me wrong, I wish all the best to the lucky people who got a free box, but the way that was done (and the timing) leaves me feeling cheated and used
  3. Dude, I thought I was hyped but you are hard-core I do agree 300 will be an epic size for friendlies but it's nice to see that they keep the official size reasonable so that occasional players are not discouraged
  4. They were done by Studio McVey, absolutely wonderful. They would have deserved to be in resin or something nice and hard. CMoN know their minis, after all they started from a site showcasing them. But it seems that FFG have caught up in quality
  5. Let's maybe reserve judgement until we know more, there could be many directions this could go and the information we do have is extremely sparse
  6. Exactly, that and the bodybuilded comic style minis make it great for kiddies What I used to play Confrontation Hell Dorado WFB What I play Drakerys Warmachine Wrath of Kings (not actually played much yet) What I own Lots of others that are too numerous to list, which will never be played for lack of time but I collect compulsively because I love new rules and new minis And of course, waiting impatiently for RWM
  7. I must say that this is very confusing, blue order relying on red runes is just weird. Couldn't they have made the runes purple, grey and yellow or something like that, and have colours that are completely free from confusion with the dials?
  8. All this for the extra 'odd' tray in the 9*9? Froggy my friend let's just split an expansion and split the cost. Job done, it would have cost more to ffg to design this than what it's worth of unused trays bought by people without a friend or acquaintance to split with
  9. With the tiny difference that we are paying 20% more for them as they are essentially a USD denominated commodity. There are also other more technical aspects but this is not the forum for them
  10. Actually, ASoIaF lends itself very well to a board-game that would represent in a smart and concise way the intrigues, political manoeuvring and army movements in Westeros ... wait, haven't FFG done exactly that already? One of my favourite board-games
  11. Fluctuating is not the term I'd use, floundering may be more accurate, and there's another f word that springs to mind
  12. Some Beethoven and some Haydn for me, or maybe Vivaldi
  13. I'm going to invert the colour scheme and paint the Daqan purple and the Waiqar blue. This will confuse my opponents and enable me to WIN muhahahaha!
  14. Same here
  15. Woking, UK (south-west London)