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  1. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the responses!
  2. Yeah, I think that would definitely fit better, especially if it's off camera! Thanks
  3. Ok, I'm probably totally overthinking it, but I'm trying to figure out what check to use for going to the cantina to gather intel. I just made a ruling on the fly that it was perception, but I feel like it also could be charm or coercion... Is there a thematic single check to use for off camera intelligence gathering? thanks
  4. Does anyone have the ability/willingness/time to create a plugin for playing card? Create your own suits with their own colors type of thing...
  5. I had actually put some thought into building a universe with the same structure as ME, just with expanded classes and powers! ;-) But, unfortunately, I'm the only one that loves Mass Effect, for that matter even likes it. :-/ Thankfully, All of my players like or love Star Wars though. :-) FFG should pick up the rights to make a Mass Effect ttrpg, I'm sure that it would be a huge line too.
  6. Galactic citizens, All hail OggDude! lol no but seriously, thanks OggDude!
  7. Where are the other ones? I bought all the books before I ever played a ttrpg... XD currently gming eote beginner. Aor is next. Then F&D. ;-) still working on reading through EotE core though... lol
  8. Hey Absol, Does Ghosts getting on the boat yesterday change your May 18 release date estimate? And when do you think Fly Casual and Special Modifications will be off the boat? Thanks!
  9. True love breeds hate. If you love something, you will hate what is trying to hurt it. Does that make love dark? That's where the Bendu come into play. Hate is considered dark while love is considered light. I think that's why the Jedi avoid all emotions. Bendu believe you can balance love and hate. Jedi believe, since love breeds hate, that you must avoid both. Sith love chaos(darkness) and consequently hate everything that brings about serenity.
  10. Does anyone have a list of crystals and their colors/stats? Especially a converted list for F&D.
  11. Since we're in wonderland at the moment... These would be my edits to the SW timeline as a whole. All that being said, there is much I would re-write. I will try to keeps era's together. Also, as a general rule, I would divide all old republic stuff by 10 and add 1000 years. Darth Bane happened around 1100 BBY. Revan was 1400 BBY. Dawn of the Jedi, I would make 2500 BBY (no I would not add the 1000 years in this case). ECT. I would change some minor stuff but nothing major past that as far as the timeframe is concerned. (This will also explain why no major technological advancements occur.) It's a thousand years of peace and stagnation for the republic between Darth Bane and The Clone Wars. Dawn of the Jedi is a gem in my opinion, however there are some things that need to be changed. I would change some minor things and give it a full run. (Add things like: how the forcesaber became the lightsaber. How the original Dark Jedi were banished. Potentially the messy founding of the Republic. The fall of the Infinite Empire and the Rakatan species into obscurity. How the Bendu became the Jedi. The founding of the many academys across the galaxy.) After all that, I would do a complete overhaul of the Tales of the Jedi. Many of the stories would remain the same in principle just with a new timeframe associated with it, a new paint job, or from a different perspective. Knights of the Old Republic comics and games get synced with the new Canon from TotJ with some stories getting totally overhauled. I believe Mandalore the Ultimate should have a forcesaber from the Sith Emperor who trained him and make the Darksaber. There should be a show (that kids will enjoy, but for adults) that spans the Mandalorian invasion, to Revan's fall and invasion, to Revan's redemption, to Revan's Crusade (Revan should be able to convince Grand Master Bastila Shan of the impending true Sith's invasion and prepare the Galaxy for this.), and the true Sith' invasion, there Jedi Cold War, and end with the Jedi Civil War. (Yes, combining KotOR and TOR.) A mini-series about the exile or perhaps a comic where she redeems herself and rejoins Revan in his crusade. - I'm not as familiar with the Fallen Empire (from TOR), but it looks awesome! Include that into a series somehow. Include that into the Civil and Cold wars, or just have a complete new series! - A comic series or television series around the Army of Light and Brotherhood of Darkness. - Darth Bane books are definitely in!!! - Believe it or not, I would put the Legacy comics here in this era and have the legacy part, rather than about the Skywalkers, about Revan, Bastila, Qel-Droma, Sunrider and the true Sith's Emperor. Yes that would require an overhaul, I'm aware. But a lot could just be a reskin. now to the movies....... The prequels, all I have to say is go watch "what if "Star Wars: Episode I" was good?" by Belated Media. Then watch the next one. With some minor changes, that is canon. So yeah. No C-3PO. No Ewoks, Wookies will do. As a kid, I loved Jar Jar, but yeah he can go too. I would make the comics and TCW all fit, changing what was needed in both to keep things like Ahsoka from TCW and Voss as the boss he is in the comics. I haven't finished Dark Disciple yet, but I would change it to Sev'rance Tann and a different Jedi (some modifications will need to be made with the Nightsister part obviously). We keep Asajj and Voss. I also want to see Durge in TCW. Finish out TCW with a plan of action for Rebles. ((Bonus points for a 3 way battle between Dooku and Grievous vs Maul and Asajj vs Windu and Kenobi.) (Double bonus points if the battle includes Nightsisters vs Death Watch vs Commandos.) Yes, I know this is ridiculous, but c'mon that'd be awesome!!!!) TFU can go (even if I loved the game). Kota stays! He mentors Kanaan before he mentors Ezra. Rebels has some things that need changing! (History of the Darksaber being already mentioned.) More Ahsoka! I was pissed when they killed her off! How they've handled Mual is perfect. Asajj should be here and as a lost warrior with no fight. Ahsoka and Asajj worked together in the past, let's see it again! More Mandalorians! More Inquisitors! More Lasat! More Zeb duels! I feel like they've made Thrawn a little weaker than he is, otherwise nailing it. Vader is always welcome, (except when killing Ahsoka). Rogue One stays. I'm not a huge fan, but it was acceptable. I'll leave from episode 6 to the legacy comics for you all to decide.
  12. Are you planning on including the darksaber in your campaign? I think that may be a cool addition.
  13. This has been an intriguing topic! I'm a brand new GM working with brand new PCs. (Thank God for beginner games!) This has given me some great ideas! Not to throw a wrench into the works, but what about the Darksaber? I feel like they shot themselves in the foot with the explanation on that! They could've easily stated that it was Mandalore the Ultimate's weapon of choice and that he was trained by Sith to use it effectively in combat against Jedi and other force users. Brought in Reven and .... I digress. Technically, they did not call it a Lightsaber, but if Tarre Vizsla was a Jedi, wouldn't it be a Lightsaber though? How would you handle the crystal situation of this saber? If it were attunement, what situation brought about this color? To me, it would've had to have been harvested or discovered on Dathomir or some other darkside world. Maybe it turned Black because it sensed its dark future as the seat of power for a warlike society. If it were the type of crystal,(to my knowledge there isn't one that would do this) what type of crystal? To me, the Krayt Dragon pearl would be the perfect fit because you have to kill a living creature to get it. Seems eerily dark.
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