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  1. 10 trophies for Elder Sign was good offer and I think it should have been left there to be bought, but with little variation. Maybe just 1 Elder Sign can be bought or price doubles for next one and so on. 2nd costs 20 trophies, 3rd 40 trophies etc. Maybe some dice gambling, like Lost & Found. Elder Sign, monster, doom token, curse etc. being part of the gamble.
  2. It is possible to lose if you play wrong. My first play was against Yig and I started with six bad adventures, l draw new, mythos card, got two doom tokens, because master mythos card, added one doom token because midnight and few monsters before I did anything with my characters. Few failed adventures and another mythos card which weren't shuffled ok so another master mythos and midnight resolution and I had six doom tokens. Again few turns and third mythos card was Stars Are Right you lost game. WTF? Shuffled cards and tried again, but still didn't read rules through and added doom token every midnight. Another mistake was using clues. Thought those are just for shopping, later realized those are for re-rolling too, but used one clue per one dice to re-roll. Things to change or to consider to make things harder or easier. Harder: 1 clue per 1 dice to re-roll Multiple curses, so getting rid of curse takes more solved adventures Do not optimize monster placing and add that monster to those adventure requirements. Add doom token every midnight Do not add extra characters. If someone dies then she/he dies no replacements To remove Curse, blessing is needed. Curse isn't removed for the endgame Monsters stay and must be slayed in endgame before AO can be attacked Blessing is removed if Mythos cards requires item, clue, spell or trophies to be removed and character has none Easier: Blessing stays until Curse removes it, not failed adventure Spell locked dice are extra, not removed from dice pool Monsters don't follow task rules, can be killed on same roll as an actual adventure task - Monster has investigation and peril, adventure has 2 terror, your roll has all these, monster is killed and one task is done Monster locked dice is freed instantly, you can add it your dice pool in the middle of adventure Separate monster is different entity you can attack just that monster, not doing adventure, thus avoiding adventures failure punishment. Roll first and then choose adventure which suits best for your first roll.
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