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  1. If I can ask something a little off-topic... What do you think is up with Rebellion? It's not in stock at any of my favorite on-line stores, and looking at the Upcoming page, it's not even on the Awaiting Reprint list. They're gonna print more of these, right? Still trying to figure out how this reprint thing works. I've only just recently started getting into board games - Who knew it was so easy to miss out?
  2. vaderizer

    Carnor Jax

    Caffeine is one option...
  3. vaderizer

    I Love My CROC

    Did they run out of double-digit letters?
  4. I'm a casual player and these Stanley cases are perfect for me. It's almost as if they were made specifically for x-wing. I spent the day at my game club today and this is everything I brought with me - two full lists (my Rebel list and a popular Scum list in case someone at the club without ships wanted to fly). Absolutely everything needed for a two player battle is in this one extremely lightweight case... The cups make setting up, changing tables and putting everything away a snap. When I get home, ships and dials go back in their proper storage place. This is my (almost) entire collection (4 Ties are standing on my desk. Almost time to add case #5). All the foam I used is from four video card boxes that were getting thrown out at work. Keeps everything very secure - and looks great too I think. Like I said, I play casual and rarely see a need to bring more than two lists with me, all of which easily fits in my one travel case. If I wanted to bring more ships than my group could possibly fly in a day, I'd need to bring one more case and my binder. Super portable, super cheap (about $12 per case on Amazon), very organized and looks fantastic. Unless you need to regularly travel with your entire collection, I haven't seen a better storage solution than these Stanleys. (not an affiliate.)
  5. Any chance you have the full list of all competitors and their lists? If hardly anyone shows up with a Rebel or Imperial list, seeing Scum in the winner's circle is not such a surprise.
  6. vaderizer

    Marking Dice

    I picked myself up the finest point liquid paint marker I could find. I went with silver for both color dice. The difference is subtle, but clearly identifiable and easy to tell the difference from standard dice. I wouldn't be surprised if these aren't allowed in organized play though.
  7. I have a nice, round coffee table in my basement, as well as a 34"x34" fold-up card table I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond for about $30. Both are nice and have their uses, but are useless for x-wing. I went to Home Depot and bought two pieces of 24"x48" (3/16" thick) chalk board. About $10 ea. They sell the same size pieces in mdf, peg-board, dry-erase whiteboard, etc. I went with the chalkboard because I liked the matte-black surface. I flipped the two pieces over and ran a single piece of duct tape to hold them together (which has been holding flawlessly for about 6 months now). When turned over and placed on either my coffee or card table, it's perfectly stable and everything for x-wing fits with room to spare. When I'm done playing, the chalkboard table-top folds in half and I tuck it behind my basement door. It would also fit under or behind my couch if I wanted. Super light, durable, easy to store, $20. Awesome solution for what I was looking for.
  8. So basically, it's Snoke saying, "Thank you"? Ren's possessed?
  9. If Snoke killed Han, how come Kylo says, "Thank you"?
  10. Is it listed anywhere the total count of each faction that showed up to battle on day 1?
  11. "But Lord Vader... we've sent our very best fighters. Those Jumpmasters are simply too powerful." And you call yourselves Imperials. Indeed.
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