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  1. Hostile Negotiations

    That’s a cool idea! Yes subtrendy(2) and IanSolo_FFG are the Yodas of modifications. Well, since we are talking about the IP, maybe the Palpatine of mods is more appropriate
  2. Technical Superiority vs White Die Heros

    Ya, cloaking device helps survivalibility quite a bit. I think that +adaptive weapons is stronger. I didn’t get cloaking device until much later in my campaign, and I had XP regret for not purchasing it earlier. If you get imperial industry, being able to swap for a yellow die to try and get stun is also quite useful.
  3. Technical Superiority vs White Die Heros

    One other option - do you have the Jawa pack? If you are committing to droids, dropping the elite jawa down for 3 and having all your droids get an extra speed boost is pretty nice. With Technical support giving a speed boost, you might have HKs with speed of 6! That might help you stay out of quick draw range, or force the rebels to chase you. I played TS against Jyn,Mak and Diala- it went ok. The deck picks up as you go on, it starts out fairly weak (I had played military might previously). Adaptive weapons is really strong, you can have probe droids rolling blue yellow red with a reroll (elites), or HKs even better. Cloaking device is also really really good, as that pesky white die can work for you
  4. Hostile Negotiations

    I’ll try to respond in spoiler as well
  5. Hostile Negotiations

    Thanks! You truly are the gold standard of backing stories, and thematic modifications - so appreciate your response. I admit I was inspired by a few of your mods that you have posted. I’ll post back with how it goes when we finish. It may be a few days before we play the mission, as real life is getting in the way.
  6. Also, it’s been said in the past but worth repeating - the app was a fairly significant investment of time and resources for FFG. Why bother with a 18+ month investment of something outside your normal competency (building an app), if you have thoughts of killing said product one or two years later? That really doesn’t make any sense.
  7. I have run 3+ campaigns and pretty much just stick to the campaign guide for deployments, setup, story,etc. I’m just not that creative or smart to pull it off. However, I am really tempted to change the hostile negotiations mission in JR. Rather than using the generic mercenary in the mission story who is working with the rebels, to haul the goods - I am thinking of changing that character (Kar is his name) to be Han Solo instead. He was a smuggler working at one time with Jabba, I just feel like this campaign is screaming for Han to be a part of it somehow. I think I am going to let them control Han as an ally and maybe give myself 6 threat (2x current threat level). I know this will be harder for me, but that’s perfectly fine - the win conditions are fairly balanaced anyway on this mission, so I thought adding Han as an ally and the one working with the rebels would be a lot of fun and very thematic. thoughts?
  8. Jabba's Realm question

    I literally just looked this up earlier this evening (also in the middle of a JR campaign and was wondering the same thing). Apparently, yes the heroes always choose the mission that is in play. Only in Jabba has there ever been more than one story mission in play. I found a thread on BGG which answered it.
  9. Perilous Hunt question

    Ok, that was what I figured. I was 95% confident I had played it correctly by the rules - but I wanted to get it confirmed. Thanks!
  10. So in playing the Perilous Hunt side mission a rule question came up. I will attempt to put this in spoilers tag.
  11. Tips on teaching the game

    Cool, I’ll check that out - thanks. I think I’ll stick to trying to do a campaign style mission, as we will likely have more than 2 interested players (and I don’t think I could make 4 compelling skirmish armies for a 4 way). Also I enjoy being the IP, so I won’t be using the app.
  12. New Character Ideas

    I loooooove that idea. Yes please
  13. I was talking to my coworkers (who are big star wars fans) about board games, and I brought up Imperial Assault. Two had never heard of it, one had - but all seem very interested in learning the game. I offered to take one night and try and play a game to teach it. So..... What is the best mission to “rope players in”? My thought was to play a single mission to get people interested, and if that went well maybe setup a monthly session to actually do a campaign. Does this make sense? Or would people just recommend diving right in and assuming you will start a campaign and thus play aftermath or whatever. I have Core plus Hoth, And Jabbas Realm. I have a decent amount of allies and villains as well. Greedo, Grand inquisitor, Terro, Leia, Obi-wan, Dengar, BT-1, Bantha, IG88, Jawas just to give a sense of some extra side missions I have access to. Next thing I am struggling with is how do you teach people the rules? I was thinking I would go over activations , actions and movements. How to attack, calculate damage, taking strain, etc. Then start playing and go over the specifics (blocking terrain, line of sight, conditions,etc) as they come up in play. Anyone have specific tips on what to cover and in what order? Also if we do go for a campaign, does it make sense to do the Core one? I was thinking Hoth as that was a fun campaign - but are there elements that make that harder/more complex for new players? I have to admit, I was inspired slightly to talk about IA after reading the thread the other day about what WE can do as players to help grow the community. So I decided to take the plunge. Any tips you can provide to help me make this a success and gain a few more IA players would be greatly appreciated!
  14. New Character Ideas

    I love the idea, anything to get Rogue One content I’m all for. However it seems highly unlikely for a mini campaign, as they don’t seem to follow canon movie events closely. But some characters from RO might happen. If they make Death Troopers - just take my money now. 😄
  15. Just want to say that my Jabba’s Realm came with a Gamorrean guard with a broken axe. I filled out the submission form on the FFG site, and they mailed me my replacement, arriving within 3 weeks of my original submission. So thumbs up from me on quick customer support.