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  1. Ok thanks for the response. Not exactly what I was hoping for - but it’s still great to have the app. Hopefully the app campaigns will be interesting. Obviously they will release updates and hopefully make use of more expansion content and villains.
  2. I read through this thread, and I am not understanding something. Will you be able to play the Core Campaign with this app replacing the Imperial Player? Or can you only play the new App Campaign? It seems like they are going to release updates which will include booster pack figures and expansion tiles, but I would really want to be able to play the existing Core Campaign in a coop mode via the app.
  3. Have you considered just going digital? I scanned them in, created a PDF and now just view them in iBooks on my iPad. I have the RRG in there too - so everything is in one place. Plus, I can google other strange rules questions that come up if need be. I only need my iPad to keep by my side now vs a bunch of various manuals, sheets, etc. The binding does look cool, but physical books seem so 20th century
  4. The New Orders podcast had one of the original Imperial Assault designers Johnathan Ying on back in October (he is no longer doing IA stuff but still has connections in FFG obviously) , and he was adamant that IA is still a very important product to FFG. FWIW.
  5. Wow, so I just got completely destroyed by DTDanix on VASSAL! Let’s just say that Alderaan offered up more resistance and lasted longer against the Death Star than I did in this match. he couldn’t have been nicer or more patient, so it was fun. I felt bad that I am just not even in the same galaxy as these real competitive skirmish players, so I’m sure it was a snooze fest for him. Anyway, I am striving to get better and still enjoy the matches regardless of the outcome. Those of you with cold feet - don’t worry , just jump in and play. As I said, both times I have played has been fun, and most players are just happy to try and grow this fun game.
  6. It’s too bad you and your group aren’t enjoying the game. IMO, Means of Production is VERY tough for Rebels to win. Also the reward for the imperials can really tilt things in the IP player if the attachment with stun is abused. I hope you stick with it, it can be a really fun experience when everything clicks.
  7. There are two ways to chat, before the game has started and then while the game is going on. Before the game started, I had created a room called "vassal_virgin". Then I set my status to "looking for a game". Then I believe TVBoy sent me a private message (Right click on the user name and there is a private message menu option), and said he wanted to play. I responded I would be happy to play, but explained it was my first VASSAL game so I would really need to be taught a bit, and would probably be slow. He said no problem, and then we joined the game. Once the game starts there is a window which has a text/log of all the moves for each player in the game (Player 1 moves from space G1 -> H1, Player 1 Ends Turn, Player 2 Rolls 1 green 1 red dice, etc etc). Inside this window showing the log of moves there is a textbox at the bottom where you can also enter text and chat with the other player. At least that is how we did it. To give you a sense of the dumb things I was asking. To start my turn I asked (via this log window) "How do I activate a figure?". Then I followed that up with "So I want C-3PO to use the Inform action, how do I do it?". That gives you a sense of how totally clueless I was. Oh and I deployed a figure outside the deployment zone. So....ya... I would absolutely give it a try - don't be intimidated. You have experience with X-Wing VASSAL, I had never heard of VASSAL before and I was able to do it ! I would also recommend being upfront. Maybe create a room name that is clear to the other player that you are new. If people don't want to play and help out a newbie, thats perfectly fine, they can choose someone else. My sense from most people on here, is that this community is super friendly and trying to help new players - so I bet your experience would be a positive one. If any experienced players have some advice on how to get started, or a better way to let people know that you are a newbie who wants to try and play the first game - your responses would be greatly appreciated Again, can't thank TVBoy enough - who (as you can tell from my questions) was incredibly patient and walked me though the basic mechanics of how to play on VASSAL.
  8. Been trying to setup VASSAL and actually try to play a game. Finally did it tonight. Huge thanks to TVBoy (no idea if he is out here somewhere), who was super patient with all of my noobness. He crushed me hard, but that’s ok - it was a lot of fun. Hopefully I can play again sometime. Those of you who haven’t tried it yet, or are apprehensive - give it a try. It’s a little clunky, and not super user friendly, but it does work and is a lot of fun!
  9. OMG - I am wasting waaaaaaaaay too much time with the Star Wars soundboard!!!!! How did I not know that this thing existed??!!?!! Seriously, I feel like my geek card should be suspended for a few weeks.
  10. One issue I have seen with side missions is that my group favors the potential reward over the fun experience of trying a new mission. So when building the deck and then ultimately choosing the mission - they seem to want to pick the same cards that they feel like is “worth it”, vs “let’s try this mission even though the reward is blah”. We are almost done the Hoth Campaign and the threat missions were kind of nice in that we got to play 2 totally new ones. But, I could see how going through it again might feel a little stale. However, so much changes when replaying a mission that I feel like it’s still a lot of fun. For example, my wife has only played Jyn (3 campaigns), so we have done High Moon a few times. This time I had the Bantha, so I used him as a meat shield and it totally changed the mission (I won this time and denied that Rebel Scum, errr my wife, Peacemaker- woohoo!!).
  11. Not sure if you saw this reply in another thread, but there is some great strategy here.
  12. We are over halfway through the Hoth campaign now, and it has been enjoyable. Its been tough on me as the IP - but I have also made my share of mistakes as well. I think it is a bit easier for the Rebels than Core - but not overwhelmingly so. Honestly, I think my team is just playing a bit better and making better decisions overall, since this is our third campaign play. They no longer open doors at the end of activations, being cautious of event triggers. Or attack groups that have already activated, doing things a bit more synergistically as a team vs before. I will say there seem to be fewer missions with set time limit - which does favor the rebels. I think it is 4-3 Rebels thus far in our campaign, with two missions that could have gone either way. As far as the threat missions - my group was torn, they wanted to have the chance to remove one of the boons (there were 3 as they ignored them all to this point) - but hated to take up a Side mission slot. We are at the point where it is back to back sides before the penultimate story mission. So we voted and are playing it as a "forced" mission (Escape from Cloud City). Then they can still choose two side missions after. I know that helps them, but I want everyone to have fun. Plus, I am glad we get a chance to play a new mission that we haven't seen before. I really wanted to play the wampa cave mission with the cool tile setup, but my 9 y/o daughter was scared of the wampas and didn't want to do it
  13. I'm in the middle of the Return to Hoth campaign - which has been a lot of fun. But I'm getting Campaign Envy reading this discussion on Jabba's Realm. It sounds like a fun and unique campaign design. I'm sure I'll feel even worse once HoTE comes off the boat! (it is coming off the boat right?????)
  14. I think I found a picture of our boat carrying our precious IA cargo. Might explain the delay