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  1. totalnoob

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    For the campaign narrative, couldn’t they have the mission or two with yoda take the form of a force ghost? In The Last Jedi he was plenty “active”, even in the force ghost form. The game needs Yoda! (And a Boba fix)
  2. totalnoob

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    Not really a competitive skirmish player, and I really never dug the ewoks. But I AM PUMPED!!!!! Bring on more content!!!
  3. totalnoob

    TS campaign suggestions

    If you don’t care about timeline, I think most of the missions are on Tatooine. Taking Jabba as your merc villain to torment your rebels would be thematic and fun. He’s not expensive, and could help get extra attacks if you take other merc figures.
  4. After looking longingly at everyone’s beautifully painted minis, I finally decided to take the plunge today. Understand I’ve never painted anything in my life. I am absolutely horrible with my hands, I’m not a DIY-er in any kind of way. I couldn’t be any less artistic if I tried. So this was going to be a massive leap for me. I have been playing IA for a couple years now, mainly campaigns with my wife and two kids. My daughter who is now 11 is very into crafts, so she was going to help out. So we watch episode 1 of Sorastro and figure out what we need. Off to the FLGS to buy our citadel paints. Hmmm primer is $18? Brushes were expensive too, so we went to AC Moore to get those things. I have no delusions of grandeur on the final product. After getting our brushes (which turned out to be difficult, 0,1,2 were not easily labeled to me anyway) and primer we were ready. We were lucky to have a 50 degree day so I went outside and sprayed the primer. Definitely over soaked some areas and under hit others (Dad, you need to spray his butt better next time!). I lined the stormtroopers up on cardboard and waited for them to dry just like Sorastro! (Last time that sentence is uttered) We are watching the video over and over, my daughter has it down. She tells me “you need to thin the paint”, “ it’s ok just use a paper towel to fix it”,”did you wipe your brush?” “Oh, that actually looks pretty good!” And of course “Mom, look at my stormtrooper!” We we’re both in a zone painting away all evening. Even my middle school son, who thinks everything sucks and nothing is cool said - “wow that’s sweet , can I paint one?” Grab a brush and watch this video on the iPad..... After hours of painting, I finished 3 my son 1 and my daughter did 5! She said “this is like the best art project ever”. As with many things on life, sometimes it’s best to enjoy the process , the journey- not worry about the final goal. When your kids start to grow up, and become more independent, it’s just cherishing these small moments together. Tonight that was a few hours where we were all sitting at an art table, laughing , learning, speaking in Soothing Sorastro voice, and painting plastic figures.
  5. They are both good expansions, I personally like the Jabbas Realm campaign a little better because the rebels have a "choice" to make which influences the direction the story goes. Also as far as units that come in the box, Jabbas Realm includes Weequay Pirates, Gamorrean Guards, a Rancor(!), Jet Troopers and all three heroes that are included are pretty strong (Shyla and Vinto are both very strong, and Onar can absolutely be a beast with immunity to conditions and Don't Make Me Hurt You at 4xp). You will get the tokens and deployment cards for Jabba, Captain Terro and Jedi Knight Luke as well (need the ally/villain packs to get the plastic figures). Lastly, the two included Imperial player Class decks are Nemeses and Hutt Mercenaries. Hutt Mercenaries is supposedly very strong, I haven't played it yet. Nemeses is fairly strong, but it might be the most fun, its all about getting villains on to the table. If you go this route, Nemeses can be a really fun and thematic way to play, because who doesn't like having Greedo or Bossk or Vader running around on the table? If you do decide to go that route, you may want to look at this page http://cards.boardwars.eu/Ally-and-Villain-Packs/ and look and see what villains you want to include in the campaign (Nemeses allows you to automatically earn 1 bounty hunter villain and 1 empire villain to start - then you can add one of those to your open groups each mission). All of this isn't to say Hoth is bad, that was a really fun campaign and the snow tiles are fantastic. I am going to run another Hoth campaign with my group in a month or two. The three heroes are decent as well, I just like the Jabba ones a tiny bit better. The Hoth digital campaign (I still have the finale to play) has been a total blast thus far, they really keep improving as they release them.
  6. totalnoob

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Interesting bug. Playing the hoth mission (unsure the name). But I did a save and quit right at the start (after it revealed the map, etc). There was a neutral mission token rule to "inspect shadows" (each neutral mission token is a shadow and there is some rule about interacting with it). However, it tells me to look at the neutral mission token rule to get the details, but their is no rule in the bottom center. On the latest version on an iPad.
  7. totalnoob

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Maybe with the new Cassian Andor series that will be coming out, another opportunity to have a Rogue One themed box with Scarif / Jehda tiles. Jyn, Krennic, Cassian with some other rebel characters. Disney loves cross promotional opportunities, so why not?
  8. I’m not a tournament player, but I think a couple things (just from following the community): - finding any kind of regular local skirmish game can be difficult depending on where you live - attendance was down at many of the regional organized play events, making some to question the future of FFG still promoting and hosting IA organized skirmish events - the latest release that everyone is playing is the Rebels Spectre Cell list, which has kind of broke the Meta. Many people are finding it boring to play against - we don’t know what items if any are in the pipeline for future release. For competitive skirmish having new cardboard items is necessary as a new “puzzle” to solve and is a large part of the draw to play. Without anything imminent - it puts the future of the skirmish game in an unknown state Having said all of that, for app/campaign play there is a TON of physical content already available and it’s reasonable to assume more app campaigns will be on the way. I just introduced a group of people to the game a few months back, and they absolutely loved it and are eagerly awaiting doing another campaign.
  9. totalnoob

    Looks promising!

    I believe they posted something on their twitter feed. Maybe a full write up on their site will come out tomorrow?
  10. totalnoob

    Played Jabba's Realm - got smashed

    I just finished a solo play through, and I got destroyed on the finale. Dice were certainly against me as Bossk rolled 3(!) block all with my heaviest hitter. But I thought it was very challenging even on normal difficulty. I am not the best tactician, but I think my final tally said 7 missions won and 4 lost. How many missions does the app campaign have? I know I had a “draw” on one mission, lost the finale but won all the others. I know it isn’t 11 missions, so trying to figure out how it came to that number. Overall, despite the finale - I really enjoyed it. For this solo play through I used Vassal, and it worked great. Hoping for more app content (and not giving up home for a rogue one box/blister)!
  11. First, I’m not a great IP / tactician. You can get advice from great players on this forum (a1bert, subtrendy2, tvboy,etc), but I’m just going to give a pep talk of sorts! One positive? All black dice heroes! So load up on figures with access to Pierce and that +2 damage surge. Any timed based mission, roll out the royal guards who can stun Verena and hopefully slow her down, or maybe stun CT to prevent Gideon driven attacks. If you have access to Heart of the Empire, maybe using Tech Superiority class deck along with a Droids theme? Sentry droids with some attachments have Pierce 2 , and a surge +1 which would hit pretty hard. I also used HK droids with the starter card (in Tech Superiority) that gives focus, they can hit pretty hard as well. The attachments which give all droids a speed boost is huge to help stay out of range, plus you can use the Jawa to get an extra +1 speed on top as well. For Agenda cards I like When they least expect it from the Grand Inquisitor pack, also the Hired Guns have a card - Final Blast which is a deplete and allows for a parting shot from any non unique figure, which is super annoying (to the rebels)! Good luck, have fun and long love the Empire!
  12. totalnoob

    New Product Idea

    I disagree, this model happens frequently *especially* once product line sales are flat or declining. Think about DLC releases for video games. Often those are “bundled” at one price to entice one last little wave of purchasing. Or why musicians would release a greatest hits album (back when we used to buy music albums!) Again conceptually this is a great way to release something that will bring in some money - and its all content that is already developed. Just needs to be repackaged and sold. Lastly, if FFG *really* wanted to be cheeky, they could create this bundle - but include a couple new cards as part of the package. THAT seems like a winner and in line with FFG thinking
  13. totalnoob

    New Product Idea

    This is far too logical to ever happen. It makes perfect sense honestly, throw a bone to the skirmish players who have obsessively bought all the product up to this point. As primarily a campaign player, I love the big box expansions. I know playing the campaign even one time is going to add many hours of gaming. But for a skirmish player it just has to feel like a big waste to get 1 or 2 units you can use and a handful of command cards and thats it for your 50 bucks.
  14. I played Greedo’s side mission as a one off to introduce some new players to the game before committing to a full campaign. I definitely should have followed a mini campaign setup - and allowed a Rebel Upgrade with 2 or 3 XP and 1200 credits to happen. However I didn’t own any small box expansions at the time - so I was unaware of this option. Playing the mission with everyone having starter weapons was really tough on the rebels . I wanted to play this mission instead of Aftermath because I thought it would be more interesting and thematic and hoped to pull them in. I also wanted to give the players an opportunity to understand some mechanics so they could make a slightly more educated guess as to what the different hero abilities were, how they worked etc. For those goals - it was a success. Everyone had a blast, and the players figured out what an interrupt is, cleave etc. So they picked heroes for the campaign with a decent understanding of their character. However from a balance perspective - it was a disaster. We played at threat level 2 and they just had no punch to clear enough figures. I gave them Han as an ally which helped, but I brought in Jabba not realizing how strong he is (never played him in campaign before). I would definetly recommend the mini campaign setup. Also, have a little fun with the setup if doing one off missions. Put a fan Villain in your open groups, maybe use him if it starts to tilt in their favor, or not if it’s going the other way. Throw them an ally during an end of round status phase if they are struggling. I failed at creating the balance , but everyone still had a great time and we went on to do a full core campaign after that. We are going to do another campaign in the coming weeks.
  15. totalnoob

    Is this game worth getting in to?

    One huge plus of this game is it’s incredibly flexible in terms of how many “modes” it supports. With the core box alone you can play: - 1 vs many campaign mode (positioning battles and objective running amidst the backdrop of a light weight story, also allows for small character building if playing the heroes). There are a TON of missions and variety just with the core box. I have played through the core campaign several times, the replayability is pretty good as there are many variables which allow for missions to play differently - 1 v 1 skirmish mode, build different armies and different command card decks and battle over various maps and objectives. If you only get the core box, this mode is pretty limited as you would need more figures and command cards for variety. But could certainly try it out and see if it interests you. - vs AI with the app. The app is a free download and has different missions that allow for you to play solo or with up to 4 friends to play against the “computer”. I have played the app campaign a few times. It’s a nice option to allow for additional mechanics and gameplay. I still prefer the classic campaign, but it’s free and fun option to play coop or solo. Point is even though the price tag is fairly high (looks like it is $89), there are a bunch of different ways to get use out of it. I have probably played hundreds of hours of this game across all modes, and I can’t wait to start my next campaign after the new year!