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  1. Yes and that is a little bit of the cat and mouse game that is played with regards to selecting your Open Groups as an Imperial. If you know they are taking Han, you might be able to have some higher costed figures in your hand. But if they decide not to take Han - now you are stuck with some high priced deployment cards that will be tough (if not impossible in the early parts of the campaign) to use. This also makes strategizing your opening moves tricky since getting an optional deployment can really change how you approach that first round.
  2. When I started I had zero background on painting. I couldn’t paint a wall. I have zero artistic talent. But I started with Sorastro’s YouTube series, and through that am able to get decent tabletop quality minis painted. Just a fair warning - it gets addictive! Once you have a couple painted things hit the table, you really can’t bear the thought of deploying boring grey units again! So during our campaign I would try to look ahead at our mission coming up and paint as many units involved as I could. For paints I only bought the citadel stuff. I now probably have 50 plus of them along with about 5 different shades. I would look at some videos of the first few units you are going to paint, and see what you need. If you start with Stormies (the worst to paint, but we all did our time grinding through them)- you’ll need white, nuln oil, mechanicus standard grey, black and I think leadbelcher for the gun. When I first started I would watch the video of what I was going to paint and see what paints were used. That can be a little more effective than just looking at the final paint list from the video. Because sometimes you would realize he used this color that was a single tiny dab, or was like the 5th layer of a highlight - and could easily be omitted (for my ability and tastes). If you decide you like it, don’t under estimate the value of good brushes. I don’t order anything crazy expensive, but once I started ordering the level 2 or level 3 brushes from Michaels (like $4 or $5 for a brush), they held their point much better than the cheap ones making following the lines of details much simpler. Have fun!
  3. I have this from Go7Gaming https://go7gaming.com/product/imperial-004-insert-for-hoth-jabba/ it’s a fantastic organizer. Personally I still don’t store the rancor in there. My daughter painted mine, so I keep it on my desk in my office 😄
  4. I mean character building and weapon choice is one of the most fun aspects of signing up and doing a whole 10 mission campaign (as a rebel player). Whatever can be done to make that enjoyable and fun should be the goal. There might be a tiny advantage in letting them see the shop before the XP choices are made - but if you as an IP are going to be THAT cutthroat, maybe you should just play skirmish instead? 🙂
  5. If the next mission slot in the campaign log is a side mission, AND the Rebels choose to play Insidious as their next Side Mission - then yes. You should resolve upgrade stages no matter what (in your scenario above). In my experience, most rebels just decide to play the side missions from their deck (automatically giving the Imperial Player the agenda reward) because they care more about earning their chosen rewards vs blocking the Imperial player from getting his. 🙂
  6. I don’t think Insidious is a forced mission? Here is a link to the actual mission card when the Imperial Player purchased an agenda mission like this, I believe it is put as another side mission to choose when it comes time to choose and play the next side mission in the campaign. If the rebels choose to play another side mission, then *after* that mission is finished - the Imperial Player would receive Palp as a reward. The IP could then add Palp to their Open Groups. When I run my campaigns, I keep the “active” side mission cards which are drawn by the Rebels. If I purchase an agenda mission like the Palp one, I just put that card right next to the other active side missions. It becomes another choice for the Rebels.
  7. If I recall Hoth and Jabba are both a little longer. Also, I found that some of the missions themselves were longer to play. As in, “phew just made it! wait - that isn’t the end of the mission?!?” Not sure if other people had similar thoughts.
  8. My daughter learned to play around the same age. She is now 12, but Diala is still her favorite! I had never painted before (she is really into crafts), so I dove in a couple years ago and started painting the figures with her. It was great, so much fun. Now it’s mostly just me who is still painting the collection. 🙂 They grow up fast, so anything to steal some time with them is really special.
  9. In my opinion the multi player 1 v many campaign is the most fun way to play the game. Especially if you play thematically, vs win at all costs. I have an experienced group - and they don’t want me to take it easy on them which is fine. But I always lean on theme vs min maxing the units. I’ve shown this game to many, if they like board games or like Star Wars - it’s usually a slam dunk. The cool thing is you probably only need to find two other people to start a decent campaign. There are balancing issues with just two heroes. But two players could run 3 heroes pretty easily. I have run several 3 hero campaigns and it’s balanced ok.
  10. I love the white die. As a campaign player nothing invokes the same sense of drama when a large attack is performed, resulting in near certain wounding - only to see the X reveal itself. Most of the time everyone starts cheering and clapping with excitement. A couple X rolls in a row??? Total chaos! I think it’s the most exciting and dramatic part - it’s always in the back of your mind. Take that away??? The game becomes much more rote. For the competitive skirmish player, I get the hate. But for casual campaigners it’s fun.
  11. I would like to add perhaps some Mandalorian stuff for season 2 release in the fall? And yes I would preorder all the things!!!
  12. Maybe more app campaigns? Or maybe a few ally villain packs? They could do Cassian and Krennec and not even need visual design since they are created in Legion. Whatever it ends up being - I’ll buy it!!
  13. Yeah - that would be pretty sweet. I think Landos side mission might be cool for that setting. Leia is on Hoth I believe - for some different options. Just seeing the familiar characters, on some cool tiles is a great way to get people engaged. Really helps to deliver that “Star Wars feel” that those of us who love this game understand how the missions can really deliver that. I think with something like Aftermath, you get the feel of “small band of rebels, trying to pull something out against the odds”. But it lacks the familiar characters those who are new to the game are searching for. Nothing beats the look in new players faces when you say “rebels control Han as an ally”, or “ ho ho ho- Jabba is now on the board!” Good luck in your efforts to find a gaming group! I found mine a few years ago, and we have had SO much fun campaigning!!
  14. Are you trying to guarantee that they will be “hooked” and want to actually play a campaign? Because I would argue aftermath doesn’t really do a great job of that. The description of your players seems to suggest that they have a decent amount of exposure to the rules, which is great. If you are trying to really “draw them in” for engagement (in hopes that they will be interested in a campaign after), I would consider playing a one off side mission. One that involves a known familiar star wars character is never a bad idea. Greedos mission is good for that, I think Jabbas mission is also good. If you play those, maybe GM a bit and after round 2 toss the rebels Han as an Ally. Maybe add Boba or Jabba to your open groups just to have more fun uniques out there. To do this, play at threat level 2, give each hero 1 XP to start and give them like 300 - 400 credits to spend on tier 1 items. i did something similar for our group a few years back. I had 1 experienced player and three completely new players. We are going on our 4th campaign now!
  15. So I implemented the fix above, and actually made it a competitive finish! I had 2 of 3 wounded, and they were able to get all the tokens into the safe room, but they couldn’t clear the 2 figures I had inside the room. So it ended on the last round (7). I can certainly say if I didn’t give an ally, and have Lando be able to move some figures in - I would have had them murdered by round 4. This was thematic and made for a challenging game - which was far more enjoyable for both sides.
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