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  1. I'm in the middle of the Return to Hoth campaign - which has been a lot of fun. But I'm getting Campaign Envy reading this discussion on Jabba's Realm. It sounds like a fun and unique campaign design. I'm sure I'll feel even worse once HoTE comes off the boat! (it is coming off the boat right?????)
  2. I think I found a picture of our boat carrying our precious IA cargo. Might explain the delay
  3. While Greedo and Grand Inquisitor's Angenda Deck's probably aren't the strongest if you are strictly playing to win (although personally I like both of them) - I love that both of their sets have cards that enable you to bring them into a mission even if you haven't earned them as an official Villain. So if you are intent on getting more villains to torment your Rebels with, you can do it. Sometimes I just like to offer some variety from the normal figures they see (Royal Guards, Transdoshans, Nexu,etc). There is usually that "woah, lets think about how we want to handle him" thought from the Rebels when a villain like Grand Inquisitor gets deployed.
  4. I'm not a painter, so maybe I'm wrong - but Captain Phasma in the right hands could look amazing.
  5. Ha, ok yes that would have made a huge difference. We haven't done much with using errata during campaigns, as it's just too tricky to remember what new abilities are , etc vs what is on the card. I also know that one of the missions for the saboteurs, using the errata made the mission really tough. So we just decided for campaigns go with the original cards. I wish there was a way to get errata cards for the guards and saboteurs. I picked up an errata card for the officer at a skirmish thing, but his update only impacts skirmish. Thanks for the official correction.
  6. Just finished Means of Production and won as IP fairly easily. The key is to stall the rebels as much as possible since its a pretty quick mission in terms of rounds. Spoilers follow...
  7. They really do feel like very different games, very different cultures from what I can see. All the people that are really excited about Legion seem to be big time hobbyists, who are very handy with tools and mechanical engineering and getting into their workshops to build massive play tables, terrain, design obstacles, maybe 3D print terrain and stuff. I just look at that and feel like its another universe from Imperial Assault - where my biggest hurdle to setting up the game is finding my tiles. I am not a handy person at all, am not into crafts or tools or whatever (I'm an engineer - but its software ). So the thought of putting all this effort in (and then I guess taking all of this gear I built to a store?) seems beyond crazy to me. For those people that are in to it - great, I'm happy for you, and hope you build a full scale Endor and enjoy the heck out of Legion. For me who thinks of a screwdriver as a mixed drink, I'm good - I'll be over here with my simple tiles.
  8. I can't really talk about how Organized Play will be impacted for Skirmish with Legion - but if you are planning on playing campaign for IA, you should be totally fine and the core set is a great "investment". There is a TON of content just for campaign in the Core set. The core campaign is a minimum of 11 missions long, so you are probably talking about roughly 25 hours of play (probably more) for one full campaign. Plus, you can easily play the whole campaign two times (or more) and not have it feel stale. There are many choices to make with different heroes, different Agenda sets, different class decks, different choices per mission the IP player can make, etc - that allows for solid replay-ability. We have played it two full times with the same group, plus once with just my son when we were first learning the game (so I'll say we have played the core campaign 2.5 times since we made so many mistakes initially ) Honestly, sometimes for our group replaying a mission was more fun because BOTH sides likely have a strategy that they would like to do or change from the last time they played it. From a story telling / narrative perspective, playing the missions for the first time is obviously better - but its such a fun game its still immensely enjoyable, even if some surprises are removed the second time through. If you decide you are really into IA, there are still three big box, full campaign expansions which would give you another 25-30 hours of play with each run through. Plus mini expansions and ally packs, and that is if they stopped making content at this very second - which is highly unlikely.
  9. I'm considering power to shields as well, thanks for the tip! I am not facing cleave or blast craziness. But a decent amount of extra attack stuff (close quarters, quick draw, loku spotting for damage) The heroes are Verena, Loku, Jyn with probably Luke Classic as an ally. I am banking on the Means of Production card giving me a chance to offer some resistance in the second half of this campaign. That's another thing - best units to put the attachment on? I mean I know it helps any unit , but would be curious on thoughts of how to best make use of it. I am thinking HK droids since I can reroll with them and the yellow gives many surges. My goal is to buff them with this attachment plus the 3 pt Reactive Armor to give them a little more health. Everyone is having a blast with this campaign. Can't believe we are almost halfway through!
  10. Yup that was the first thing I got after the freebie. That is certainly useful. I'm saving up for the 3 point defense one next. It's not horrible, just feel like I got more mileage out of MM and maybe Tech Superiority. Could be my play style too
  11. I went on to lose the next side mission (Luke's Green Side Mission) but was able to throw out Means of Production Agenda mission as a choice for the next side mission. We played that, and I was able to win it fairly easily. I am hoping that having the reward card will buff my troops up enough to stem the tide. I don't feel like I am getting much out of Armored Onslaught class deck (played last campaign with Military Might which just seems much stronger). We are returning to Echo Base next
  12. This is just a vent/lament post about the White Noise mission in Return to Hoth. I definitely did NOT have the right strategy in hindsight. The rebels ended up smoking me and picking up all the bonuses, thus they had (with previous balance) 1275 credits in the upgrade stage after this mission On to the spoilers for specific mission details...
  13. Since these aren't "official maps", can they be used in store championships and the like? Or are they purely for practicing and saving wear and tear on the tiles? Just curious - kudos to everyone who has put time and energy into this project, well done.
  14. I know I lost this mission in my latest campaign, but it was a ton of fun. I really loved the theme and story on this one - plus Vader is involved which is ALWAYS cool. As IP don't overlook the "You can deploy to any empty space rule". If I remember I was able to deploy things that could block Vader and help with the defense. Its a small thing, but it really opens up strategy especially if you are going with "large force in numbers" approach. If you have Restorative Supplies Agenda card - that, as always, is super helpful too Good luck!
  15. I hear your overall point, we did have that funny thread somewhere talking about Royal Guards dumpster diving in the trash compactor I could still see some interesting mission themes with them that wouldn't be too horrible. Like the Rebel base has been infiltrated and now the rebel heroes must escort (escape) with Mon Mothma. She could do things like ordering troops around, extra attacks, calling in for re-inforcements,etc. Tarkin seems a bit tougher, but maybe the Rebel spy team infiltrates the Death Star (its an older code sir, but it checks out...) and they are there to spy and attempt to capture Tarkin. I'm stretching a bit, but the main point is I like unique abilities that don't always center around combat. They add some nice flavor to the game, even if thematically it isn't a 100% perfect fit