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  1. There is a sale going on at miniaturemarket.com. A few bucks off some expansions and certain figure packs, Banthas going for $7, smugglers going for $4.50, Jedi knight Luke going for $9. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/searchresults?q=imperial+assault No idea if these can be shipped to Canada though.
  2. Depending on how you feel about playing with tokens vs figures - you may want to get Bossk and Lando and agent Blaise. You could use an elite transdoshan to sub for Bossk, and could use an officer to sub for Blaise, but at a minimum give your players Lando as there is no substitute! He appears a few times I think in the missions, and while he isn’t a super strong ally for the rebels, he’s cheap and his abilities are kind of fun. Plus his figure looks cool and unique with his flowing cape.
  3. So much of this is about your group and what experience you want to emphasize for your players. Some groups are super competitive and cutthroat, and want a huge strategic challenge, and Open Groups and hero / class deck selections will reflect this. For me the campaign is about having fun, being a little competitive , but not at the expense of fun and theme. I always choose thematic units, try to find ways to get villains to the table - even though they are usually not the optimal choice for winning. But when you drop Vader or Bossk or Emperor on the table, and all the players go “Ooooooooh!!!!” - that’s what campaign is all about. My favorite missions are ones that are a challenge and come right down to the last activation or two. Those are the best!
  4. I really want Krennic and Cassian from Rogue One. We already have Deathtroopers, so having them pair with Krennic would be sweet. Also I would love some beach tiles for the variety. I guess what I am saying is I’m needy.
  5. I hate playing with tokens, but I skipped Weiss. I always just used the regular AT ST any time he was used. I can’t remember both of them being used in a mission. Weiss’s mini does look cool, but on a budget I think your money is better spent elsewhere.
  6. I see a release to the app went out for iOS on April 29th. According to the release notes it included German and Spanish translations.
  7. I am about to start another Hoth campaign, and have begun to paint my collection. I think we are going to have two campaigns running at my work as we had so many people interested after our first run through of the Core campaign. I still run one with my family as well, so I’ll be very busy. Only thing I need to pick up is Heart of the Empire. And maybe a blister pack or two I do feel bad for the Skirmish folks. FFG asked so much of them and ultimately gave them so little in return.
  8. People have often talked about Armada and how they went long stretches without any announcements etc. If we study the history of Armada, did they at one time announce no products in testing, nothing being developed etc? I ask because after a long time of inactivity, and constant “competition” from a different but similar line (X-wing), eventually they did get more product. Also I think they are getting clone wars. Could there be a parallel for IA?
  9. I am a casual player, but I love IA. My schedule tends to be busy so I don’t get a chance to play too often. I’m in Montgomery county. Games and stuff used to run some IA events? I went for a tournament once there last year.
  10. That’s great! I think I got Bespin for my birthday and Jabbas Realm for Fathers Day. The kids love giving me IA gifts because they like playing , but also they know how much I love it.
  11. I was exactly like you when I started. Bought the game to play mainly with my kids. I looked at people who had everything as “crazy”. But we have enjoyed it so much and played so many hours of this game, a pack here an expansion there, two years after we started we are dropping $ on paints, wooden organizers and the like . I don’t have any regret on the money spent because we have played hundreds of hours of the game - so it’s been well spent. To get started I would just focus on any characters that you and your son like - even if they aren’t considered “strong”. You are just going to be playing for fun, so building the list with different options and characters who you like and are fun to play is the main goal. Unless you plan on playing in local store tournaments and the like, then you need to be mindful of what units are strong etc. I haven’t played in official tournaments. I think when we started my son wanted Bossk, I wanted Obi Wan and my daughter for some reason wanted the Bantha Rider. We bought some other iconic characters as well, Leia, Han and Chewy. Greedo is a fun character to play as well. But you can start out slow and see where it takes you. We just started playing campaign, which was a blast. But after learning the game, we also would do family skirmish events where we would play each other round robin style. Now there is also the app, which would let you play alongside your son against the computer (campaign style). If you and your son are big Star Wars fans I feel confident you will enjoy the game.
  12. For the campaign narrative, couldn’t they have the mission or two with yoda take the form of a force ghost? In The Last Jedi he was plenty “active”, even in the force ghost form. The game needs Yoda! (And a Boba fix)
  13. Not really a competitive skirmish player, and I really never dug the ewoks. But I AM PUMPED!!!!! Bring on more content!!!
  14. If you don’t care about timeline, I think most of the missions are on Tatooine. Taking Jabba as your merc villain to torment your rebels would be thematic and fun. He’s not expensive, and could help get extra attacks if you take other merc figures.
  15. After looking longingly at everyone’s beautifully painted minis, I finally decided to take the plunge today. Understand I’ve never painted anything in my life. I am absolutely horrible with my hands, I’m not a DIY-er in any kind of way. I couldn’t be any less artistic if I tried. So this was going to be a massive leap for me. I have been playing IA for a couple years now, mainly campaigns with my wife and two kids. My daughter who is now 11 is very into crafts, so she was going to help out. So we watch episode 1 of Sorastro and figure out what we need. Off to the FLGS to buy our citadel paints. Hmmm primer is $18? Brushes were expensive too, so we went to AC Moore to get those things. I have no delusions of grandeur on the final product. After getting our brushes (which turned out to be difficult, 0,1,2 were not easily labeled to me anyway) and primer we were ready. We were lucky to have a 50 degree day so I went outside and sprayed the primer. Definitely over soaked some areas and under hit others (Dad, you need to spray his butt better next time!). I lined the stormtroopers up on cardboard and waited for them to dry just like Sorastro! (Last time that sentence is uttered) We are watching the video over and over, my daughter has it down. She tells me “you need to thin the paint”, “ it’s ok just use a paper towel to fix it”,”did you wipe your brush?” “Oh, that actually looks pretty good!” And of course “Mom, look at my stormtrooper!” We we’re both in a zone painting away all evening. Even my middle school son, who thinks everything sucks and nothing is cool said - “wow that’s sweet , can I paint one?” Grab a brush and watch this video on the iPad..... After hours of painting, I finished 3 my son 1 and my daughter did 5! She said “this is like the best art project ever”. As with many things on life, sometimes it’s best to enjoy the process , the journey- not worry about the final goal. When your kids start to grow up, and become more independent, it’s just cherishing these small moments together. Tonight that was a few hours where we were all sitting at an art table, laughing , learning, speaking in Soothing Sorastro voice, and painting plastic figures.
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