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  1. totalnoob

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    I do have Hired Guns, they are a great irritant . I guess I’m just complaining, because this specific setup which can be acquired fairly early on kind of takes the fun out of nemesis and my play style in general (trying to bring out a unique to muscle the rebels). My other nemesis is BT-1, he is ok - but he is a total glass canon and doesn’t have great range so for him to be useful he needs to be fairly close. Your larger point is probably true, that I’ll need to work more towards swarming him and try and push my nemesis or other villain to the other rebels (Vinto and Shyla).
  2. totalnoob

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    Any thoughts on combatting Onar with Dont Make Me Hurt You and Hand Cannon? Rolling three red dice, then taking one damage to re-ready the card and do it again is..... suboptimal for me as the IP I definitely see the value of many small attacks adding up, but even wounded he just does insane amount of damage. I think it’s really noticeable as I’m playing Nemesis, and he can melt Bossk or any large high HP figure deployed.
  3. I’ve seen some mention about a strong IA community in the Washington DC (and suburbs) area. What stores do people usually play at? I’ve played once at DreamWizards in Rockville MD - but they haven’t hosted anything for FFG IA tournaments in a long time. They do have Destiny and some Legion stuff now Anyway, would be curious to hear of any stores that have some regular monthly IA events. thanks!
  4. Never realized special setup is hidden information. I usually, at an absolute minimum say what my threat is with special setup. Because if I didn’t spend it all on my optional deployment, it’s unusual to already have threat at the start of round one. This way there is no surprise/dispute when threat level is 3 (for example) yet I have more than anticipated during the deploy reinforce step in the end of round.
  5. totalnoob


    In that spirit, I’ll just post to say your paint job is incredible! Also, where did you get those tree stumps? I am assuming you have some other terrain as well? Would love to see it
  6. totalnoob

    Tokens? Figures? Objects? Oh, my...

    I think your reading of the rules is exactly correct. Anything not a figure is an object. That is how I would rule it. But I am a Sith Lord who always plays empire, so I might be a tiny bit biased Lets see what Yoda says (@a1bert)
  7. totalnoob

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    I don’t want a second addition, but agree with others that have talked about a more immersive physical campaign (leaving the app campaign aside as it’s a different thing). Would love to incorporate a few more elements of interactivity that the app has - nothing drastic, not an overhaul. But sprinkling in those interactive “choices” which may trigger something, or change the outcome, etc. I also would like a tiny bit more flavor text and story narrative between missions. Again, I don’t want volumes of text, talking like an extra 3-4 sentences which might help lead into the mission. Ideally it could change a little depending on previous mission outcome. Having something that reflects the previous outcome would help glue the story together a little bit better IMO. The overall mechanics are quite good. I think there are lots of options, and we have seen the missions get a bit more involved from the initial core release. I like the hidden tile/build map in sections that started to happen in Hoth and JR for instance.
  8. totalnoob

    Using Jabba in the Core Campaign

    Thanks all, I think the nemesis idea is a great one. I am playing that now for JR, and it is a fun deck. I can see how having him declared as a nemesis villain and appearing in several missions would help with the flavor. Was trying to avoid situations like what happened with the App Campaign, where in the middle of an interior imperial base tile (at a large terminal) Jabba was deployed. A little out of place there
  9. I just got the Jabba villain pack, mainly as we are playing Jabbas Realm, and would prefer to not have to use the token. However I am going to be starting a campaign with another group. This will be the core campaign. I think Jabba is a cool unique figure in terms of what he brings to the game, as well as an iconic and recognizable figure from the movies. However, to play thematically in IA - I am struggling to see using him in the core campaign. Just seems like to drop him in an open group won’t fit the overall theme of the missions. Has anyone used Jabba as a villain in the core campaign before? Thoughts on how to use him with it not feeling out of place? Feeling like other than Jabbas Realm and skirmish he might not get much use. But would love to hear ideas and experiences. Thanks!
  10. We are playing extortion but I think I may have misinterpreted the rules on the second stage of events in this mission. I’ll put in spoiler
  11. totalnoob

    make Fly Solo fun for both sides

    Ah, yes poor choice of words on my part. I meant as another option, not to stack on top of the skirmish attachment. I personally like Super Cunning as it directly applies to survivability. But having all the cool attacks from the Skirmish buff is pretty sweet too. Combining the two is probably too much,but maybe the IP really is looking for a challenge
  12. totalnoob

    make Fly Solo fun for both sides

    You could also give Han “Super Cunning” on defense which would be 2 blocks for each evade rolled. Supposedly, Han originally had this ability before he was nerfed before the release. But Fly Solo and Sorry About the Mess were not modified. Super Cunning would greatly increase his survivability.
  13. Just want to shout out Hired Guns. I bought them recently and just started using them. It’s an interesting dilemma for the rebels. They hate attacking them knowing they are going to get attacked back when they kill them. Any IP should buy them, they are super annoying to the rebel players, thus fun for us!!
  14. How long is the delay between map announcement and official FFG skirmish map product release? I can’t find it on their website, but maybe they only sell it onsite when it’s announced before worlds?
  15. totalnoob

    Tyrants of Lothal

    I see both sides of the argument. Originally when I was investigating purchasing the game, not being able to play as Han or Luke seemed like a big deterrent, and kind of off putting to be honest. However once I bought the game, and started actually playing - you begin to understand and appreciate why they have these fictional characters instead. Progressing through the campaign and “building” your character is part of the fun. Plus, many of these characters and abilities have a great Star Wars feel to them. I also think the way they weave the known characters into the game as allies is brilliant. My guess is that even if they wanted to have you play as the actual movie characters, the LucasArts intellectual property folks would have made it incredibly restrictive or possibly disallowed it completely. I remember a podcast with the IA designer, and he mentioned all of the things that they had to run by the LucasArts people. All story text, quotes, etc had to be approved to make sure everything “fit” within Star Wars universe so to speak. One funny thing that I happened to remember was the LucasArts folks told them you can’t have text saying there was an earthquake - because there is no earth.