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  1. Will try to spoiler the question about a rule in the mission.
  2. totalnoob

    How does Return to Hoth hold up now?

    Just want to chime in that the Hoth interlude mission (Return to Echo Base) was one of our most exciting, tense mission we have played. It came down to the last activation, last roll to fire the canon - it was great. I love the Hoth tiles, and some of the new mechanics of things being hidden offered a neat change. It’s probably not as good as Jabba, but as a poster said earlier - if you are really playing all that much campaign, then I think you would still enjoy it.
  3. totalnoob

    Ultimate Brawler List

    Can I add Bossk to your possibilities? He also can figure in to Parting Blow tomfoolery, and can discard stun after the round.
  4. And there is no Boba fix in the box? Was holding out hope on the .00001% chance that they were leaving a big surprise still to be revealed on release day.
  5. totalnoob

    Beginner Question

    Buy this game, you won’t be disappointed. I was in the exact same boat as you 1.5 years ago. I never played anything above monopoly I bought it with my 12 year old son. Now I have played through the core campaign multiple times, Hoth once, the core app campaign, and are in the middle of Jabbas Realm. We have played hours and hours of this game - also some casual skirmish tournaments with my kids too (age 13 and 10 now). The rules are tricky, and you will make mistakes - but that’s totally ok! You will get better as you play. It will really rekindle your love for Star Wars. The figures and abilities are really thematic - it’s a blast to play. Should you buy this game? To quote the Emporer, “Do it!!”
  6. totalnoob

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    I agree complete customization would be the best, but implementing that on a mobile device might be a bit tricky. I wonder if the simplest solution might be to just have a "Deploy different figure" button or whatever which will go through the random deployment process again. Its not super elegant, but might be a simple way to achieve restricting which figures you need to bring to the table.
  7. totalnoob

    Luxury Cruise and Nemesis Class Deck

    I’m glad I stumbled on this. I realized that with Leave Them to Me you essentially get both villains added to your hand after open groups are chosen. That is really nice benefit, I didn’t read Leave Them to Me carefully enough so I was always adding either my merc or imperial villain and leaving the other guy home
  8. totalnoob

    How do we fix A New Threat and Fly Solo?

    Necro-ing (Miracle Worker-ing ?) this thread as I am about to play A New Threat with a new group. I am thinking of letting the Rebels reveal one terminal of their choice after setup. Still leaves some chance to what rebels are going to focus on the remaining terminals, but doesn’t leave them completely SOL if they guess wrong. I do think that the round limit is really difficult if the heroes don’t have balanced attribute tests and they end up at the “wrong” terminal for ther tests.
  9. totalnoob

    Why are Loth Cats in the Merc Affiliation?!

    That’s really interesting! Love the idea
  10. totalnoob

    not available?

    Honestly they are too far gone to go back and make any sweeping changes to IA without just relaunching it as a new product. It seems like if anything they are very comfortable with the mixed modes contained in a single box since now there is a THIRD game included if you take the app campaign as another “mode”. I do agree releasing a skirmish box as an additional “update” would be a nice bone to throw to new skirmish folks. It’s silly to have to buy a large expansion (or multiple!) to use one one card , one figure,etc.
  11. totalnoob

    not available?

    The crazy thing is a few people every couple weeks care enough to seek out this forum and post their question about it. How many others just assume it’s out of print / discontinued and move on? I bet the ratio would be at least 5 to 1. Seems silly to not include a simple note on the product page about where you can purchase it.
  12. totalnoob

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    I do have Hired Guns, they are a great irritant . I guess I’m just complaining, because this specific setup which can be acquired fairly early on kind of takes the fun out of nemesis and my play style in general (trying to bring out a unique to muscle the rebels). My other nemesis is BT-1, he is ok - but he is a total glass canon and doesn’t have great range so for him to be useful he needs to be fairly close. Your larger point is probably true, that I’ll need to work more towards swarming him and try and push my nemesis or other villain to the other rebels (Vinto and Shyla).
  13. totalnoob

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    Any thoughts on combatting Onar with Dont Make Me Hurt You and Hand Cannon? Rolling three red dice, then taking one damage to re-ready the card and do it again is..... suboptimal for me as the IP I definitely see the value of many small attacks adding up, but even wounded he just does insane amount of damage. I think it’s really noticeable as I’m playing Nemesis, and he can melt Bossk or any large high HP figure deployed.
  14. I’ve seen some mention about a strong IA community in the Washington DC (and suburbs) area. What stores do people usually play at? I’ve played once at DreamWizards in Rockville MD - but they haven’t hosted anything for FFG IA tournaments in a long time. They do have Destiny and some Legion stuff now Anyway, would be curious to hear of any stores that have some regular monthly IA events. thanks!