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  1. Chupacabra52

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    I am looking forward to disguising in a character with a non-unique army character. "I disguised myself as an entire army, and they didn't know it was only one person. HA!"
  2. Chupacabra52

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    Looks like it, as it states they enter play unbowed.
  3. Chupacabra52

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    The article says you can play a disguised character anytime you can play a character from hand.
  4. Chupacabra52

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Miya Library will only grab characters and not holdings.
  5. Chupacabra52

    Has anyone even seen a maverick, yet?

    I have mind barb in mars with two normal mind barbs in the deck, and a poison wave in brobnar.
  6. It is even better when their province has an action rather than an action, and you attacked with a child of the plains to eject out of that province. It would be nice to get out of Shameful when you can.
  7. Chupacabra52

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I like the idea of it firing from a shameful display myself.
  8. Utaku Tetsuko seems to be the strongest card in the pack. And that Scorpion got a conflict courtier in-clan that doesn't cost five fate is nice. Shinibi decks might be a thing, but I am not sure yet. It may still be missing their Togashi Mitsu. Personally, I do not know how many of the cards from the pack I would end up using competitively, though I do see myself playing shinobi for fun at local games. I see Doji Fumiki being played as Crane has a few bow effects going on. I am not sure about the new stronghold yet, though ready effects are pretty strong, being able to take an honor from an opponent is really strong.
  9. Chupacabra52

    Children of the Empire

    The cards previewed are interesting so far. I am not sold on dueling yet, but maybe this boxed set can change my mind. I like that there is a neutral card that lets you refuse a duel, though if dueling becomes too good it may force decks to take a couple of copies just to stop some duels from going off. I do not feel composure will work out well, since having effects rely on having a higher bid has not worked out so well for me with Scorpion so far. Time will tell, I guess. I am looking forwards to this set, though. More cards to use is welcomed. I hope there are at least two copies of any neutral provinces in this box, as I do not like having to share cards between two decks, even if they are provinces and not shuffled in a deck.
  10. Now these are great!
  11. Chupacabra52

    Updated RRG

    Look under setup, the language for fate for the player not chosen as first player is no longer present.
  12. Chupacabra52

    Coloured Rings To Print

    Those look pretty cool.
  13. As far as I know, all of the promos have been extended art, which this is not, and the symbols on the promos I have seen have been different from what is in Toshi Ranbo. I am going to hope there is another release after the Scorpion clan pack this year, I do not want another drought like between the last two cycles.
  14. From Toshi Ranbo, we learn of a new set coming out this year, as it has a new set symbol and a 2018 copyright. Maybe another cycle at the end of the year?
  15. So, an offer you can't refuse, (to give an honor.)