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  1. This game doesn't need minis that compete with GW hard plastic or Kingdom Death or Infinity or whatever you want to paste in here as an example. We have plenty of those games to paint. I appreciate this as a halfway point between something like X-wing and Warhammer, or even Imperial Assault and Warhammer. You can achieve striking results on your rank and file with tabletop standard very, very quickly. And you can take a little extra time for the monsters and heroes. I like it.
  2. I did the hot water method and I'm finding some of them return to their bendy nature after a few days. Meh, not a huge deal with these guys.
  3. I actually LIKE how they stand up out from the base. Like you said it won't be super noticeable while gaming and it will keep the "snug fit" issue to a minimum, and doesnt require me to chop apart my trays.
  4. These look great! Just curious why you picked so many diff cloth colors for your Waiqar? Was it thematic or for fun?
  5. Yay, excited to see the variety of schemes suggested here . After looking, not many diff color schemes, but that black golem drybrushed teal and turquoise looks ace.
  6. This is interesting. Can you explain why L5R is so important to you? I never knew people connected this deeply with it in the past, but I guess the setting expanded across a CCG, and PnP RPG and some other things?
  7. Hello, I have literally no experience with L5R or the Rokugan setting but I have been reading comments on the AMA and Youtube that would make you think FFG personally killed the children of some L5R fans. As an FFG fan I'm interested in exploring each new game they make, but having no history or prior knowledge of L5R beyond the fact that it was a fantastic eastern setting, I can't tell if the established playerbase from the old games are eagerly anticipating this game or not. What is your point of view of the general reception since the reveal article?
  8. In this case, do the magnets go under the tray and under the mini's base?
  9. I will clean up my models obviously but don't want to obsess over mold lines on these rank and file footmen. Maybe on the siege units and horses and heroes I will pay extra attention to that.
  10. I love the quickshade method detailed in the army painter paint guides for quick, effective paint schemes. When using quickshade, the more vibrant your base colors the better.
  11. I love these. Why? Because they are simple and finished. I won't force someone to paint to play but it's much nicer playing against an army lovingly and effectively (if quickly) painted.
  12. Honestly, it seems to me the only things increasing the scale adds is a visual effect. If you apply the same scale increase to everything, it's functionally the same game. Doubling unit size results in double damage which is ok because the opponent's army size has doubled and so on. Nothing changes except the visuals. That said, you can do whatever you want with your game. I'm sure there will be an epic format coming. But for tournament play I don't think I want the game to cost twice as much to produce/buy just so I can play the same game with 2x minis on the field otherwise.
  13. these look amazing. you really made the daqan look better than i couldve imagined
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