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  1. Had great trading experiences with wakefieldbw and markspinner
  2. I'm just using the ultra-pro pro-fit right now on my destiny cards ... I use dragon shields on my magic cards tho ... they are really good
  3. My 1st 2 boxes had 6 each but from my third box I pulled 7 Captain Phasma Black One One with the Force Luke Lightsaber Ren Lightsaber Launch Bay Thermal Detonator
  4. I have gotten 19 Legendary cards in 3 booster boxes
  5. I've opened 3 booster boxes...first 2 were great...12 different legendary 3rd box was all duplicates..maybe one or 2 rares and an uncommon that I didn't already have... tho I did get a thermal Detonator die with a black market card...but Asmodee sent me a replacement card and i needed that one still so that worked out ... 3rd box had virtually no value other than traders Was still missing 3 uncommons, 5 rares and 4 legendary (Luke, Jabba, Force Choke and AT-ST) for a complete set after 108 boosters
  6. I'm located in Hamilton, ON, Canada All i need is: DH-17 Blaster Pistol For Trade RARE Outpost x2 Comlink x2 Data Pad Blackmarket x2 UNCOMMON The Best Defense x2 Nowhere to Run x3 Ace in the Hole Confiscation Fight Dirty Underworld Connections Commando Raid It's a Trap Return of the Jedi Daring Escape x2 Hyperspace Jump x2 Let the Wookie Win Shoot First Second Chance Flank x2 Echo Base Emperor's Throne Room Successful trades: wakefieldbw markspinner
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