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  1. Where did it clarify that? I may have missed it. All I found is this on page 17: “If a card action provides a unit with either a move or an attack, performing that move or attack is different than performing a move action or attack action, even though the result is the same.” That really makes it seems to me that in order to use saber throw you have to use an action to activate the card (which Relentless doesn’t give). Again, sorry if I missed something.
  2. I’m still having trouble with this one. The rules seemed pretty clear that the arrow icon indicated a ‘card action’. That card action THEN gives Vader an attack action. That seems to me to mean that Vader can’t use Saber Throw with Relentless. I’ve been too busy to keep up with the forums lately though, so if this was definitively answered I apologize.
  3. I know it’s a bit off topic, but does anyone have any of the old Star Wars Miniature Battles sourcebooks? I know buried in storage somewhere I have the core and the Imperial Entanglements books... any ideas if it would be possible to adapt some of that to Legion? For casual play, of course. It’s just that it’s been years since I’ve read it and I wondered if anyone had looked into adapting it into a campaign.
  4. I had envisioned it being like Overwatch in the new XCOM games where it would activate because of someone moving THROUGH Range 1-2. However, seeing @Gunbunnie‘s comment made me think that its a lot easier to track if it actually means ending an action in range 1-2. Can’t wait to see it clarified.
  5. This is where that harpoon gun will be crucial. I’m debating taking it right now, but I feel like with it you’re guaranteed not to get followed by any enemy T-47s on the outskirts of the board. Even if you’re the one following, do a 1 pip command, a full 180 pivot with Wedge, and force the enemy in front of the board. At least that’s how it plays out in my head.
  6. @FFG Brian That looks really nice! Love the idea of having to clamber up there for an objective. Is that a Sarlaac pit I see to the left?
  7. This is an amazing resource, thanks for putting it together!! Seeing the size of the Falcon has got me wondering about a board with objectives on the interior of a ship. If you could get it to scale you could just have a hinged top. Not sure if that would actually work though, but I like the cinematic feel of a group of rebel troopers getting caught in the narrow falcon hallways by Vader.
  8. I had understood he could NOT since relentless says “attack action” and saber throw is just a card action that ALLOWS a ranged attack action. That’s just how im reading it though.
  9. Those of us in New Mexico are out of luck too . Glad that the rule book seems like it will be out by then though...
  10. That’s really helpful; thanks! The terrain looks awesome. You don’t have any problems with anything coming off if you roll it up?
  11. This might be a dumb question, but I tried searching the forums and missed any explanations: what material is your mat? Im working on some Scarif terrain, but had planned for the board to be 2 3x3 wood boards. If there’s a good material that can be rolled up for transport that is much more preferable. Thanks!
  12. Really interested to see how this shakes out when the rules are released. On my first read through of the preview articles I had understood that both Charge and Relentless let you attack twice after a move (before factoring any effects like Son of Skywalker). Went back and re-read the Vader article and all it said was: “Vader’s advance is utterly relentless, however, and the Relentless ability lets Darth Vader perform a free attack after moving. In other words, you can move twice and then still attack once you’ve engaged your target at the end of your movement.” i haven’t fully read the leaked Spanish rules though so looking forward to the clarification.
  13. I’m sad to agree that these two groups seem to drown out the rest. I’ve been lurking the Legion boards for a while now and I’m both excited for the game and the fact that the community ISN’T like those two groups.
  14. Personally I’m excited just for the ‘feel’ of running an airspeeder around or shredding cover with an ATST. With these rules I think it’s just going to be extremely important to use troopers to support the heavies rather than putting them out there alone and exposed.
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