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  1. So how many Strikers?

    It was the lothal rebel version with Sensorjammer. Fenn can prevent two focus tokens, one by HSCP, one by his ability. Based on this I now believe that taking out Fenn first might also be better for a swarm. Initially I thought the swarm should burn down the Ghost as fast as possible, but I‘m not so sure anymore. Next time I‘d try to jump from beyond range 3 to 1 and burst the ghost. One striker will die anyway, so taking 4 or 5 dice does not matter. Maybe you can bring 3 striker to go against Fenn and Zeb. It will be hard, but that would be my try if I were to play the matchup.
  2. So how many Strikers?

    My SO will go with 5 Scarif Defenders to out regional next week (that is to a large part the fault of you guys, @Parakitor and @Magnus Grendel...! ) We'll play two practice games today, one against GhostFenn of course, the other probably against ReyMiranda edit: wow that ghost fenn game was very one sided... I destroyed 3 Strikers in 3 turns and lost just 4 shield Oo
  3. PSA: How Targeting Scrambler Actually Works

    It would be ok if if prevented an entire shot from that one ship. But just preventing mods? That‘s ridiculously bad! The lambda has 1 green and will take damage against basically every attack. That means this card is on average worse than a free evade
  4. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    Such a long list, but two that really stand out and regularly lose me games: I think „yolo, what could go wrong? And even if, how bad can it be?!“ That is, I have those lapses in seriousness when I really stop caring about winning. It bugs me later, especially when the correct call (eg running away) crossed my mind and I dismissed it because it‘s lame. But it isn‘t, not when I want to try to win. The second is playing for my opponent. Reminding triggers, tokens, actions, good options, good maneuvers. It‘s not fair for myself and not fair for my opponent.
  5. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    That one
  6. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Melting to be absorbed maybe? Anyway, someone had to start an OCX thread... just throwing that out there... no reason for it
  7. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Hey @catachanninja, you promised an ‚Ace‘ definition! I think I missed that. Krayts still on top, but the distance to the A tier is melting!!!
  8. Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    Poor Hawk! But I forgot the Z myself and counted the Scurrg. So 16, 19 and 11 unique.
  9. Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    By the way, that means that Rebels only have 17 ships and Imperials 19. Either you subtract non-uniques from both or not at all. Otherwise it‘s just cherry picking and doesn‘t help your point much.
  10. Not like this.

    I know. But it‘s not mean spirited and still somewhat enjoyable. But more importantly, these back-and-forths (can barely call it a discussion) are mainly for bystanders. And I think it‘s really sad when anyone comes accross this thread and just sees a loud voice decrying the awesome fix just because he has a personal vendetta against it for an unknown reason. You‘re right though that I missed the point where I should have stopped...
  11. Not like this.

    ThirTEEN is teenager. Twelve is not. Just fyi
  12. Not like this.

    George Lucas disagrees. But what does he know?
  13. Not like this.

    I don‘t understand why this is the hill you chose to make a stand on. Vader flying in a squad with Kylo is also not thematic. Most lists are not thematic. Countless upgrades aren‘t. But finally, when we get the Xwing fix after what, over 6 years, it‘s not thematic enough?!
  14. Fear the Reaper?

    Yep, that should make the ship good enough. I'm curious to see the other pilot abilities. Maybe the second highest PS will deal two Jam tokens? Yes, I think it's decent, but not broken. That's perfect and adds a nice building block to the imperial roster. QD and Vader are the individual topshots, RAC is close by, and Gunboats still ride the hype wave. I really like this ship and what it adds. It is finally a good support ship besides the space cow. RAC was too expensive at 60+ points, and the space cow is nearly unflyable. But this shout be a nice addition. And it even has a useful action! It will help to take down the TLTs, Regen, Reinforce and high HPs. So yes, definitely something I want!
  15. Fear the Reaper?

    I lack imagination because I don‘t think a primary arc only 3/1/6/2 with only crew and ept slots can ever be broken. Ever. Two Harpoons and it‘s as good as dead (-> joke is on me when a start of combat phase timed Jam action requires me to remove tokens) Dash will remove it in 3 turns alone while dancing around it. The Ghost can almost destroy it in a single turn! And so on. And the slots mean that it will be great as support ship (ironic, wasn‘t that the Rebel shtick?), but it will never be problematic by itself. It has no selflessness, no Biggs, no reinforce, no TLT, no bombs. It looks like a really well made ship.