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  1. I didn't come up with that, I just don't remember where I saw it first. It might have been a vassal league? Maybe someone else who did something similar can help us with fun ideas?
  2. Don't get me wrong, it was cool. But it does not fit the rest of the movie at all. It's such a weird way to add fanservice when the alternative was way more interesting: Vader taking on eg Chirrut and Baze. Characters we care about. That's horrifying! Here's a good article talking about it: https://screenrant.com/star-wars-rogue-one-darth-vader-ending-undermines-characters/ I love rogue one for the space battle, especially supercuts on youtube are so awesome! Ninja-ing the relevant part from Farmer from when he did his rewatches. He said it better than I ever could:
  3. It was nearly perfect, I'm thankful that you wrote it. Nearly because the Vader scene is such a weird thing: rooting for the bad guy on a plot point where we already know he won't succeed is at best odd storytelling
  4. I played the matchup twice, once against a good and once against a bad player, but before Zizi+Ronith existed. Imo the match reaaaaally depends on the RAC/Whisper player. If he plays well then you have next to no chance. Whisper is nearly unhittable with 4 tokens (2x evade, focus, force) and RAC has 17HP. That should give your opponent enough time to remove at least 2, maybe even 3 Awings. Every shot should be on an Awing that lost a HP to Vader or has no token anymore. And we know how fast Awings die without focus.
  5. Rekt @Brunas Thanks Muon, you're awesome!
  6. Borrow the idea from @DoubleDown11 and combine a firespray, dengar and a cheap scyk
  7. Wait WHAT? also, Greer is the best Rz2 because she can actually do what everyone thinks all Rz2s can do: focus+boost+rotate
  8. How so? One of the top meta lists has 4 scyks with 2 types of control cannons, and it feels like autoblasters are used more than almost any other cannon before, from both editions.
  9. I think it's worth to distinguish what's more popular from what's more diverse. Additional ships lead to different choices of additional ships. Rebel beef was incredibly variable but also felt like just the same. So, technical variety vs perceived variety. And the second ultimately matters.
  10. I agree, but somehow the playerbase accepts this just grudgingly if that makes sense?
  11. (E: in response to Bucknife, BoomOwl and BitterFig:) The goal is to provide players with actual, different options instead of the perfect build, right? I think a cheap chassis has the advantage of more naked ships and should in principle allow a wider range of upgrades. But in practice, more expensive ships with cheaper upgrades seem to lead to more variable choices? Is that really true? I have no idea
  12. I agree. Just three things: Playing them a lot does not mean I'm (we're) too biased to see the need for adjustment of some pilots. You can go back 2 pages to see me saying how Zizi and optics should both increase. What annoys me is the constant conflation of "Rz2" and specific pilots. That led to an increase of the generics a year ago, for example. So I push back a bit when that happens. Second, we somehow keep coming back to this because @svelok (and others, also you I think?) keep mentioning how they have to be nerfed. I don't get how this is such a constant issue when there are so many much more imbalanced ships to change. And as you know I'm not particularly fond of design discussions anyway. Third, I did start this one as troll-y snippet during the points hype. I thought the "fite me" gave it away, but also that we would get points some minutes later. So... sorry that didnt happen and we got stuck?
  13. The notion of sacred cows and inertia is in this context ridiculous. your approach to the whole thing - a conceited tantrum instead of reporting a bug - was disappointing. your constant strawmen - and if unintentional then the lack of interest in mutual understanding - were disheartening. your gall to say "you're welcome" are gasoline and spark on a wooden bridge.
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