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  1. Darth Nihilius - Void in the Force 18/23 12 Health 1 Ranged 1 Melee +2 Melee Special Special Blank Passive Ability - Void in the Force At the start of the game, deal all blue characters except Darth Nihilius 1 Damage, and Darth Nihilius gains 1 Shield for each character dealt damage by this effect. Special Ability - Sith Hunger Deal 2 unpreventable damage to any character, then remove 1 damage from Darth Nihilius
  2. Exar Kun - Dark Lord of the Sith 16/20 12 Health 2 Melee +2 Melee +3 Melee for 1 resource Special Special 1 Resource Special 2 Resource Passive Ability When building your deck, Massassi Sith Mutants cost to field are reduced by 2 points. They gain Guardian. And start the game with 2 Damage counters. Special Ability - Twin Blades Resolve any die you own showing melee damage, ignoring it's restrictions. Special Ability 1 Resource - Dark Healing Deal any amount Damage to a Massassi Sith Mutant you control to remove the same amount of damage from this character. Special Ability 2 Resource - Essence Transfer Remove a Massassi Sith Mutant you Control from play. It keeps all damage counters on it. For the remainder of the game, when this character would be defeated, count the number of counters on it. Then remove from Exar Kun, that much damage. This effect can only be resolved once per game. Massassi Sith Mutant 7 Points 7 Health 1 Melee 1 Melee +2 Melee for 1 Resource Blank Blank Blank
  3. Yeah definitely need a more aggressive strategy. I wanted the yellow because the card pool seemed a bit better at a glance. Just got two Jango today though so I'll be looking at using him.
  4. Well just back from my first tournament. 1-4 only win was a bye. Had two close games 1 blowout game. One game that was just stupid. Cause I couldn't anything. Millennium falcon combo. My main issue was not being able to deal enough damage. Or not being able to control enough dice. Because there were too many to control. It was a good experience overall. Friendly helpful group. Got some good trades in. I think I am going to have to wait til I get a second jabba dice to use him again. He just doesn't do enough interference with one dice. So back to the drawing board
  5. Darth Bane - Sithari 29/30 14 Health 3 Melee 3 Melee +4 Melee for two resources 2 Resource 2 Disrupt Special Passive Ability Orbalisk Armor When this character is exhausted gain 2 shields. This characters shields cannot be ignored by effects that ignore shields. Special You may spend 3 resources to permanently grant this character an additional upgrade slot for the remainder of the game to a Maximum of 5
  6. Okay so based on feedback here's my newest iteration of the deck. Kylo Ren 10 Nightsister 8 Jabba the Hutt 11 Mos Eisley Spaceport Equipment 2x Holocron 2x Datapad 2x Lightsaber Hunker Down 2x Immobilize 2x Force Training Mind Probe Force Throw 2x Crime Lord Flamethrower Events 2x Abandon All Hope Confiscation 2 Scramble 2 Disarm Electroshock 2 He Doesn't Like You 2 Isolation 2 Unpredictable Support Power Of The Dark Side My Kind Of Scum Underworld Connections Need to cut two cards
  7. I have 2 scramble 2 disarm 1 electroshock. I have not played any games yet. So I probably have better cards than I realize. I just have no perspective on the usefulness of cards. As I'm not sure what's good in this game. I was trying to run a bit heavy on yellow equipment for ace in the hole so it's live more often. And basically a bunch of equipment so that jabba could also deal some damage to help out. And a bunch of ways to generate resources so I could actually resolve crime lord. I maximized blue abilities since I have Holocrons and want to get the most benefit I can out of them. I ran lightsabers and holdout blasters so I can get extra damage off. The jetpacks I just saw being used on other lists so I figured it was good. My problem has been evaluation of supports and events. That being said I am very familiar with CCG and TCG styled games. I play or have played Yugioh. Pokemon. DBZ. Force of will. MTG. Dice masters. Vs. So I know the concepts of deck types. Aggro midrange control. FTK OTK. Etc. I guess I am looking towards building a midrange control type of strategy. My goal was to keep generating lots of resources and making my guys bigger every turn. By bigger I mean adding dice to the pool. I can usually get 2-3 equipment in play first turn. Holocron. Blaster or Gaffi Stick. And a force ability. Hopefully I make sense in my thought process.
  8. I just used the best cards I had in my opinion. This is the only deck I could make as far as being close to 30 pts. Outside of swapping Nightsister for stormiest As far as a goal it's to win. Idk what I'm doing
  9. Pretty amazing this far. I've opened about 50 packs. No Vader Yet but pretty good so far. 2x Grievous AT-ST Commanding presence 3 Holocron 2 holdout blaster 2 jetpack Poe 2x black one 2x Crime Lord Jabba Luke's lightsaber One with the force Han
  10. What are some of the best options as far as forums outside of this one?
  11. Kylo Ren 10pts Nightsister 8pts Jabba the Hutt 11pts Starship Graveyard Upgrade-Equipment 2x Sith Holocron 2x Jetpack 2x Datapad Upgrade-Weapon 2x Lightsaber 2x Holdout Blaster 2x Gaffi Stick Flame Thrower Upgrade-Ability Hunker Down 2x Immobilize 2x Force Training Mind Probe Force Throw 2x Crime Lord Event 2x Ace In The Hole 2x Abandon All Hope Confiscation Support Power Of The Dark Side My Kind Of Scum Underworld Connections
  12. Looking to trade Have: LEGENDARY None RARE Qui-Gon Jinn 3x Infantry Grenades Immobilize Sith Holocron On the Hunt 2x Gaffi Stick BB-8 Rey's Staff Uncommon 2x Flank Let The Wookie Win 2x Local Garrison Anticipate 2x Hidden in Shadow 2x Return of the Jedi Ace In The Hole Second Chance Hyperspace Jump Prized Possession Non SWD Haves Yugioh cards DBZ cards PayPal WANTS Trade for villain and neutral first preferably. But new so will make any fair trade to further my collection Listed in order of set number 2x Captain Phasma 2x First Order Stormtrooper 2x General Veers AT-ST 2x Count Dooku 2x Darth Vader 2x Nightsister 2x Force Choke 2x Kylo Ren Lightsaber Speeder Bike Scout Bala-tik Jabba the Hutt 2x Jango Fett 3x Tusken Raider Flamethrower 2x Admiral Ackbar 2x Leia organa Poe Dameron 2x Rebel Trooper 2x Launch Bay Scout Survival Gear 2x Luke Skywalker Padawan Force Protection Luke Skywalker Lightsaber One With the Force Han Solo 2x Hired Gun 2x Millennium Falcon DL-44 Infiltrate Outpost 2x DH-17 2x IQA-11 2x Promotion Force Throw 2x Force Training Mind Probe 2x Comlink 2x Black Market 2x Thermal Detonator Endless Ranks 2x Force Strike 2x No Mercy 2x Emperor's Favor Fight Dirty Go for the kill My Kind of Scum Underworld Connections Defensive Position It's A Trap 2x Retreat Resistance HQ Shoot First 2x Play the Odds Dug In Leadership Mind Trick It Binds All Things All In Electroshock 2x Reversal Infamous Command Center
  13. I'll happily take any unwanted stuff!
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