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  1. As much as I’d like one of them to be a dreadnought, I’m thinking that might appear in the Clone Wars release. So I’m sticking my head above the parapet to say: - Strike Cruiser Assault Frigate Mk. I 🤩
  2. How about move the Int Officer from the VSD onto the Gladiator, and add Demo as mentioned. Run your VSD with Gunnery Teams, QBT, leading shots and DC’s (104) - you have three long range blues with a possibly chance of accuracy’s. That’s an extra 4 points to play with. I’m assuming you don’t have Corellian Conflict, so ditch the bombers and put in 2 Tie Advance, ditch two Ties and put in Mauler Mithel or Howlrunner. An odd number of fighters but with tokens on the carriers all under command. I hope my math is right lol. Also I second the EA not spinals comment if using Ackbar. Also you have too many Squadrons for Ackbar, he likes ships. Plus, I think your MC30 has slightly too many points in it. For that many points you might as well use another EA armed Assault Frigate in my opinion. Two good options I’ve used is an Int Officer Scout or an Enhanced Armament Torp as below : - MC30c Scout Frigate (69) • Intel Officer (7) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Admonition (8) = 93 Points MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Enhanced Armament (10) • Admonition (8) = 90 Points So the Scout now has 4 red with an Int Officer to cover the enemy brace. The Torp can now fire 3 red at long range, but only if not obstructed, as if it is, then there are no red dice in its dice pool, so no Ackbar. Note both have APT and Admo, because at the end of the day, these want to get in close and unleash black dice! Notice both have Ord Experts, because you need a Crit for APT. If you put Ex Racks on instead you could maybe on the Torp sub in Sensor Teams instead of Ord Experts to Guarantee an Accuracy. My thoughts anyway, hope they help.
  3. How about swap one HH for two naked GR-75’s and put TFO on the remaining Hammerheads? This will then enable you to command your sqns. Remove Hera and Rogue Sqn, put in 2 E wings, and then put Admo on Crackens MC30? You then have 7 ships, so you will rarely be last/firsted(proper England word) and a slight bid at 393 (if my math is correct). Or you could put Lando onto Crackens ship for 397 (what you are on now). If you are after a bigger bid, then drop an E wing and make your second GR-75 into a slicer tools one with Quantum Storm for 386 ( I think). My thoughts anyway.
  4. Urgh! Nothing to see here, move along. When you see something and think it's too good to be true, guess what, it is. Just received this from Walmart: - "Greetings of the day!!! Thank you for placing an order with us. We were about to ship your order when we realized that there is a listing error [image issue] on "Walmart.ca". The ASIN# B01L3ZTXOE associated with this item shows the title as " Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Jabbas Realm - (Toys & Games) " and the image associated this order is different [As attached below in this email]. We list all our items as per the ASIN# and it seems there has been some listing error on "Walmart.ca". Since we don't want to cause any unnecessary problems regarding returns later on we would like to ask your permission to ship this item. In case you don't need this title, please let us know and we will cancel this order." When I looked at the image, it was the Jabba the Hutt villain pack. No thanks Walmart I can get that for half the price you're trying to rip me off for locally. 😠
  5. Hi all, very surprised to find that Walmart.ca was selling Jabba’s Realm for $36.45, and free postage to boot! Will have to wait until next month to get it, but worth the wait at that price. 😁
  6. I have short games with my son that are set at roughly 200-250 points. A typical game would be Neb B, MC30x2 and 4 X wings (one of them Luke) vs Vic 1, 2 Raider (or ISD +1 Raider) and 6 Ties ( With Howlrunner). We don’t use upgrade cards, and this keeps Scatter aces to a minimum. We play this on a 4’x3’ board as well. If Shara and Tycho are added this makes the Squadron game very one sided. Hope this helps.
  7. If I could I would have actually put more Y wings in DD12, but I only have 2. However I can see the advantage of putting in a named A wing, but probably at the expense of both generic A wings not the Y wings. I have added in the Ord Cruiser, and will not really rely on that to push Squadrons, although I still have 10. Here is my new list: - MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) • General Dodonna (20) • Skilled First Officer (1) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • External Racks (3) = 140 Points Pelta Command Ship (60) • Ray Antilles (7) • All fighters, Follow Me! (5) • Boosted Comms (4) = 76 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Bomber Command Center (8) • Boosted Comms (4) = 30 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Hondo Ohnaka (2) • Comms Net (2) = 22 Points Squadrons: • Biggs Darklighter (19) • Jan Ors (19) • 2 x A-wing Squadron (22) • 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20) • 4 x X-wing Squadron (52) = 132 Points Total Points: 400 I put the Skilled First Officer on the Ord Cruiser as I had a spare point lol. Maybe if I ditch the 2 A wings then I could have Tycho or Shara and then fit in SA and possibly squeeze in Gold Squadron over a Y wing?
  8. I'd prefer to see APT's or ACM on Demo rather than Ex Racks. Also Engine Techs, but you'd have to lose something else for that as you haven't the points.
  9. Normally I either don’t use Squadrons or just have a token force. This time I thought I’d give this a thought: - Assault: Precision Strike Defense: Fighter Ambush Navigation: Superior Positions MC75 Armored Cruiser (104) • General Dodonna (20) • Caitken and Shollan (6) • Quad Laser Turrets (5) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • Ordnance Pods (3) = 145 Points Pelta Command Ship (60) • All fighters, Follow Me! (5) • Boosted Comms (4) = 69 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Bomber Command Center (8) • Boosted Comms (4) = 30 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Comms Net (2) • Boosted Comms (4) = 24 Points Squadrons: • Biggs Darklighter (19) • Jan Ors (19) • 4 x X-wing Squadron (52) • 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20) • 2 x A-wing Squadron (22) = 132 Points Total Points: 400 Im not 100% on the MC75 build. I kitted it out to help whittle down a potential MMJ attack, or would I be better turning it into an Ord Cruiser and let my Squadrons be activated by the rest? My Squadron choice is limited by the fact I have core, and only 1 copy of each Sqn pack and R&V.
  10. I managed to pick up at my Lgs last month an Imperial Light Cruiser too! Mind you, it was the last one. Haven’t seen a Chimera in a while either.
  11. Can I revisit this topic? Just stood on my dogs tw@tting chew bone in bare feet. Absolute Murder.
  12. If you select Raider I’s then try using Ozzel as your Admiral until you get the hang of getting them in the right place/distance from your opponents ship to use your blue/black dice. Either have a nav token on board or nav command to use his speed shenanigans to get you in the right spot for an ambush. Once you’re comfortable with this then try out Screed/Vader/Admiral of choice. Or just stick with Ozzel😉
  13. I’ve just started collecting after playing X Wing then Armada. I’m not that interested anymore in X Wing, but my son enjoys it so will keep playing (but probably not buying). Armada I will still collect, and I can see tons of fun going forward with IA. I think I’ve got about two years of purchasing ahead of me until I have what I think would be enough/minimum to keep playing it if I go competitive. If any new packs are released in the far future then great, but otherwise I’m still going to keep buying.
  14. I think I will use R2 until I have the cards from Agent Blaise, and possibly ISB Infiltrators. Not sure when that will be though!
  15. Well, Agent Blaise is definitely one of the packs I’m thinking of getting next, ISB Infiltrators was later down the line.
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