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  1. I don't suppose you have a link for the Striker pins from Disney? I'd love to get one. Edit: nevermind, googled it.
  2. Director Krennic

    Countdown will love him.
  3. TIE Reaper: Everything We Know

    I literally just started flying Palp aces last night and now it's going to get even gooder. May I just say, in a very undignified way, SQUEEEEE!
  4. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    I hear ya. I need some reps to figure out which way to go.
  5. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    After mulling it over for a minute, I think Inqy likes a having his buddy Yorr around and expertise QD doesn't have as much need for Advanced Optics. Ver2.0 Yorr expQD Inq (100/100) ======================= Lambda-class Shuttle: Captain Yorr (24 + 8) + Collision Detector (0) + Emperor Palpatine (8) TIE/SF Fighter: Quickdraw (29 + 8) + Expertise (4) + Fire Control System (2) + Special Ops Training (0) + Lightweight Frame (2) TIE Adv. Prototype: The Inquisitor (25 + 6) + Push the Limit (3) + TIE/v 1 (1) + Autothrusters (2)
  6. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Its been 12 pages and 10 days and I've lost track. Did we cover Palp QD Inq as a counter to ghost/fenn? How bout this? Palp expQD Inq (99/100) ======================== Lambda-class Shuttle: Omicron Group Pilot (21 + 8) + Collision Detector (0) + Emperor Palpatine (8) TIE Adv. Prototype: The Inquisitor (25 + 6) + Push the Limit (3) + TIE/v 1 (1) + Autothrusters (2) TIE/SF Fighter: Quickdraw (29 + 10) + Expertise (4) + Fire Control System (2) + Advanced Optics (2) + Special Ops Training (0) + Lightweight Frame (2)
  7. Ouch! I'm probably stating the obvious, but proxy first to see if it works then ebay then cards. Personally, I've had great success with ebay card purchases, even overseas. As I recall you want to Torkil to counter the ps 11s, which makes my ps 3 Scariff Defenders breathe a sigh of relief.
  8. Do your worst! (Starts weeping quietly in corner)
  9. Writing on hands for tournaments?

    How can you see them with all that hair? Wait, you're not one of those terrifying shaved wookies are you?
  10. Thanks @Magnus Grendel. Small debris it is. I really like your dirty trick of going over a debris with ailerons and then a green move. I got my 4th and 5th Strikers last night and can't wait to get them on the table Monday. I'm not the best at remembering match details but I will try to post some results here.
  11. I'm just waiting for my flgs to receive the 2 strikers I ordered and then I'll have a full 5. I'm really eager to fly them but I am curious about which rocks you use and how you set them up. Do you go big and rely on their maneuverabilty or small to have plenty of movement options? Sorry if this was asked before.
  12. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Maybe something like this? ReyLow (100/100) Rey + Expertise + Kanan Jarrus + Finn + Millennium Falcon (TFA) + Engine Upgrade (62) Lowhhrick + Expertise + Tactician + Jan Ors + Vectored Thrusters (38) If you squint just right, Jan starts to look kinda like the Falcon's evade title which means Fenn's HotCop just sits there and plays with the radio. Not terrible againt the rest of the meta either.
  13. Pure Sabacc

    I love Strikers. My favorite filler ships. Being great flankers, the Strikers with EPTs love Lone Wolf. On offense you get a bit of a Target Lock and on defense it helps protect the points you spent on them. No matter what, I always use the title and LWF to keep them alive longer with maneuerability and green dice.
  14. Damage Deck Storage Solutions

    I bought a full set from Highbridge, trays, templates, and deck holder and it was worth every penny. Highest recommendation. Check them out on etsy.
  15. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    Two words. Ron. Howard. It's not going to be as bad as you think.