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  1. DXCrazytrain

    Will Kylo Ren/ Silencer 2.0 stay the same?

    There seems to be a concerted effort in 2.0 to make crits more meaningful. If that's the case, I'd bet that not only will Kylo keep his ability, but we'll see other pilots get similar abilities. As for Silencers in general, what I loved most about them was their action economy. I desperately hope the can keep some form of that. Although I'm a bit worried since PTL and Autothrusters are gone, FCS got nerfed and we don't know about Advanced Optics or Expertise. On the whole though, I think they will still be fairly efficient and still have a great dial.
  2. DXCrazytrain

    Yet another FO and Resistance Faction speculation thread

    Another question has occurred to me. What will the forums and the community itself look like with more factions? I played Guild Ball for a hot minute and each team had it's own sub-section on their forums. Will we see the same thing happen here, especially if we get the rumored Republic and Separatist factions? Will faction loyalty develop? The devs have made it clear that we won't have to buy ships from other factions. If they do add more factions, it will become less feasible for players to buy every ship for every faction. I imagine most players will quickly settle into 2 or 3 preferred factions and forego the rest. What do you think most people will base their choice on, story line fluff or gameplay mechanics? In my opinion we went from how much longer can X-Wing survive, to how big can it get with the addition of new factions. I really would love to see your speculation run rampant, not only about FO and Resistance factions but future ones as well, and the effect it will have on both the game and us.
  3. DXCrazytrain

    Initiative 5 generics?

    My 2 cents. It'll be an I4 generic with Ept and an I4 Royal Guard generic with a force point like the TAP generic. The idea of force sensitive generics is too cool to use on only the TAP.
  4. From everything I’ve gathered, it seems like First Order will be the faction for me, not least because my favorite list is QD and 2 PS4 Silencers. The only problem is, I have to wait until Wave 2 to bow to the First Order in 2nd edition. I doubt we’ll get any articles or previews till after Wave 1 drops and to be honest, I’m entirely too impatient to wait that long. Until then I’ll have to settle for rumors and rampant speculation from you fine folks. So what are your thoughts on Wave 2? What will be in it, just the conversion kits, maybe a ship or two? Do you think there will be a Force Awakens style core set? How do you think current FO and Resistance ships will change? What ships do you think will be added from episodes 7 and 8 (Resistance A-Wing seems obvious)? What do you think we’ll get from the Resistance cartoon? Any other random thoughts or questions I didn’t get to? This is the place for all of them. Let the rampant speculation run wild.
  5. DXCrazytrain

    Impatient FO main is impatient

    In that case... trump is bad, anti-vaxers are worse, the earth is round, and climate change is real. Also, TLJ is my least favorite of the series but it's still Star Wars so I still like it. There, that should be all the nails this threads coffin needs. I will try to start another thread about the FO and Resistance factions. Please join me there for more Wave 2 speculation.
  6. DXCrazytrain

    Impatient FO main is impatient

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  7. DXCrazytrain

    Impatient FO main is impatient

    As a follow up to my OP, when our interminable wait is finally over, what will we get? Will it just be conversion kits for the 2 new factions and maybe a new ship or 2 or do you think they will put out a Force Awakens style core set along side the conversion kits?
  8. DXCrazytrain

    Tie Strikers Seem Good

    I want 2 Defenders & 2 Strikers in a list. Best of both worlds.
  9. DXCrazytrain

    Impatient FO main is impatient

    I can see that. I would rather they just add a Resistance A-Wing from TLJ and get it into my greedy little hands. I can wait for Resistance cartoon stuff to make sure it actually accurately represents the ships in the show.
  10. DXCrazytrain

    Tie Strikers Seem Good

    Glad I already have 5 of them. 😉
  11. DXCrazytrain

    Shouldn't we have heard about Store Championships by now?

    Do you think they'll be for both Nationals and Store Championships?
  12. DXCrazytrain

    Shouldn't we have heard about Store Championships by now?

    Thanks for the article on Nationals, now where's the Store Championships article?
  13. DXCrazytrain

    Impatient FO main is impatient

    So why do we have to wait for wave 2 for FO and Resistance? Most Wanted started scum with only 4 ships. Was there an answer to this that I missed? The cynical answer I keep coming back to is that they want FO and Resistance players to also buy one of the 3 conversion kits so they have something to play until wave 2. Full confession, I'm just being whiny and grumpy because I have to wait and I'm about as patient as the Emperor is forgiving.
  14. DXCrazytrain

    First Order and Empire ship archetypes

    I think Poe's "really moves" line was in comparison to the T-70 which he knows best. How that compares in game terms I don't know.
  15. Same excitement and purchasing intent, but it's mainly due to wanting to main FO.