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  1. DXCrazytrain

    Join the Wave 2 Chant!

    Hey FFG, when will we get more info on FO and Resistance? Asking for a friend.
  2. DXCrazytrain

    Join the Wave 2 Chant!

  3. DXCrazytrain

    Tie defenders in 2.0

    I hereby dub thee "The Jukes of Hazard".
  4. DXCrazytrain

    Tie Interceptor and A-wing in a bad spot a for while

    Interceptors are just waiting for good mods to show up. They'll be fine. There is a plan for overall balance, we've only seen one wave of it.
  5. DXCrazytrain

    Quckdraw reveald!!

    So what are the odds that we will be able to fit QD, Kylo, and Midnight (OL) into a list, all with decent builds?
  6. DXCrazytrain

    TIE SF Discussion

    Thanks, I forgot he was faction locked.
  7. DXCrazytrain

    Quckdraw reveald!!

    QD was my absolute favorite pilot in 1.0, but I have to admit I’m nervous about SFs only having 2 green dice in 2.0. I hope being I6 is enough to protect her.
  8. DXCrazytrain

    TIE SF Discussion

    Anyway, back to the SF, it looks the dedicated SF gunner was designed to force a choice between taking it for the extra dice or taking a gunner like Fifth Brother to get a force token. I know Fifth Brother isn’t great but with the Republic faction coming I bet we’ll see more force wielding crew and gunners.
  9. DXCrazytrain

    Resistance Chewie and FO Quickdraw

    Only out of the front or rear arcs.
  10. DXCrazytrain

    New article: TIE/FO

    Maybe add "in Polish" to the topic name?
  11. DXCrazytrain

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    This is great! It's my favorite builder so far but I'm using it on my phone's web browser and the save option is greyed out. Am I missing something or is saving not possible yet?
  12. DXCrazytrain

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    This. From here on the expacs are going to be adding new pilots and upgrades to get you to buy them. Have patience people, nothing is in its final form yet. We won't really have second edition until 3-4 waves after CIS and Republic arrive.
  13. DXCrazytrain

    What future Empire units?

    I want Star Wars Rebels characters, especially The Inquisitor.
  14. DXCrazytrain

    First Order preview article

    The article makes it sound like the Upsilon will have three crew slots.
  15. DXCrazytrain

    What should I keep from V1

    Keep the plastic, toss the cards and cardboard. Nuff said. Oh, and maybe keep your obstacles too.