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  1. Qualitypunk

    Greycoats! Jyn and Leia

    Now I want a Star Wars version of Kelly's Heroes
  2. Qualitypunk

    Ed's Rebels

    My Wookies and Luke are done Here's the Wookies. The rest of the pics are here https://qualitypunk2.wordpress.com/2019/02/20/luke-and-the-kashyyyk-quartet-starwars/
  3. Qualitypunk

    Aren't You A Little Short for Stormtroopers

    Sounds cool, please post pics of the Stormtrooper Han and Luke when they're done.
  4. Qualitypunk

    The SSD?

    The SSD is most likely ready to ship but the Rebel release and a potential campaign box are delaying it. Or Rebel scum have bombed the dockyard, erased the plans, and they have to start over from scratch.
  5. Qualitypunk

    Clone wars factions speculations

    The Jedi Wookie youngling has my vote.
  6. Qualitypunk

    Ed's Rebels

    Mechanical Tauntaun is done.
  7. Qualitypunk

    Trying to choose a faction!

    Except for the Rebel cell hiding in the new asteroid field
  8. Qualitypunk

    What happened to SWL30?

    Yeah, a cheap source of market research
  9. Qualitypunk

    manoftomorrow's painting thread (updated w/ Vader)

    My local craft brews have cans, I think. My theory on beer was if it ain't Guinness and is exported to the next county don't drink it. Then my Celiac genes kicked and I can't drink beer anymore. More for the rest of you.
  10. Qualitypunk

    manoftomorrow's painting thread (updated w/ Vader)

    Looks good. Has anyone thought of putting a beer or cider can in his outstretched hand?
  11. Qualitypunk

    So Rebels.

    Plenty of expansion ideas in Rebels; Imperial Mandalorians, Rukh, Inquisitors, Gar Saxon, Zeb, Fenn Rau, Old Rex, Kallus, Thrawn, Ahsoka (with Morai), Melch, Rebel mandalorians, Maul and Thrawn. Kallus would be a good test to have multi faction operatives, as would Ahsoka, Maul, and Fenn Rau.
  12. Qualitypunk

    What happened to SWL30?

    Based on the Armada experience it might be something that is taking awhile to develop like the SSD. There's still a missing Armada code in the Armada line. Maybe SWL30 is the Sy Snoodles band to add flavour to a table or Cassian Andor operative waiting for the TV series to drop.
  13. Qualitypunk

    Ed's Rebels

    Took the brown wash advice and over did it a bit. Will try again with the AT-RT.
  14. Qualitypunk

    Just how it is here.

    No other LGS within 45 minutes actually sounds like a business opportunity for someone. are you on the Ontario Armada Facebook group?