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  1. It had been happening on new armors, old ones still show the 1/7. After a full wipe and reinstall, I can't get the extra inbuilt HP to reproduce. Tinkerer is still being odd though. Easy to reproduce one is the tinkerer wiping attachments even with open HP. With any attachments on the tinkerer item, removing spec for tinkerer wipes all attachments even if not full. Second one is spec tree greyed out after initial tinkerer prompt for item. Initially ran into that on the char which always got the prompt, but happens if you save and load with a tinkerer object selected. Purchasing and removing and tree refreshes it to normal. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MuVhtLq5OOOMrjrSdq1qzlwC2U2IFSKf/view?usp=drivesdk Third is no extra HP being applied to an old item after being selected, then hitting the choose dialogue again from the spec tree you can set a different item. That item won't have an HP, but if you open the choose dialogue again, the first item will be selected in the dialogue and will have an HP if you go and check again. I've been able to swap items a couple times in the choose dialogue and it always applies it to the item selected just prior to the last choice, as well as what's selected. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jg1iubXPmGlVPhyB-tbGBxxr-ibUaWKt/view?usp=drivesdk Example, load char, get prompt, choose HEV. Open HEV attachment, no extra HP. Select choose dialogue, nothing selected, choose segmented armor, view segmented armor, no HP. View the HEV now and it will have an extra HP, but only after selecting another item. Choose again and select stealth suit 1, segmented armor will have an extra HP, but not stealth 1. Problem is this doesn't happen on all characters or items. Fresh char with fresh item and no problems. Will try loading this char onto another machine and see if it repeats.
  2. In linked image, Customizable Armor with +2 HP selected in craft, 2 TR spent on Integral Attachment + superior mod. Should be 6 HP with the +2 HP selected, then the inbuilt mod. In 2.3.0 and before, when you use Integral attachment, it bumps up the maxiumum HP by 1 for each Integral, then as in the image, it shows 1/7 for the HP slots. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s5RYU__JIO7Qu-L4WdRYnun-duqHul6S/view?usp=sharing In 2.3.1, The HP slots are still at 7, but it shows 0/7 when setting something with integral attachments, an extra, open, HP slot is on the item now. Will look at the character with tinkerer more and see if I can figure out what's up, but behavior is the Choose Dialog for Tinkerer pops up immediately when loading that character. When you choose an item for tinkerer at that point, no extra HP is added to that item when you view its attachments. Will see if I can get more info on this.
  3. I like the new built-in attachments, but it's still adding the extra hard points for them without filling them in with the built-in attachments themselves like it used to. Not sure which way you wanted to go with that, the extra HP count already filled in, or the built-in attachments not showing as using slots and just the normal number of HP available? I also ran into a bug where a rank 1 tinkerer wasn't applying the extra HP and every time loading the character would prompt on load to choose an item for the talent. Also ran into an issue where unselecting tinkerer from the spec tree would wipe all the existing attachments on an item, if it there was still an open HP slot.
  4. Awesome, looking forward to it, thanks for all of the hard work. Like the white board for the destiny points. I ended up making some aluminum tokens for ours. Half anodized black with square edges and cut out symbols in white, other half rounded edge with black text for light side, coated in clear coat to prevent too many scratches.
  5. That definitely looks like an error in the program. I would suggest going with a clean install of the latest version of the program files.
  6. I ended up making gear versions of all of the attachments so they could track the ones that weren't mounted yet. You can do stat blocks with those.
  7. Yes, you can, but you'll need to modify the actual xml files, I don't believe its supported through the data editor. I've tossed a couple templates in for a game from a while back. In the CraftTemplates.xml you'll need the <CraftTemplates xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"></CraftTemplates> tag to wrap the individual <CraftTemplate></CraftTemplate> block. You can get an example block from one of the existing templates the program's data folder. You'll need to put the new template in your Portable Data>DataCustom>DataSet folder, otherwise it'll go away when you update your version.
  8. Found an issue tied to tinkerer, if you have it applied to a crafted object, and that object has an "Integral Attachment" through the crafting process, then if the tinkerer specialization is removed as a talent, it'll wipe all of those integral attachments when it removes the tinkerer HP. Doesn't seem to matter if all of the HP are used or not on the item when tinkerer gets unchecked. I've also noticed that when making a crafted object, you can end up with a level 0 schematic for that template, which if you try later to modify you'll throw an exception as it can't be a level 0 schematic. "Value of '0' is not valid for 'Value'. 'Value' should be between 'Minimum' and 'Maximum'. Parameter name: Value" at SWCharGen.frmAddSchematic.OnLoad(EventArgs e) Looks to be the "Create or Modify Schematic" form.
  9. Easiest to just copy an existing species like that, check how the options are set up for that species, then change the two skills you can choose from.
  10. Stopped by FFGC at lunch today, going to say wow, there's a LOT that's going to need to go in to the next version.
  11. That's disappointing. Was thinking of stopping over to the FFGC and picking up a copy to see what sort of gear they added, might just wait til December for the next session.
  12. Looks like I can set Vicious Quality above 5 on crafting weapons.
  13. Should be able to save it as an xml, then import using the GM tools as a vehicle.
  14. <?xml version="1.0"?> <Vehicle xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Key>FURYCLASSINT</Key> <Name>Fury Class Interceptor</Name> <Description>[H3]Fury Class Interceptor[h3] Featuring an advanced hyperdrive and state-of-the-art sublight engines, the Fury is the most versatile starship in the Imperial fleet and the end result of centuries of evolving design. [BR][BR] The modern Fury was originally conceived for use in high-priority military missions but is now used almost exclusively by Sith and outfitted accordingly. The Fury’s angular design combines the maneuverability of a fighter with impressive armament rivaling some larger military vessels. [BR][BR] The Fury also features a set of “strike foils” that remain down for travel but can be expanded in short-range combat to maximize the ship’s agility and range of firepower. The interior aesthetic is sleek and functional, arranged in the traditions of the Sith Academy on Korriban. Military-grade computers and communications equipment are integrated into the ship’s hardware, and hidden security devices make sabotage extremely difficult and dangerous.</Description> <Source Page="1">User Data</Source> <Custom>AddedItem</Custom> <Type>Assault Ship</Type> <Categories> <Category>Starship</Category> <Category>Non-Fighter Starship</Category> </Categories> <HP>6</HP> <Price>500000</Price> <Rarity>7</Rarity> <HyperdrivePrimary>1</HyperdrivePrimary> <HyperdriveBackup>8</HyperdriveBackup> <NaviComputer>true</NaviComputer> <SensorRangeValue>srLong</SensorRangeValue> <Crew>Pilot; Optional: One Co-Pilot, One Engineer, One Tactician, Two Gunners</Crew> <EncumbranceCapacity>200</EncumbranceCapacity> <Passengers>8</Passengers> <Consumables>Three Months</Consumables> <Silhouette>4</Silhouette> <Speed>4</Speed> <Handling>1</Handling> <DefFore>2</DefFore> <DefAft>2</DefAft> <DefPort>2</DefPort> <DefStarboard>2</DefStarboard> <Armor>3</Armor> <HullTrauma>24</HullTrauma> <SystemStrain>20</SystemStrain> <Starship>true</Starship> <VehicleWeapons> <VehicleWeapon> <FiringArcs> <Fore>true</Fore> </FiringArcs> <Location>Forward</Location> <Key>CML</Key> </VehicleWeapon> <VehicleWeapon> <FiringArcs> <Fore>true</Fore> </FiringArcs> <Location>Forward</Location> <Key>CML</Key> </VehicleWeapon> <VehicleWeapon> <FiringArcs> <Fore>true</Fore> </FiringArcs> <Location>Wingtip</Location> <Key>SITHPRECLASCAN</Key> <Count>4</Count> </VehicleWeapon> </VehicleWeapons> <BuiltInAttachments> <Key>LUXPASSCOMP</Key> </BuiltInAttachments> <SensorRange>Long</SensorRange> </Vehicle> If interested, this is one that got whipped up for a game. Guestimating and not based on much more than the loose descriptions.
  15. I wouldn't mind a conditional version of the icon, wrap it in [] or something to denote it isn't automatic, or character based. The same could be done for Curved Hilt and other similar effects. I'm basically trying to think of ways to make it easier on the people doing the rolls so they don't have to go dig through a big stat block in the back pages to see all of the conditionals, which gets messy as you add more attachments and such. But yes, the original intent was to get a mod that allows you to just add a success to the pool displayed. There's one you can do with Advantage, but not any for success that I could find.
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