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  1. Ah, I've not seen the third season but I have seen The Clone Wars so know the ship. That'd be cool. I believe the Scimitar is in the Lando comic so there's still hope.
  2. Now that Darth Maul is in Rebels, it'd be a good way of getting him into the game. Crew and Pilot options. Same with 0-66. Scimitar title. P.S. I'm aware Darth Maul stole a Tie Advanced Prototype to fly away in Rebels, but we already have that model with no Maul.
  3. THIS! I've been really excited about starting X-Wing and Armada but have been put off by the war on two fronts: 1. The broken, unbalanced, needs fixing, FFG ruined my life crybabies 2. The you must play this meta or you're a loser dictatorship I've emptied my Amazon basket in frustration and I'm now looking for a fun game I can enjoy. X-Wing and Armada "fans" have really put me off the games with the non-stop complaining and bickering.
  4. Sigh I've already absorbed too much negativity from X-Wing to decide not to spend money on what's being berated as broken and unbalanced. Reading through the comments above, I'm wondering if the order I was going to place today for Armada is worth it. It's an expensive game to get started, and I don't want to waste money on a game that is being spoken of so unfavourably. Perhaps I should stick to watching Star Wars on the screen and find something else to game with.
  5. Which is why I'm probably just going to collect Armada and not bother much, if at all, with X-Wing. I don't want every expansion, I just want the ships I like. But it seems that with X-Wing I'd lose a lot if I didn't pick this ship with these upgrades and it really stinks. Takes the joy out of collecting and gaming with what you like if it doesn't measure up to the current meta.
  6. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. What's next, releasing movies which require a library of books and comics just to explain them? Oh! Right! I'm going to proxy all the cards I want that don't come with the ships I want. Eat that Mouse!
  7. I've not seen the third series of Rebels but..... .....which, added to other ships not yet released, and potentially more new ships from movies and Rebels, there's still plenty of waves that can be released. P.S.
  8. Agreed! I expect to see that soon in Armada. Just a little too big for X-Wing.
  9. I've noticed that no matter what is released, the response from "fans" is always the same:
  10. Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big black bat?
  11. Happy Friday Cubanboy! Happy Friday to everyone! May you wash your miniatures in a bath made from the tears of many vanquished foes. I'm not into Armada yet, in that I don't have the Starter Box or a fleet, but I'm into Armada in that I can't wait to start buying. This is how I got excited about this game: I played a game using just the Starter Box contents and it was wicked awesome fun.
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