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  1. ^That's what I'm getting at. It's not meta breaking. It is a horrendous play experience and to me represents everything wrong with the games design - 1 ship lists that excel by simplifying the game - BUT it hasn't broken things.
  2. I think it was for some. There were those saying it simply replaced Nymiranda.
  3. Kanan/Fenn seems to be proving beatable, no?
  4. Intel + Cassian doesn't work how you want it to. Re-read the timing on the cards...
  5. ^How? Nym shoots before the ghost. He is going to target lock, fire the homing, and guidance chip a crit to Boba away half of the Ghost's attacks and arc. Emon can trade adequately with HLC on the opening turn and on the next turn he can slam experimental interface a cluster bomb onto either opponent (likely Fenn).
  6. I wanted to make a counter list with Boba and this is what I came up with: Fett You (100/100) ========================= Firespray-31: Emon Azzameen (36 + 23) + Heavy Laser Cannon (7) + Cad Bane (2) + Cluster Mines (4) + Burnout SLAM (1) + Slave I (0) + Experimental Interface (3) + Cluster Mines (4) + Extra Munitions (2) Scurrg H-6 Bomber: Captain Nym (30 + 11) + Veteran Instincts (1) + Autoblaster Turret (2) + Extra Munitions (2) + Homing Missiles (5) + Boba Fett (1) + Guidance Chips (0) Emon is meant to drop damage on the enemy. Nym is meant to eliminate the enemies strong point with Boba. You hit titles or TLT off the ghost. You hit the hlc off dash. You hit the Palp off of Palp. You could lighten Emon to upgrade towards TLT but autoblaster answers a weakness in aces and I like Emon bristling with weaponry.
  7. So, I'm seeing a balanced, diverse meta..... Anyone else?
  8. As wurms alluded to, what happened was what you should expect in doing that. Generally speaking you want to maintain time on target with your most powerful weapons (in this case your front arc). You do want to use the asteroids, but how is determined largely by what you are facing. Let's say they line up along an edge to joust. Rather than line up head on, line up to the other side of the first asteroid. As each ship goes straight forward, eventually, it must turn towards the enemy to maintain arc. For you, you turn your ship towards the board edge. For them, they must turn toward the asteroids surrounding you. On subsequent turns those asteroids will block certain moves - potentially giving you a leg up on the opponent. Additionally your bank to engage puts your s/fs in position on subsequent turns to segnor either towards your opponent's spawn or the board edge... Both options are fairly safe from the enemy and provide great pursuit arcs either down the edge or into the middle of the board. It is around this time that your opponent will be navigating the asteroids and the avenues they have blocked may give you positional superiority. For S/Fs that would be the idea of drawing the enemy through a asteroid field. They need to fly at you. If you are in the asteroids at engagement, they will have to turn into the asteroids to shoot you. Now there are tons of permutations to this general strategy but that is the start. Backdraft aside, you don't want to be using your rear arc except out of necessity.
  9. SCUM Trandoshan Slaver Thread Tracers Jabba the Hutt Operations Specialist Feedback Array 4x Binyare Pirate Hotshot Blaster IMPERIAL Quickdraw Swarm Leader Cruise Missile Guidance Chips Spec Ops Title Targeting Synchronizer 3x Sienar Test Pilot (tie adv. proto) Cruise Missile Tie/v1 Guidance Chips REBEL Ello Asty Veteran Instincts R2-D2 Integrated Astromech Targeting Synchronizer Jake Ferrell Intensity Veteran Instincts Cruise Missile Guidance Chips A-wing Test Pilot 2x Bandit Squadron Pilot Harpoon Missile Guidance Chips
  10. Yes, I think it is the healthiest I've seen it be. Z-95 swarm is viable (recent regional runner up). 2 ship lists are viable (and everywhere). 4 ship rebels (recent regional top 4) or 4 ship Scum (recent regional winner) or 4 ship imperial (quick poon) is viable. Bombs are viable (crimson specialist made a top 8). Palp Aces are viable (won a regional). I can't think of a specific archetype that hasn't shown well in some form recently. Sure some specific ships or pilots are subpar but that is to be expected.
  11. ^Exactly. There will be a lot of lists happy to joust. I'd expect Nymranda to return to bomb and kite strategies.
  12. Ohnoeszz

    New FAQ

    We do what we always do, Pinky... Wait for the next thing to complain about.
  13. I've read some good reviews of them. They seem solid though unspectacular. I think that hits the mark in terms of design for this type of ship. I remember there being a good thread or blog that had a battle report of using them.
  14. Ah yes, the "you are all beneath me" method of conversation. I'm sure it will get you far.
  15. ^That was my assumption. It's a big project. I'm grateful for whatever you do with it.
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