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  1. The B&N by me never has them in stock. NEVER. You'd think by now, they would.
  2. Not if my Striker has entered the fray!
  3. Sorry. I originally planned for a Defender-Punisher-TIE/FO build, but didn't have enough points. And I don't run from my enemies, although I do see how a Countess Ryad with x/7 would prove hard to destroy. I have created a new monster, though.
  4. No-one survives this. Pure Sabacc Expose Adaptive Ailerons Lightweight Frame Add Range 1 and mix well. I played this and couldn't get hit because I killed everyone before they could shoot.
  5. The yellow one looks completely overdone...even Warhammer-y.
  6. Looks like the K-Wing ran out of laser battery, and decided to get a little...shall we say, personal?
  7. I am in the wrong...I don't own them yet. Forgive me.
  8. Something in me says it's the astromech.
  9. Makes you think: Did they use the design for the U-Wing?
  10. Thane is 32. Norra's 35. And Shara's 33. This equals 100 points. Then add upgrades.
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