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  1. It's definitely an interesting mechanic and on that raises the overall skill ceiling of the game when it comes to knowing each ship's maveuver dial.
  2. - Knights of Ren Starfighter with Kylo Ren Pilot Card - Meson Martinet Expansion pack with Sidon Ithano Pilot card - Retrofitted N1 Starfighter with General Organa Pilot card
  3. Midichlorians don't explain the will of the force or how it works. They are just an indicator of force-potential in any given person.
  4. Here's the thing though, if you want to dissect magic scientifically, that's one thing. But pure science is inherently amoral.The Force is decidedly NOT. The morality of the user has DRASTIC effects on how the Force manifests itself. It's non-scientific on a fundamental level. Good and evil are philosophical and subjective concepts, but the Force responds along the lines of these concepts. You can't scientifically measure good and evil, so you shouldn't be able to scientifically measure the Force. You could look at the force as the raw input and the light/dark side approaches as different catalysts that lead to different manifestations. As for the point I made about the general quality of TPM: Just because the movie did it badly, that doesn't mean the concept itself is necessarily bad.
  5. I never understood why this is such a big deal to some people. Yes, their introduction in TPM is rather lackluster, but then again, many things in TPM were. Midichlorians are really just another way of determining Anakin's potential. It's the same as Qui Gon stating that he can feel Anakin is strong with the force, it's just a more scientific approach. I don't see what's so inherently terrible about them. The fact that some people are stronger in the force than others is an established fact.
  6. Outer Rim Towing Inc. 100 points N’Dru Suhlak (30) Z-95 Headhunter (17), Cluster Missiles (4), Scavenger Crane (2), Push the Limit (3), Engine Upgrade (4) Latts Razzi (45) YV-666 (33), Tractor beam (1), Ketsu Onyo (1), Bossk (2), Weapons Engineer (3), Inertial Dampeners (1), Engine Upgrade (4) Unkar Plutt (25) Quadjumper (17), Cluster Mines (4), Cloaking Device (2), Spacetug Tractor Array (2) This build focuses on stripping the enemy of their green dice and manipulate their movement to your advantage. Plutt and Razzi act as a tag team, handing out Tractor and Stress tokens, when shoving people into obstacles. Ketsu on a YV-666 with a 180° arc and boost should be able to find targets most of the time, so that Suhlak can swoop in with PTL and deliver the pain with 2x4 red dice at range 1-2! Scavenger Crane makes sure that you can recover cluster missiles at least one time. Bossk and Weapons Engineer synergize with Razzi's Pilot ability. Two target locks mean -1 green die for both of Suhlak's missile attacks. Cloaking devices on Plutt gives him a better defense and more maneuverablility. The Tractor array can pull more green dice off of targets or propel Suhlak into a more favourable position. With cluster mines, Plutt can dish out some serious damage as well.
  7. I'm also looking forward to seeing Terex in a starfighter, but these things look more like makeshift spacecraft, like the one from the flashback that was basically the head of an AT-AT with TIE-Fighter panels ...
  8. The link was broken. This is the right one: https://www.twitch.tv/xwingshg
  9. That's what happens when you trust in squadbuilder Thanks for the heads-up!
  10. When will the stream go online?
  11. Edit: this turned out to be nonsense.
  12. You mean Vizago, right? Emp-Device might come in handy if you have multiple ships around you.
  13. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited for the Quadjumper: It's a fairly unique ship with a new set of maneuvers, a tractor beam mechanic, access to illicit upgrades and bombs. Here's my first take on Unkar Plutt: Unkar Plutt (17) Ketsu Onyo (1) Pattern Analyzer (2) Cloaking Device (2) Spacetug Tractor Array (2) Total: 24 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Cloak gives you 4 agility, so you have a better chance of surviving. If they bump into you, they will enjoy -1 ( or -2 if you managed to tractor beam them beforehand) agility and possibly stress in the following turn (if you pushed them into an obstacle). Pattern analyzer helps with staying on target after a red maneuver, so does decloak, just pray you don't roll eyes in the first round. How are you going to field your Quackjumper?
  14. If it's in Madrid I might be able to point you to somebody. I've lived there for a year and know people who rent rooms.
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