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  1. Im more interested in how faithful companion plot would interact with all the after abilities
  2. Since we like talk about plo Plo koon faithful companion plot plus triple hoth soldiers what happens when you activate plo?
  3. Okay while force misdirection is indeed an overpowered card for one resource imo having to match a symbol has more down side than you think with additions that it has to be a blue dice. First off it's a blue card versus a grey so restriction one, second requires you to have dice on the field meaning for this to be reliable you need to have roll out first every round and hope you land the symbols you need , finnaly the blue dice requirement means this card is limited to use only when you have a blue die so unless you play mono there ways to turn this card off. There are serval types of removals that are in the game but lets make it simple to start by choosing a card that straight up removes one die no if's and no and's. The 2 costed Subjagate comes to mind It's gray villian and offer nothing else . So at this point with out mentioning ambush based on cost it's already 2 times more effective. Next let's use flank as an 1 cost example 1 cost straight removal with a requirement that has weak points so more experienced players can play around it, so at the very least this is again 2 times more effective More examples but not limited include outnumber, honor guard, pinned down, superior position. Next we have removal with draw backs like TBD, negotiate under attack, quick escape, and risky move and a few others Now let's take a look at risky move it's a yellow card with a spot yellow condition 1 cost that also gives ambush except the opposing player gets it. You see what I'm trying to get at? While how many more times useful is debated, the reality is 1 cost hard removal has to have either a negative consequence(giving something up in place of an additional resource)or a hard requirement like what we mentioned above other wise other cards would be useless, you have to remember with. Deck of 30 space for valuable removal is limited and having a card playable like you have described would make it an auto include in any deck and make countless other cards usless. Last I want to point out ffg is notorious with messing up wording and if you feel you need it clarified that's fine(however if some how its ruled in your favor dont you find it strange that they worded the card in this way? as currently this basicly only plays around cards that forbid an opponent to remove your dice which is limited to like 2 cards iirc the vehicle mod and tie pilot). Also it is very obvious that the competitive community has more interactions with these ruling and if the card was interpreted as such most current meta builds would absolutely ditch 2 removal cards in favor of 2 free falls.
  4. It supposed to work for both, I remember someone asked before when he was first and I think it was clarified this way
  5. nakala


    The effect is before he is defeated so his dice are not taken off the board
  6. Okay so I understand that currently spotting is not a play restriction. But really isn't that only applied to events? I dont see how spoting would work with equipment and supports and not be considered a play restriction I.e yellow ezra disregards blue upgrade restrictions so wotf makashi force training should work even if the blue character is defeated Or finn1 and t7 ion interaction since you can build it with out having red character To be fair all these cards to my knowledge say to play spot red/blue so they should work(however in the past some say it doesn't work because to play =/= play only ) [still need to clarify this] Now if the cards didn't have the phrase to play in its text or is ruled still not a play restriction what exactly happens? For events they are played and then heads to the discard pile after they resolve like normal. But that interactions doesnt work for upgrades and supports Thoughts?
  7. nakala


    Iirc if his dice is in the pool they stay there and not rolled again
  8. Yep I also recommend bring balance if you are indeed using dont get cocky and also well connected, in my semi refine pre atg deck it actually fell to 19 cards mill needed first turn, how ever like most draw power decks it will easily be labeled as npe deckband also easily countered if the opponent knows your m.o. Disrupt sides becomes your bane and with the introduction of stifle
  9. I ran something like this prior to atg and at the time it worked on and off. As for constructing decks of this sort you need to find a balance to drawing and discarding... hate to say it but if you go into building a deck like a yugioh pot of greed it might make more sense. Cycling cards is important as is with resource management. Just keep in mind for otm only requires you to mill 25 card and since the plan is to draw and use your entire deck turn one it's better to limit your mill option to the manner appropriate and keep a balance of resource generation(I personal found 1 strength thru weakness in combination with 1 strike breafing and 2 secret missions yielded better results than just 2 strength) and card draw
  10. Slave 1/I is an exception because ffg doesnt know how to be consistant ?
  11. Yeah but if constructed correctly you would have some cards that disrupts resources before you start the chain
  12. While I do see your point on the current status of these decks, these types of decks discourages use of straight aggro decks and make use of other arch types, suddenly disrupt side and discard sides have a lot more value, while the game toutes two differnt types of win conditions in reality most decks go for the straight aggro approach, by these deck being made available straight forward build using auto include and auto exclude will have to re think building strategy.
  13. There lies a huge Problem in this instance as the die is currently not in play but is in the others players set aside zone while grevious steals the dies already in play, Let just take the battle driod example if you playing in a tourney setting. if you brought your only copy of battle driod to use for two copies of landing craft with the intention of playing only one extra droid at a time since you are unlucky and only pulled one.if some one steals your battle driod with the mention effect, by saying what you said I now have you give my only copy to you because your not prepared for this situation and I am unable to play my other driod because you are in possession in it. So seeing that these are specific cards the you choose play which causes these of dieing being "stolen", so you as the player should be responsible for bringing items you may or may not want to use. And this can happen with other cards also like run away boomas and reinforce in certain nitch situations Not to mention in these settings you may run into people who just don't like other people touching their stuff, and while if this where to happened to me I would be totally fine with just playing as you said but I do understand the why other players would be hesitant to let other people roll their dice. The thing is,these card were never created with these intentions.
  14. Also just of note if you do end up stealing a die card from premonitions if you didn't bring the die to an event you cant use the card. Same goes for some cards resolving a landing craft as your own (sensor placement, I am your father)
  15. How will the action que assuming an ambush weapon is played?
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