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  1. There was a suggestion way before that I liked very much. Instead of exhausting just 1 deployment card, the player who uses TI must exhaust deployment groups whose total deployment points must be equal to or greater than a certain amount of points (5 points if my memory is to be trusted). This presents a risk on the TI user in either of these options: 1. Exhaust multiple low point deployments but have a lower activation count 2. Exhaust a mid/high point deployment but lose a significant amount of firepower
  2. I am glad that you like the damage floor idea. Recosting seems to be a great way to fix Stormtroopers. It kind of contrasts with my fix proposal that is focused on the qualities that made Stormtroopers a meta in the past. I appreciate your comments on "Hide a Trooper" tactic. But let me elaborate. I believe that Reinforcement have made troopers great aside from being very thematic. However, it is too risky to play with our current rules. It has worked before because Reinforcements worked at an abysmal advantage using the previous VP rules. I kind of want Reinforcement back and the solution seems to lie in partial VP denial (instead of the very punishing complete VP denial). Denied points can still be scored when the deployment group is defeated. I do admit that scoring 2VPs after defeating 2 eST's is still too punishing. Also, I chose it as an elite attachment so one would be limited to two copies per list. Thank you for bringing up swarms. That's something that should be considered in making fixes.
  3. Before VPs were scored as they are now, Stormtroopers were great for VP denial. Also, maybe applying a damage floor can help troopers against queen pieces . So, here's my take.
  4. I second limiting Gideon's abilities to Rebels only. C-3PO and Hera can remain as is. My beef with RCP is that Scum benefits more from it than it does the Rebels.
  5. I bet any Boba fix shall still price him at 13. This guy is supposed be the fiercest and priciest figure in the Scum faction akin to Darth Vader for the Empire or Jedi Luke for the Rebels. He can be a total Luke rip-off with more versatility like the one attached.
  6. It makes gameplay go faster and makes the players play smarter.
  7. @Bitterman so much thanks! I am having fun with this! Here's a Jyn Erso for skirmish.
  8. Monitoring this thread in hopes of someone creating Jarjar deployment card.
  9. I was excited for Force Push being a counter to On the Lam. Had to recheck the RRG. Unless there's an interrupt, those pesky eWeequays can still run away. So sad.
  10. I can't think of any reason since Han's card would ready before you exhaust it again during the Status phase. I suppose there can be new ways to circumvent text abilities in the future.
  11. I have been conceptualizing some cards but am too shy to post. I want to share what I have in mind for a worthy Darth Sidious so here goes nothing... Deployment Card: 15 •Darth Sidious Force User, Leader ⚡: Focus | ⚡: +2D ⚡: Pierce 3 | ⚡: +2D ⚡⚡Rogue Lightning: After your attack resolves, deal 3(dmg) to a hostile figure in your line of sight. This ability can be triggered multiples times in the same attack. Anger: While attacking, you may convert 1(Dmg) into 1⚡. Limit once per attack. Impenetrable: Apply +1○ while defending if you are Focused. I can sense your fear: When a hostile figure is defeated, you may apply Weaken to 1 other hostile figure of your choice. Health: 16 | Speed: 4 | Defense: B |Range Attack: BGYY Command Card: 3 Unlimited Power Use at the start of your activation to gain the following: While attacking during your activation, when you use Anger, ignore the limits of that ability. Perform an attack without using an action. Limit once per round.
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