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  2. yo mama so fat that she's caused serious changes to tournament structure and scoring.
  3. Kestal is great. I want to give her all the focus tokens. Lieutenant Kestal (22), Expertise (4), Twin Laser Turret (6), Lightweight Frame (2) Major Stridan (32), Fire-Control System (2), Navigator (3), Intelligence Agent (1), Kylo Ren's Shuttle (2) “Omega Leader" (21), Comm Relay (3), Juke (2) I want this to be the most unfair list possible
  4. So I went to a Store championship this weekend and I'll give you three guesses what I ran: Ps8 Poe Dameron-31 VI(1),R5-P9(3), Pattern analyzer(2),IA(0) -37 Nien Nunb- 29 Snap shot(2),R3-A2(2), Primed thrusters(1),IA(0)- 35 Jess Pava -25- M9-G8(3), IA(0)- 28 I made 3 last minute changes from my normal list: no autothrusters on Poe- In my local meta I just wasn't running into enough turrets to justify them VI instead of adaptability- hey I've got the points, and Ps9 is becoming pretty crowed these days Primed thrusters and black one on Nien- It'd be great to have Black one activate at Ps10, but R5-P9 poe can't not focus. Nien on the other hand loves to boost into range one and still get M9-G8 rerolls and I figured that primed thrusters would be better than a 1 point initative bid I came in a pretty respectable finish with some tight, hard fought matches too. Game 1- RAC whisper So Round one I get paired up against my most frequent practice buddy, who has flown against my t-70's multiple times, against a list i'd only seen once before. great. Tne rocks are spread to the 4 corners but it goes about as well as it sounds, I chase whisper around while RAC plinks away at my shields, all the while I'm trying to pin whisper in a corner and light her up, but it just doesn't happen. I was pretty salty by the end of this match, mainly because I lost my chance to have nien eat whisper at R1 because a judge said it was too close to call if she was in my arc or not and I lost the ensuing die roll. Overall I was too insistent on keeping formation, and just didn't make the right calls, went fast when I needed to go slow and slowed down when I needed to capitalize on good positioning. Not much else I can say really. 0-100 loss Game 2 - Dengar/bossk Gotta say this list scared the hell outta me I knew that between dengar's torps and Bossk's missiles, I was in for some serious pain if I fudged the opening engagement, and with my formation revealing it's starting location first because of jess' low PS he'd have free reign to decide where that engagement would happen. Asteroids where set in a row of three along my left side, with the other three closer to his board edge in a small cluster near the top left corner. I set up on the left in the alleyway and he, curiously in my opinion, set up on the opposite corner. Suddenly I had a plan. I went straight up the alley while he made for the clear sector of the map on my right, I waited, not banking in until i was in the thick of the asteroid field on his side of the map and he chased me right there. I burst out of the asteroid field on a vector for my right corner and both his ships turned in toward his right corner bossk leading with dengar directly behind, where all the asteroids where. It was fantastic, jess was exactly parallel to bossk, and nien was just behind her and got off a great snap shot with poe following close behind. Dengar bumped bossk and I was free to fire away. Bossk took a serious beating that turn, and after a quick K-turn from jess and Nien, he was gone in two rounds of shooting. Dengar was still a big threat and could probably wipe me if I wasn't careful, but between all of our ships and the asteroids he was flying towards he had no good moves, and I was able to get behind him as well negating his ability. This was what won me the game more tahn anything else: I held back until my location on the map was in a place to trap his large bases and then beat him against the rocks. I lost nien to dengar at some point, but given I had just out alpha'd scum alpha I was happy to call this a win. 100- 35 win Game 3 Dengar/Tel So VI was a pretty good choice today. I was feeling much better after my solid win last round and I felt good about what I feel is a pretty similar match up. I believe that killing Dengar first is definitely the right choice here, as Tel's extra bit of health can make him much harder to finish. I felt lie the asteroids where better for me this time too, with them mostly in a blob near my right corner. I slow rolled, then had jess and nien burst out to catch dengar at R1 while Tel was still completing a wide flanking manuver. But my dice abandoned me, between my 2 4-dice and one 3-dice attacks, I got through about three damage. I though it was over. Nien took a plasma torp that round, and a R1 from dengar. Ithought it ws over but my oppoent made two big mistakes as far as I'm concerned: he didn't bring tel in quickly to exploit my awful position and he split his fire. In the next couple of turns I was in a furball around Dengar trying to find the right moment to get clear, getting in a few damage with one ship as the others bumped. Tel fired his second torp but at Jess this time, some turns dengar shot Jess others he shot poe or nien. eventually Jess and Nien both dropped but as the timer went down i realized Dengar was fairly weak, trapped betwwen my right corner and the asteroids with a full health Poe right on his tail. I was able to pin him to board edge on a turn he barrel rolled to block me, as we discussed whether or not he could stay on the board we realized he'd forgotten about his console fire! He rolled. Dengar exploded and suddenly I had hope. Full health no torps Tel vs full health regen Poe, every turn I watched my opponent get more and more worried as I took damage of Tel and regened back what weak hits he put on me. Last round of shooting I got Tel down to three hull, enough for half points and another solid win. ( I didn't write down what the final score was but it was worlds dengar tel, so all of dengar,half of tel) - 63 win Game 4 Vessery double sf I was feeling good now. And as my opponent set up a list I felt confident against I was very ready. He was 3-0 though, so it would be a tight game. the rocks were fairly evenly spaced across the map, I started in my bottom left and he started with quickdraw across from me and backdraft and vessery off a bit to the right to out flank me. I didn't care I knew I could murder quickdraw in one round and then it'd be three to two in my favor, with my ships much more united. the first engagement went great, quickdraw dropped at R1 with my opponent underestmating the amount of heat I could put his way, unfortunately, He correctly identified nien as his primary target and he took a beating too. after that things didn't go as well, embolened by my success I agressively K-turned as my opponents two ships ran, leading to niens death. I chased backdraft (STUPID DO NOT DO THIS), thinking I could take him out in one or two turns. I was wrong, and shields started dropping fast. finally I just disengaged and jousted vessery as Backdraft was out of position. at this point both of his ships where at no shields three hull and I was about the same. one important note was that during my joust with vessery Poe had been brought to one hull and I was deserperatly trying to regen my sheilds. the final bought began as time trickled down, a joust with backdraft saw him off, then it was one hull jess and 1 hull 1 shield poe vs 2 hull vessery. I had went in again and got another hull on vessery but in exchange lost R5-P9. I had a choice now, try to run with Poe, have jess engage alone, probably not killing vessery, maybe dying, and win on points or stay in the fight with both ships and go for broke. This is america friends we go for broke. It came down to one last shot that poe needed to evade as time was called and it didn't happen. jess tried her best to get the last damage on vessery but she couldn't do it. Overall I was entirely too aggressive this game, since my opponent had spread his ships out I had every advantage to engage them one at a time when I wanted to but I simply charged in and chased way too much when in truth, the longer the game went the better off I was. 65 - 72 loss 2-2. A Hard fought 2-2 at that. It wasn't perhaps the peak of my skill but, I had fun. I am on the hunt for a new casual list but this may not be my last tournament report. I hope this was a fun read and remember kids:
  5. Nyet. Rebellion is fine. what were the best lists prenerf? miranda dash/corran? triple ks? rey norra? Kanan biggs was really the only high tier Rebel list with biggs iirc. Biggs is excellent in the meta right now because scum alpha strikes from torp boats, fenn rau, bossk etc are super common and very strong. wasn't there a time where the premier rebel list was han/jake? ARCs and other ships are not successful exclusively because Biggs is around, they're good ships in their own right. the formula of tank/ace/support ship is also really well placed right now, because of some really good synergies and meta weaknesses (stress is a great example for support, also see Shara and Ahsoka), and Biggs is a great cheap tank. Jess is a pretty great tank too, generating lots of potential threat in a cheap frame and rex isn't miserable either if you acknowledge he's frail as all hell. wanna counter biggs? outmaneuver him, T-65s have *** repositioning. focus fire him with multiple ships, 3 attacks dealing 2 damage each kills the Biggs through R4-D6 and he only has two agility. you can ordnance away his ace too, since he can't stop things that require locks. run that tight formation through a tight asteroid field. Think about how your list can exploit one of his many weaknesses. Biggs is fine. Rebellion is fine.
  6. this is why I'm so excited about intensity. R5-P9 Poe is addicted to focuses, which really limits his damage output, and Ptl Poe is gonna struggle to remove stress if you get into a position where you need to push off a white and can fall quick if he gets focused too hard. But intensity Poe doesn't care at all, with BB-8 and a green you can give yourself Focus-evade or focus-lock really easily so you can hit hard or be durable when you need to be.
  7. This feels like the final push BB-8 Poe needed to be a powerhouse. Ps8 (31) Black One (1) BB-8 (2) Pattern Analyzer (2) Intensity (2) Integrated Astromech (0) Is only 38 points, with Ps9 a flat 40. being able to take 3 actions a turn, plus giving you the ability to evade, all while making you less dependent on greens? Sign me up. you can t-roll, PA for a boost and get a free focus. life is good.
  8. I guess BB-8 Nien lets you be more maneuverable, but Targeting astro gives you more damage. both seem fine, so i guess it's just whatever you have more faith in: your dice or your maneuvering. Also can I take a moment to bring up just how crazy good pattern analyzer is? like primed thrusters is nice but if you have the points please take a pattern analyzer.
  9. Putting all your pilots at PS9 is interesting, but in the end pretty pointless. Most of the time, winning the PS war really only needs one ace. If you're running an X-wing, usually you're running a pilot for their particular ability, so your builds should be focused around that: keeping nien at range one with stay on target or stressing opponents for free, Jess doesn't need target locks so she can get great use out of M9-G8 etc.
  10. It's a great thread about a great ship.
  11. Rocks are a weird thing for this list. T-70's aren't exceptionally maneuverable, plus need a decent amount of space to do T-rolls and to keep formation. I think rock placement is more important than specifically which rocks you run, but generally small rocks make it easier to get around. I try to keep the asteroids on my side of the field, hopefully engaging with them at my back so I can reposition better than my opponent after the initial engagement. as to specifically where the rocks go, you have to look at what your opponent is running, lost a match last night to a tractor beam+cluster mines list because I wasn't thinking when I placed my rocks and gave my opponent easy choke points.
  12. The better plan is to use African swallows, but they're not migratory so its a lot of extra training.
  13. You're in the wrong place, friend. This is the thread you are looking for.
  14. Sorry if that came across as nasty, I've just been really enjoying the fact that we can discuss this list for the fun of it without having a discussion of meta sillyness. I agree with R5-P9 on Poe. R2-D2 is a bit too expensive and while BB-8 lets you do some crazy maneuvers I just don't feel comfortable sacrificing the durability of regen. What about Draw they're fire on Poe, given he can regen off a hit a turn anyway?
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