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  1. For $150 in the detail I get my models in, no thanks. But that design is 10 times better than FFG'S. I'll have to use spare plastic parts and glue. Thanks so much!
  2. Never stripped an FFG model. What's the best method?
  3. I totally agree with you on that ship. Top of the list for ships I hate. Just made a post about modding it. The paint job for the MC-80 Home One is just gross. Though the winged liberty is gorgeous. Love it! Favorite rebel ship. If they could just make the third one from RotJ it would be great!
  4. So I'd like to do a repaint for the AF MK2. Looking to take the paint of an A-10 warthog with the Shark mouth. Probably do a grey tone overall. Add more engines. To be honest I hate the ship design. One engine?!? Come on! The wings are just dumb. Some intern just took a Nebulan B distorted the scale of the front & back, curved the bottom pods and added some wings. If anyone has some mods/repaints to their AF MKII please post! Should I strip the paint first? If so with what? I've heard FFG's paint is hard to get off.
  5. Not sure how many old PC game fans here. But those of you that played and loved such titles as X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter & X-wing Alliance. Are dying to see some of those elements or ships brought into this game. What I'd like to see to help create a larger variety of missions would be; platforms, dry dock, ship yard, manufacturing facility, containers & convoy ships. Rogue One has the shield gate. Battlefront 2 has a base similar to that. We also have various platforms from the previously mentioned pc game. Yes, lots of this can be bought on Mel's minitures. Though FFG does not support this. What I'm hoping is the next mission pack after.... (Corrillian Conflict, Rebellion in the Rim) Would support this. If we got containers, it'd be great if they could magnetize together. In the Tie Fighter game. Pirates and Rebels would do this to make small bases. Could be something different than a cardboard flat station but with a different ability. A dry dock with the ability to have a ship connect to it. Platforms that could launch fighter squadrons. So what's your favorite thing from those games you'd like to see incorporated into Armada? With What kind of mission or ability?
  6. Those of us that haven't cancelled our order yet and will wait almost an entire year for this ship with our $200. (Gaining interest in their pockets.) Should get some nice swag for our patience. If FFG is smart.
  7. What are the best cards to use the title with?
  8. Palp aces got destroyed at the last Tournament I went to. Even a double YV-666 with a skull list took it out. Which surprised me. I almost ran the same list. I would have thought with more points to spare it would have been good still. Nope.
  9. So the Tie Defender gets a free evade after fully completing a 3 speed or higher maneuver. What about if it is stressed? Flies over some debre? Flies over a rock? Etc?
  10. Yeah I'm going to be killing lots of "Skilled First Officers". 1 point reroll sacrifice. Skilled First officer gets orders to report to Raider. He thinks, "I'm getting promoted to Captain. There is no need for me on a Raider?!?" Finds out he isn't captain. Told to report to the forward guns of the SSD. He arrives and say to himself. "What the heck do they want me ackkkkk...." Vader walks in. If you do not hit that ship perfectly you will end up like this!"
  11. Yeah some people do have to hit bottom. His excuse for the part-time people was that they weren't really interested in the first place.....Denial is so predictable. Thanks. I'm just trying to treat him the way I'd want to be. Try to be far and not only help but the next group he tries to adopt if he fails. That and if he's totally clueless and doesn't adjust his game. Maybe the next group that stops playing with him he'll realise, "Oh wait. He was right!" I just think there is so much bad stuff that happens in the world or can go sour... why add to the pile?
  12. Looking for the most ships that pack the biggest punch. Lists must be five or higher. I have a lot ships but don't really want to buy a second conversion pack. Change my mind.
  13. So my cake day is soon and I'm hoping that an intern is responsible for the updates and is doing a horrible job. I'll get a call on my cake day and it will be at the store for me to pick up. Plus some kool pre-order swag. 🤞 Oh and the store will get in an odd shipment of fighter I packs.😜
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