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  1. I’m down for continuing! Completely ok with a bit slower pace if needed.
  2. I just got power back after Irma!! Sad day! Loved playing with y’all!
  3. Perfect, I got it right. Using Darzil for Agility, and my stealth. I went primary to get us a boost from talents. Like a thief in the night: 3eA+1eP+1eB+2eD 1 success, 2 advantage Not quite as many advantages, but what do you think @Darzil and @TheShard?
  4. You - 2eA+1eB & 1 Advantage Me - 2eA+1eP+1eB Darzil - 4eA
  5. I apologize, I forget the correct way to figure out rolling as a group. For slave quarters, rolling stealth (no deception among the three), we have 2eA, 2eA+1eP+1eB, and 4eA. Do we roll 3eA+1eP+1eB+2eD?
  6. https://frinkiac.com/meme/S06E08/1270251.jpg?b64lines=IExFVCdTIFRFQVIgVEhJUyBQTEFDRQogQVBBUlQuIEdPT0QgSURFQS4=
  7. Tox would vote free slaves first. If even half will pick up arms and fight, they would drastically outnumber the slavers. Especially when combined with the escaped slaves and us.
  8. Looking at the meger group in front of her, Tox can't help but question if this is a fool's errand. So few, most weak, against so many? What chance do we have? Tox clenched her fist, angry at the situation, and, if she was honest, angry at herself for her hesitation. What choice do we, I, have? We must help! Striding forward, she looks the speaking Ithorian, "What we need is information, hands to fight and weapons to arm those hands. Where can we find these? Have you heard any speak of an armory or munitions depot?"
  9. Sorry I have been away, very busy week. This exchange made me stop and laugh out loud. I'all read through and catch up in the next few minutes and post something in IC if I have anything to add.
  10. Ok, here is how Tox is spending her XP: Based on her taking out the droid before it had a chance to do anything, she learned the value of having a Quick Strike (Assassin, 10xp). She also realizes what an asset the Vampblades are with the ability to draw them so quickly, so she is working on making all of her tools Quick Draw (Assassin, 10xp). Lastly, she really learned a lot from her team about Stealth (Rank 1, 5xp). She can put that knowledge to good use.
  11. It's been hectic here as well, so no worries!! The force is with me: 1eF 1 Light Side I'll figure out what makes sense XP wise and update as well.
  12. Tox retracts her blades and stands up, into a less defensive stance. Why can't these two give a straight answer? Dropping her arms to her side, in a show of leery trust, she looks the two strangers over. Clearly, they aren't Zygerrians. That doesn't mean they aren't slavers, but they don't look the part, they look like they are wearing ragtag armor. Tox glances at her companions and then at herself. They look like us. "Let's say for a second that we believe you mean us no harm, who are you? Who is our mutual contact? Give us information," she glances at her team and sees a slight nod from both, "We give you some information. I'll start. You can call me Tox. That's Khaine," nodding first to the human and then to the Gand, "And that's S'zish." I hope I didn't show our hand too early.
  13. "Coo doe e chu ta u " Tox growled, a snarl curling her lips. In a well practiced blur, she extended her blades and crouches in K'tara's 4th form. Controlling her breathing, she reads as much as she can from the Transdoshan's posture in the instant before she pounces. Seeing a smile and his palms up, a very abnormal stance for a Transdoshan, she relaxes a fraction. "Who are you? How did you find us? Answer carefully, these words may be your last."
  14. Tox's Response to Mrash 1-25 - Fight 26-50 - Flight 51-75 - Leary Trust 76-100 - Implicit Trust Fight, Trust, Flight: 1d100 55 Leary Trust it is.
  15. Tox runs quietly through the streets, following her silent teammates. Every few turns she takes point, stopping and listening for movement. Just like home, she caught herself after a close call. No, this is nothing like that pile of poodoo. Keep your head in the game. She flicks her wrist absentmindedly, watching the blade shoot out silently. She pushes the blade against a wall, letting it slide smoothly back into the sheath. Click. She smiled when she heard the faint sound letting her know the trigger mechanism was rearmed. Turning towards the team, she motioned that she was going to scout an alley. Receiving the 10-4 with cover, she slithers around the corner. Right into the back of a surveillance droid. Two quick flicks, two silent blades slice through the night and dispatch the droid. Catching it before it can fall and alert any passing guards, Tox carefully places it on an abandoned crate, facing the alley at a haphazard angle. Whew, that was close. Sliding back into formation, she shakes her head at her team, indicating that that alley is not viable. Taking up the rear, she follows the team to the base of a tower. Catching their collective breath, they sign possible plans of action. Tox, looking around for a route, notices how easy it would be to climb the tower. Climbing a tentiative few meters, but staying far below the roofline, she can't help but be transported back to the cliffs by her childhood home. This would be easy to climb, perhaps I could spot a clear path. Climbing back down, she motions to the others her plan.
  16. My reasoning behind Perception - we as gamers know that we weren't followed, but do our characters know that? I assume they knew, but they would still be cautious. On a success, the characters would know they were not followed. On a fail, they could find Shard and Darzil. I was going to completely ignore advantage/disadvantage here and make this truly a pass/fail. (similar to a force die roll in F&D) What do you guys think? should Tox try and climb the tower and risk being spotted, but gain knowledge of our predicament?
  17. Thats my thoughts, once I find out the results, I'll post IC. Depending on my roll, maybe I see you, maybe I don't, depends how Ryoden wants us to meet.
  18. Perception to ensure no one followed us/we are 'alone', then athletics check to climb the tower and try and spot a better way to the center of the ship/control hub (perception again?). Looking for an unpatrolled section of the herdship.
  19. I concur, just spit balling ideas. I was absent for about a page and a half, so I am trying to get back. little miss is keeping my hands full
  20. Fair points on both suggestions. Spend 3 advantage to state that the droid only recorded movement, not sound or video. Spend 2 advantage to further state that we managed to stay off of all video monitors. basically, spend all five advantage to state that the only proof we were there is the broken droid and the resistance spotting us.
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