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  1. Yes, it has grown because the SoR pre-release events provided optimism, and something to look forward to on May 4th. So when May 4th comes and screws up all that momentum, we will be back at ground zero...
  2. I think you are discounting the value of a focus side when it comes to overall damage in a dice pool. That focus side can be worth up to 3 damage, and more than that if it helps get the only straight black damage side needed with rolled modifiers. to me, 1 focus has significantly more value than a modified 2 damage.
  3. If you want to attribute the interest in Nike more to artificial scarcity than to the man who put NIKE on the map. You are a foolio ...
  4. You might want to as well. That's a quick research, just google Michael Jeffrey Jordan...
  5. Captain Phasma is much better than Veers... they both have 1 and 2 damage sides. Veers has the +2 but Phasma has a focus. The discard side is better than the shield side. Phasma has 2 more health. Phasma has one of the best abilities in the game, Veers has none. And phasma is only one point more expensive? Not even close which is better
  6. No Force protection? 3 shields is better than paying 1 buck for 2 heal
  7. Or something like planned explosion. Or Unkar Plutt's ability.
  8. Ahh the deck of trolls everywhere
  9. The problem being, you have just taken away one of the emperor dice, and lost the ability to deflect damage off of him. The whole point of taking away one of his die is to deflect attacks on him
  10. Actually, this just led me to an important question. Can holocron put blue abilities on Guard? The holocron text says ignore play restrictions, but i guess that might be just on the upgrade itself, the guard restriction is on his character?
  11. You are right, there are trade offs. 1 dice is easier to mitigate than 2. And with a 30 card deck, im sure you could throw some cards to make Guardian more effective. But the guardian ability, and 8 more health, the deck became a whole lot beefier. And with 6 upgrade slots instead of 3, you could get more value out of running 2 holocrons.
  12. The difficulty here would be in valuing the ability or the special of a character
  13. It seems like the designers created royal guard to be paired with a single die Emperor. So, what do you think? would u rather have two dice Palp or single die with a guardian?
  14. I hate the Tie fighter. For more punch, how about adding a Kylo's lightsaber?
  15. well a month ago we had 20 people show up to a tournament. many of them were complaining about not being able to buy any product. At last week's tournament. there were 10. fringe players are definitely dropping out. stunting the player base growth in a new game can be hazardous. There are many interested players doing as you suggest. Hold their breathe and wait and see. If those players again cant get what they want in the second set. see ya later.
  16. pretty sure they don't want it to be a dead game. And if the second set disappoints with supply, it sure will be.
  17. yes, nothing over 2 cost for sure. But Endless ranks will be really tough to pull off without a better money generator than drudge work.
  18. I am excited to try a three death trooper deck. I just have no idea how the deck will get any money...
  19. Well him and Bala Tik would be pretty good. Or him and a death trooper could be pretty sick
  20. soooo. If everybody has this much concern over a new game, isn't that in itself an issue? These very real issues have stunted the growth of new players to this game. Whether the game will recover or not, time will tell.
  21. They would have been much better off to delay the release of the second set, and reprint the first set to meet demand.
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