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  1. Not using a card correctly does not make it a bad card.
  2. No matter what font size or color you use, or how much you yell how clear the rules are, it is up to reasonable thinking players to use common sense in deciding what the designers were intending with the text of the rule. We can find an onslaught of cards with play abilities like "Archive a card". "Steal 1 Aember". "Deal 2 damage to each creature". In fact, you used a few of these straightforward texts in your own examples that failed to prove similar to the current question. As someone else has already pointed out, "this turn" was specifically added to this card, and "this turn" does not show up on all those others examples. SO let use a common sense conclusion on why the designers decided to add "this turn". If they intended as you claim, that the player play the card immediately, logically they would just use the wording they have already established with 95% of the other cards. "Play one non-logos card". But since for this edge case, they intentionally added "this turn", it must be different then the other 95% of the cases. They must have intended the card to be played anytime this turn.
  3. I think the OP was asking if wormhole fully resolved before he received the bonus card from library access. Thus, only receiving one bonus card from library access instead of two.
  4. Shadows Bait and switch Miasma Subtle Maul Dis Restringuntus Succubus Key to Dis Arise Control the Weak Logos Library Access Mother Time Traveler
  5. dude, the games you play must last FOREVER!!! typically, it take 6 rounds just to cycle thru ur deck once. the game you are describing must be 14+ rounds. Was your opponent new to the game that it lasted this many rounds?
  6. I have a deck with EMP Blast from the Mars house. Very Strong card, and it is 1 of my only 4 aember cards.... card text: "Each Mars creature and Each Robot creature is stunned. Each artifact is destroyed" i have 7 mars creatures and 4 robots. 3 of those robots are mother, (CANT remove her!!). 3 of my 4 artifacts are vital to my win condition. They cannot be removed. Now i wouldn't say this card is completely useless, but it is **** close....
  7. Since no one has mentioned this card yet, I feel one of the best cards is Library Access. Leads to some blowout turns...
  8. cool. What about doc with boots? or even without. Id guess whoever i put boots on might instantly become a target.
  9. Besides mother, i think there may be some other threats my opponent may also want to remove. two Old Brunos can lock up 6 aembers. Do you go for my mother or for three of your aember? What about the bolter with a rocket boots? he can purge 2 of your characters per turn? Or the zookeeper. Tough choices depending on the game status. edit: forgot to add noddy who steals, and last but not least, Zyzzik the Many, who can archive a creature per fight/reap, and gains 3 power each time he does this..
  10. This is factual. If I had a guardian and a mother in my hand, I most likely lay the guardian first.
  11. I am just exploring the potential of the deck. But as you said math wise, there are 3 mothers and two guardians in the deck. So seems to me the odds of naked mothers are just as equal as the odds of having one guarded. I do think the biggest weakness of the deck is vulnerable to board wipes.
  12. oh, bummer. What are the best targets for the boots then? DOc of course would draw 2 cards. But some even more dangerous ones with Yxilo the Bolter, or the ZooKeeper. I could put it on Vespilon Theorist to get my archive built up.
  13. There is also two huge guardians in this deck. Yxilx Dominator and Shadow Self. With those two beasts, I can pick and choose which threats I want to really keep alive. Like mother, or, doc, or Noddy the thief. The rocket boots can go on doc or noddy. Stealing two aember a round also seems pretty good to me.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Yes, EMP blast looked very out of place in this deck. One other possible blowout card is Psychic Network. If I can get a huge library access turn, which can stack my hand full of Mars creatures (7 total in the deck), also use my archiving with mars, I can get the psychic network down for a nice aember burst. But I do think the deck is vulnerable to board wipes... here is the link: https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/4a7060f9-d024-4820-896b-b640291a6133
  15. I have only bought one deck, and even though I haven't played a single game yet, this deck looks really strong. shadows: Subtle Maul x 2; Nerve Blast; Too much to Protect; Pawn Sacrifice; creatures: Bad Penny; Old Bruno x 2; Mack the Knife; Silver Tooth; Shadow Self; Noddy the Theif Logos: Library Access; Foggify; Rocket Boots; Library of Babble; creatures: Batdrone; Dextre x 2; Vespilon Theorist; Mother x 3; Doc Bookton; Mars: Mothergun; Sample Collection; Psychic Network; Phosphorus Stars; EMP Blast; Yxilo Bolter; MindWarper; Uxlyx the Zookeeper; John Smyth; Yxili Marauder; Yxilx Dominator; Zyzzix the Many So, if I am understanding this correctly, I could have a board with three mothers, allowing me to draw up to 9 cards a turn. Cycling through my deck like mad. While my opponent could be discarding two card every turn with those Subtle Mauls. 9 cards to 4 cards seems pretty broken!! But on top of that, setting up a monster turn with Library access!! Not only does Library of Babble and Doc Bookton allow me to draw a card, Rocket boots can allow me to draw 2 cards with doc. But wait there's more, there so much good archive stuff in my mars house, that i could basically setup a turn where i play or draw most of my deck in one turn! The first weakness i think there is, only 4 cards have ambers on them. but there are 22 creatures in this deck, so Im guessing the major amber production will be from reaping. Thoughts?
  16. So you saying that card combo forces you to play an aggro deck? well that freaking sux...
  17. So thoughts on why ammo belt and second chance interaction was not addressed?
  18. Add in fast hands and My Kind of Scum, with 6 disrupt sides on your starting characters. Your opponent will never have resources to remove Blackmail....
  19. Obi-wan's design is odd, and i think designed to make another character a boss for the end game. But with him being so expensive, what are the options? Snap cannot carry an end game. I dont know if Old Ben Kenobe can be viable yet. I would think trying him with rey is the best option.
  20. Yeah, I am excited to see how the new set shakes out. One thing I am concerned about, I wish they solved the Jango problem differently, by adding ways to mitigate action cheating. Instead, they added more action cheating. Hopefully the 3 rd set will add some action cheating mitigation....
  21. Luminara, Acolyte, Hired Gun. 2 cunnings? yes please. 6 damage for 1 buck? yes please Also the ability to discard 4 cards, disrupt 4 resources, or gain 4 resources every turn seems pretty felxible!!
  22. The sarcasm detection is weak with this one.
  23. 8 actions and he didn't resolve any dice? what .. ????
  24. I heard they are going to try to print all of the dice with no misprints.
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