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  1. 3 minutes ago, blinkingline said:

    The new rule book has added the text "A player cannot sacrifice a card they do not control." to the definition of Sacrifice in the Glossary. 

    thank you

  2. in the official definition, there is no specifying that sacrifice has to be a card you control. Pawn Sacrifice specifies "sacrifice a friendly creature". The new brobnar card reads like this: "You may sacrifice any number of creatures with total power of 25". The creatures aren't specified as friendly or enemy. Can you sacrifice enemy creatures with this card? Seems way too overpowered if so.  


  3. On 3/29/2019 at 9:20 AM, Simplegarak said:

    Yeah... they really should have put a chain or two on bait & switch. (really a few things in shadows seem a bit unbalanced)

    They already have a deck chaining system in place. Chaining individual cards, in a game that relies on synergy, before it even plays a game is probably not a good idea. 

  4. On 4/29/2019 at 12:47 PM, Dantastic24 said:

    I am surprised and a bit disappointed that we still have no official release date for AoA. I realize it could be any day now but I am super excited and thought for sure with the last FFG stream we would get an official release day but all they gave us was some teases about new OP kits and some rules clarifications about Gabos Longarms. 

    Have I missed anywhere that they have announced this?

    When do you think AoA will be releasing? 

    Welcome to a FFG game my friend ...   

  5. 35 minutes ago, dpuck1998 said:

    Mars doesn't get a lot of attention, but two John smyths and if your opponent can't board wipe you can end the game in a couple turns.  Mothergun helps counter them getting out creatures as well.  Its a bit of a glass canon, but can be deadly for sure.

    Along these lines, all you ever hear is about how broken library access is. I think Battle Fleet is underrated...   


  6. 10 hours ago, saluk64007 said:

    Not as much of an issue anymore, since restringuntus + control the weak no longer locks the opponent out of any house. The new rules changed the interaction such that can't overrules must, so either you choose the same house for both and restringuntus locks, or you choose a different house with CTW and that is the house they must choose.

    But witch of the eye, dominator, and control the weak can be enough, especially if you can trick them into having one house in hand.

    Has an official FAQ been released recently?


  7. On 1/16/2019 at 4:10 PM, andrew144 said:

    The first thing I do when I see someone complaining about a broken Library Access deck (or conversely, trying to hype one up on ebay) is check to make sure it has a Phase Shift.  If it doesn't, it can't forge the turn it runs through the deck, which means the opponent can steal almost all of its Aember with like two cards: Too Much to Protect followed by anything that get the opponent down under 6 Aember.  

    The second thing I do is check to see how the deck is going to be forging its keys during its subsequent turn.  Key Charge is fine.  Key Charge + Chota Hazri is better.  Multiple Key Abductions is best.  If the deck only has a single Key Charge, then assuming both Nepenthe seeds were blown getting the "draw my whole hand" thing going, then an opponent who can kill any Witch of the Eye cards can prevent the Key Charge from being used multiple times.  So now the Library Access deck can play a ton of cards out of hand to create a board position and get some Aember, but again, a single Bait & Switch takes care of the Aember, and a single Gateway to Dis takes care of the board.

    Library Access one turn kill decks have phase shift + something like key charge or key abduction, and cannot really be countered, short of killing the nepenthe seeds as soon as they appear.  Even then, they can be delayed with cards like Control the Weak.  But many people that talk about these decks being a problem overestimate how common they are, because they don't understand that Phase Shift is required.

    It sounds extremely exhausting to be you...     


  8. On 1/16/2019 at 5:15 PM, Robin Graves said:

    Any decks with Restinguntus, conrol the weak, dominator bauble and witch of the eye?

    That deck wouldn't make me quit, but it would make me stop...

    The decks are the different sides to the same coin. One prevents you from doing anything, and you watch your opponent win. The other does all the things, and you watch your opponent win. 

  9. 6 hours ago, KroggandMohawk said:

    Last night a had an interesting series of events happen. I had a Soul Snatcher in play and my opponent had both an Autocannon and a Pingle Who Annoys in his deck. Luckily for me I had a Bad Penny in my hand and he had played his Autocannon. I was getting six aember a turn because of that! Good times. 

    Yes, I have played a live event with my opponent having this combo.... very annoying  


  10. 7 hours ago, KrisWall said:

    This happened last week with my Logos/Sanctum/Shadow deck.

    • House Logos, play Harland Mindlock next to Shadow Self to gain control my opponent's Ember Imp.
    • Opponent grumbles on his turn because he can't do anything about the Ember Imp or the Harland Mindlock.
    • House Sanctum, play Terms of Redress twice, capturing 4 aember onto Ember Imp and gaining 2 bonus aember in the process.  Play Sergeant Zakiel to Ready and Fight with the Harland Mindlock, killing it and returning the Ember Imp to my opponent.  Fight with a second Sanctum creature to kill the Ember Imp, gaining the 4 aember it had captured from its own side earlier in the round.

    Good times.  Really, the combo is just Harland Mindlock followed by a next turn Terms of Redress.

    ****, that is slick ...   here is another one i hadnt thought of yet....   


  11. 7 hours ago, Gaukli said:

    Yesterday I encountered the interaction between Ether Spider and Bait and Switch for the first time. My Ether Spider captured every amber that my opponent stole with Bait and Switch. I was at 8 amber, my opponent had two. Once Bait and Switch was resolved I had only 2 left. So, be careful when you play  with Ether Spider against Shadows - your loss might be even increased. (Eventually that cost me the game because I was one amber short after my next turn, couldn't forge the key the turn afterwards ...)

    Oh yeah. Bait n Switch is a brutal counter to that spider!!   

  12. 16 hours ago, KrisWall said:

    I wasn't being sarcastic.  I legit believe that the majority of these situations have believable in universe explanations.

    I also don't think the comment I was responding to was sarcastic.  A little tongue in cheek, maybe.

    I was referring to the explanation of Smaaash stunning itself as being exactly as you said "tongue in cheek".  Because it wasnt intended to make the fact smaash stuns himself "make sense".  It doesnt make sense, it is actually pretty ridiculous. 

  13. This game still pops up interesting combos I had never thought of before until it happens in a play. Playing in the Crucible Online.  I had my Logos, Dis, Shadows deck. I played out the Batdrone, and threw Experimental Therapy on it. It immediately flew into my discard pile as destroyed.... wtf.... OHH  My opponent has King of the Crag on the board. Experimental Therapy made Batdrone an enemy Brobnar creature. And it immediately lost 2 power. lol   

  14. 15 hours ago, KrisWall said:

    Pretty much this.  In the Warhammer 40k hobby, we have a saying.  Forge the Narrative.  In other words, anyone with half a bit of imagination should be able to come up with an explanation every time someone says 'but that doesn't make sense'.

    Maybe I was the only one who caught the sarcasm in this explanation?   


  15. 16 hours ago, yobtar said:

    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use Key Abduction. Can any of you help explain a way it would work in my deck. I played a game last night with these 2 decks against each other and the "Mia Diamond" deck won. I never had a ton of creatures in the Xanadu deck to use the key abduction.

     "Total Recall" With "Key Abduction".   Play the combo with three or 4 beasts on the board. Gain 5-6 aember, forge a key at 7 or 8 aember.  

  16. 13 minutes ago, TheSpitfired said:

    Well, Smaaash! gets so excited to get out there and fight because he knows his presence is stunning. He understands that when he approaches the battlefield someone will freeze up at the very sight of him. He pledges himself to Archons knowing they will take full advantage of this.

    So when his Archon calls on him he knows it's tilly time. He rushes out to the battlefield only to find it is empty. This doesn't make any sense. He is BROBNAR! He was born and bred to fight! His very presence is shocking to his opponents. Why would his Archon deploy him when there is no one for him to wow? He is stunned that his Archon would do this...

    Makes sense to me. Lady Maxena is a little tougher to figure out but give me some time...

    FFG needs to employ you to write flavor text

  17. I agree with Kris. Xanadu has some big aember burst, and two wasy to cheat keys. You have 2 dust pixies with 4 cards that can recycle them into your hand with 2 regrowth and two total recall. Also, big combo opportunities with total recall and key abduction.  



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