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  1. They already have a deck chaining system in place. Chaining individual cards, in a game that relies on synergy, before it even plays a game is probably not a good idea.
  2. Welcome to a FFG game my friend ...
  3. Along these lines, all you ever hear is about how broken library access is. I think Battle Fleet is underrated...
  4. Has an official FAQ been released recently?
  5. It sounds extremely exhausting to be you...
  6. The decks are the different sides to the same coin. One prevents you from doing anything, and you watch your opponent win. The other does all the things, and you watch your opponent win.
  7. A couple of things. Phase shift was in this deck. Library Access was not a Maverick. Witch of the Eye is not necessary to the combo. There are currently 632 decks with at least 1 of the following: Library Access Nepenthe Seed Key Charge Phase Shift
  8. 2 x Nepenthe Seed; 2 x Witch of the Eye; 1 library Access; 1 key charge ; phase shift Stupid game sometimes eh?
  9. Autocannon + Bad Penny + Soul Snatcher 6 aember every turn
  10. msieder

    Surprise Combos

    Yes, I have played a live event with my opponent having this combo.... very annoying
  11. msieder

    Surprise Combos

    ****, that is slick ... here is another one i hadnt thought of yet....
  12. msieder

    Surprise Combos

    Oh yeah. Bait n Switch is a brutal counter to that spider!!
  13. I think power creep isn't considered a mistake at FFG, but actually their business model... You can guarantee the next set in keyforge is going to have severe power creep.
  14. Mostly Mars play abilities are to stun themselves.... lol
  15. I was referring to the explanation of Smaaash stunning itself as being exactly as you said "tongue in cheek". Because it wasnt intended to make the fact smaash stuns himself "make sense". It doesnt make sense, it is actually pretty ridiculous.
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