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  1. Looking to get started a day later than the 1A that I pulled on account of the travel. Would like trade for a 1B. Thanks!
  2. You weren't keen on the idea of a free booster pack? ... What? You don't have to send them the damaged dice.
  3. And yet, two years ago they didn't put out an announcement and their gambit with mass appeal X-Wing flopped. That's why those sets went for super clearance $12 at Target in January.
  4. I'm reading the words they used. Go to any forum for any Star Wars-related product and you'll see all the people certain it's an expansion for their game. No where does it say that, but it does call it a "new product" while calling all those lines "product." I'm not even speculating; again, I'm reading the words they used.
  5. No, the mystery product won't have anything to do with any of FFG's current Star Wars products. They literally said "new product" in their announcement, after referring to Destiny, X-Wing, Imperial Assault and their RPGs as "products." You're reading more into it than exists. They said "new product," not "new expansion to an existing product." X-Wing players think it's one thing, Destiny players think it's another, Imperial Assault yet another. Furthermore, it *wouldn't make sense for an expansion to be the big Force Friday surprise*. Force Friday isn't about a particular subset of gamers, but about Star Wars. It will be new and it will have, or is intended to have, mass appeal. Force Friday isn't about making 3 people happy; it's about making Disney tons of money on Star Wars merch. An expansion to an existing game with an existing base won't do that on Force Friday any more than it would on a random Tuesday or Thursday.
  6. A single Planetary Uprising is one source of damage. So, with two on the table, its two sources and Force Illusion does not work like that. You know this and are choosing to be ignorant for the sake of pretending you have a point. None of this is complicated or inconsistent with the rules. Grow up.
  7. First, I don't know why you're ever in this forum because all you do is complain and then act like a child when someone makes a valid counterpoint to your bull. If you hate Destiny or FFG so much, you should find somewhere else to spend what must be hours every single day. You comment on every thread and the large majority of your comments are useless and negative. Second, FFG isn't telling you this is a card game. FFG has called this a "collectible dice and card game" every time they've mentioned it. From their Destiny central page and their video tutorial to every single article they've published, the words "collectible dice and card game" are ever-present. Hold them to whatever standard a moron like you holds companies to, but don't try to twist their words to justify your stance. I bet you're a terrible person to play any game with.
  8. I ran an eBaze/Leia deck the other day. Hit and Run into eBaze, with Leia having Wingman, it was hilarious.
  9. What exactly is it that you want them to say, though?
  10. I don't have a much of a dog in this fight (although I do think too many people have their expectations set at unreasonable levels considering the various factors that play into the manufacturing process), but if you left two Destiny groups, don't want to participate in your local Destiny community, had an argument with the owner of the LGS, and left an X-Wing group "for the same reason," some introspection may be the order of the day for you. If you're continually upset with a game company's policies, processes, procedures, player base, and places that sell their games, maybe it's time to find something else. There is no question product is limited, but they are also now limited in how they can respond to that AND provide new product. I *guarantee* you if they delayed SoR to make more Awakenings, the same rabble-rousers would rouse the rabble about that, too. When I read "very limited run," I read "printing during the only window available at the factory without disrupting other projects." Apparently, the alarmist community read it differently. Most importantly, I have no idea why you folks think that FFG doesn't want to make a mint off this game. Clearly they're going to correct the supply-demand curve, but that takes time. If you're not patient, fine, but my lord, don't be surprised when your impatience gets a response and hurts your feelings.
  11. If people only got as impassioned about things that really mattered as much as they do card games, man, think of what a great world we'd live in. Sometimes, a company makes a great product that blows their expectations away. Sometimes, a company makes a terrible product that flops. I'd much rather have the former and have the company adjust to meet future demand, but hey, I'm not a giant whiner spending his days crying over my inability to find dice.
  12. There is more than just the cards in the pack ...
  13. My guess is, based on the close up on her face and the 4 sides we know about, the upgrade is her "glasses" or whatever those spectacles would be called. Nothing else in the picture. Could be unique.
  14. Game is far from dead. I have participated in a couple of 20+ participants without very much advertisement at all.
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