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  1. I'm curious if there will be an official KeyForge tournament run by FF? Was noticeably absent from the GenCon event drop list and I often use a FF tournament as a pillar of my GenCon scheduling. Let that pick a time-slot and fill in the rest. Was there any plans because there are a lot of 3rd party orgs running them it seems. Edit: Just had to be patient 12 hours
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. I'll roll two 19s then, as a rookie that seems a nice number. I do see what you mean. I'm a purist so I may bring my weaknesses there and do them at the table. A few investigators ya know could have less punishment or even benefit from certain weakness, any that synergize with monster killing for reward.
  3. Traveling a long way and playing with strangers. If everyone has a Jenny deck that is less fun. Wasn't going to bring every card but just having the variety to have a better group was my thinking. So I was thinking a solo deck and then a more support deck and just see what we got when we get there
  4. Going to GenCon for the new standalone deck adventure. Any advice as I only ever built decks with a friend for campaigns. Where I'm stuck is if I'm travelling with a deck I assume I should take 2 just in case. Reading the standalone rules I get up to 9 XP without adding more weaknesses. Is there a recommended xp tier? Looking for deck suggestions that other people might not have as common with my own twist but curious if the 10-19 xp bracket is better blind than say 30-39 bracket? Or is 0-9 just fine?
  5. Oh and I retract my earlier. Rules Page 14. * A Player cannot resolve the same die more than once per action. Someone does try and mention that above but this wording makes it more clear. That puts the end to it. I haven't seen any other dice needing that rule.
  6. I play Black One and I would allow this. I see what you mean. With All In and you resolving Black One first, by finishing resolve you don't remove it from your pool. I play All-In for other reasons. How I would say no is if a clarification came down saying that when playing All In you need to declare the order upon playing it. As of now I play it as I go. I've used it to get a 1 Resource to pay for a 1 Resource 3 Ranged. I'm on the side of allowing it, I see the fear of repeat rolls but it not saying "select any number of dice and resolve them in the order of your choice" has me liking the synergy. As it reads it seems like you can just keep pulling dice from your pool until you are done and Black One makes it so the dice never leaves the pool. Errata needed for sure.
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