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  1. And just to double check: this is also true for all the others in that set (Higher Education, Streetwise, Scrapper) *except* Blood Pact, where having 2 is definitely valuable. Right?
  2. Just a simple rules question: Is there any reason ever to have two https://arkhamdb.com/card/02185 ? My upgrade notes mention wanting two of them, but I'm looking at the card and I'm pretty sure that's pointless? I'm just asking in case my past self noticed something I can't see.
  3. I went through *all* the rules and wrote out everything that surprised me; perhaps it will be useful to people besides me: http://rlpowell.name/hobbies/gaming/arkham_horror_lcg_notes.html
  4. It is perhaps worth noting that the rules on the "Act Deck And Agenda Deck" say: , which pretty strongly implies that it can happen at any time. This seems worth an errata; how would I submit that? Having said that, the relevant Learn To Play section is *super* clear, as is the Doom section in the Reference. Contrariwise, however, the Doom section in the reference says when to advance the Agenda, but doesn't mention the bit about all doom being removed. So you have to read 2 sections to actually get it right, although again the Learn To Play bits are all in one place and correct. The Framework Event Details appendix is also both complete and correct.
  5. Huh. That's interesting, because for at least half the scenarios it's felt about right. I *did* take other people's deck designs from arkhamdb, and I've worked hard to fit those designs to our 4 person set up.
  6. I suspect that it's as much an issue of working from memory as anything else. I mean, after the first game, we mostly played without the rule books; more relying on the turn order cards and our general understanding of how things should go. But yeah, this makes me think I should read both rule books cover-to-cover.
  7. So my friends and I have been playing on Standard, because we want a "it feels like we could lose but mostly we win" sort of experience. It has, throughout, felt harder than Standard seems like it should feel; we're all experienced gamers, in particular at co-op games, but like the 2nd and 3rd scenarios in The Night Of The Zealot were unpleasantly hard, as was The Essex County Express. (Indeed, I posted about this at one point, wondering what we were doing wrong). It turns out we *were* doing something wrong. Two things, actually. Hilariously wrong. 1. We were advancing the Agenda as soon as the Doom number was reached, no matter what phase it was. In particular, we advance the Agenda on at least one occasion when a monster with doom came out, when in fact we had an *entire turn* to kill it. And much much worse: 2. We didn't realize that flipping the Agenda clears *all* doom. I'm pretty sure we had at least one case where we flipped the Agenda and *left 3 doom out* on monsters. So, uh. Yeah. I'm not sure what difficulty we were playing on, but sure as Shub-Niggurath hungers to feed her young, it was *not* Standard.
  8. Even with Broken Token, my box is getting pretty full. Besides the per-scenario encounter sets, are there any encounter sets that are only used once? (i.e. that you can stash somewhere else once you've played particular scenarios)?
  9. I was under the impression that no matter how many players you have, you should play with (up to) 2 core sets, and one of everything else, and that if you buy multiple copies of the expansion packs, you are (very mildly) cheating by make for easier deck building possibilities. I became less sure when I saw people talking about playing a 4 player game with *six* copies of Delve Too Deep. I'm playing 4 player and we have exactly one copy of The Miskatonic Museum, which is what I thought you were supposed to do, which gives us 2 copies of that card. How do people feel about buying more copies of an expansion pack to get access to more copies of a card, in a 4 player game?
  10. It never occurred to me to worry about spoilers on something more than a year old; sorry about that! I updated the title, but I can't actually see a way to mark spoilers in the text editor; what's the community convention around here?
  11. AW *DAMMIT*. I *knew* we were missing something! Thank you! (It turned out not to matter because we realized we only had one doom to go before the final agenda closed out, so we ran out the alley, successfully.)
  12. See attached image, but: The game tells me to put Peter Clover and an Abomination into the Clover Club Bar. We're on Agenda 3, which says that at the start of the enemy phase, any Criminal with an Abomination dies. As far as I can tell, this means that Peter Clover is *guaranteed* to die if you bring him out during Agenda 3, unless you already have a people sitting in the bar waiting for the Abomination, which you wouldn't because you're off in the Darkened Hallway trying to get out. Am I missing anything?
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