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  1. Great idea. This would give the game more depth and be so cool!
  2. Thank you. Yeah I understand that the mechanics may defer. Was thinking mostly about the story and missions. Cool!
  3. So I am very stoked to get into IA soon. (Playing Armada and Legion also). I really like what FFG have done with the app intergration and the Solo possibilities. So my question is what are the differences between the campaign vs the app campaign? Is it worth playing both with the app and with the rulebook?
  4. Wow the day the earth stood still! Amazing
  5. Thank you very much. Which waves contain which boxed expansions, small boxes, ally & villains etc?
  6. I am interested getting into IA soon and main part is the campaign and the new app. But I have some question for the canpaign and how it plays out with all the expansions? Is the core box it's own campaign and the expansions their own? And I read that some single unit exp contain one or two missions, how do they fit into the other campaigns? Or are they all connected to the respective wave? And with the new app and if I buy let's say Hoth exp campaign, will the single unit missions be added to the app if I buy them also? Thanks!
  7. I will be buying the game soon. I am so impressed of the new app and the great way to solo or just enhance the way you can play with your friends.
  8. Nice, but the way that they implemented the app with the game in IA is fantastic. And to be able to Solo the campaign is a great addon.
  9. Will we be getting a campaign mode with an companion app like we got for SW Imperial Assault? I would love to see a more intriguing story mode both for single player and with friends.
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