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  1. The moment their games gonna start being worse, they're dead in market. Product is one thing. But it is dam important how you sell it and support it. Good they have actually good games. But I belive in rule "Do not f--- with the customer" - that my company is allign with, that's why I hate the thing they're doing.
  2. No, and this is one of those things that I hate. That's the reason why I started this topic. It's not like I want my money back, I actually wanna give them my money. And they still piss on this. Higher level of ignorance.
  3. I know that store in my country that was providing preorder for months gonna only deliver half of those preorders. So you not only have to preorder with FFG politics but be the sicking first one to preorder. What the H is wrong here? Yes, we can blame store for giving such possibility.. but still insufficient amount of game was printed anyway. It's literally losing customers by own wish. PC game meme "remember, no preorders" gonna hit us hard someday.
  4. I know COVID, I understand hard prediction. But living blind is hard. Shops don't know amount they gonna have, some sells preorders in such advance, now they gonna only have only half of them. Here we have 'probably' - no info about reprint that is certainly needed. I'm wasting my time hitting refresh button praying that this shop gonna not sell out in 5 minutes.. happened that I got lucky half an hour ago. Thou when refreshed it was sold out. But this was not nice experience 🤷‍♂️
  5. How many copies was made? Each shop when starts pre-purchase it's depleted in 30 minutes. 26 copies a moment ago was sold in 30 minutes. The other shop had 2 copies to pre-order. Now shops elevate prices.. I feel very disappointed. When is gonna be second print? Half year later? Year later? Why are you making jokes like this?
  6. Ok thanks. Dang, they made through iOS review system earlier than steam. That is weird
  7. If so, they should launch it yesterday. But cant't believe steam is having one launch date time.. My game is unpacked, now I'm waiting and in few hours have to leave.. a bit dissapointed tbh.. since gonna play then in 3 days 😕 Eh..
  8. Does FFG finally came up with accounts? Or do they want to force ppl like me, who plays on mobile and steam, depending where we're playing ot buy those campaign twice or more if at some point gonna have ipad?
  9. That'd be very evil thing to mix languages. And quality may differ.
  10. And I'd sign here. Bought Arkham Horror. Love LCG coop with solo playmode. After one week I ordered all available expansions for it. Then I bought LOTR:LCG CS. I don't know which game is better Now I ordered The Massing at Osgiliath waiting for shipment. Next thing is the Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle to buy. And that is the thing I must buy next ;P I am unable to break the order just to my will. Unable to found nowhere in Poland or near Poland for resonable price all of those decks. Found one shop with all but Conflict at the Carrock so till this wont appear there, I cannot shop that. I'd go insane. Thanks FFG for games and pls, reprint this cycle asap Regards!
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