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  1. Ogrebear

    Selling Stolen Ships

    Fake the papers, then register the ship under a decent cover ID (might need some underworld and bribery), and then sell it before the scam gets discovered!
  2. Ogrebear

    When and where is your campaign set?

    My oldest game started 36.3.5 - about a year after the Death Star went kaboom. It was a straight ‘scum and villany’ Story at first but has evolved into ‘Tomb Raider’ with the players seeking old treasures and artifacts. Recently woke an old Massarri Preist on Yavin 4 ‘by accident’ and led him to the Temple of Exar Kuhn, then bugged out when the Inquistion arrived... The other game is set about the same time and started on Tatoonie with the ‘Mos Shutta’ start, but while they are running from Teemo, they are secretly working for his Major Domo...
  3. How long can someone be kept in and successfully unfrozen from carbonite - most likely physical/mental effects? Does species matter regarding this?
  4. I'd like official stats for Gamorrean and Lasat please. Perhaps a planet building guide. Finally some 'snap together/ready to go' type options for things like Imperial bases, Rebel hideouts, etc
  5. Ogrebear

    The Complete Species Guide

    If I may offer an interesting challenge - how would you stat the Tchuukthai please? This was the Wizards version: https://web.archive.org/web/20031128141652/http://www.wizards.com:80/starwars/downloads/UAA_WE_Meerian_Tchuukthai.pdf
  6. Ogrebear

    The Complete Species Guide

    And of course there is an exceptional to the Reigat social mores: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Talak The big gray chap on the right is Chugg: From: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wretched_Hives_of_Scum_%26_Villainy
  7. Ogrebear

    The Complete Species Guide

    Could I request a write up for the Reigat please? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Reigat P120 of http://www.starwarstimeline.net/WestEndGames/D6 Alien Stats.pdf http://starwarsrpg.pettycomp.net/Alien Species/Reigat.html
  8. Wonder if we get Bothans in this one...?
  9. Ogrebear

    Another Character Generator

    Is it possible to add a log file to the Creator to record XP and Credit awards please? Thank you for this program.
  10. Ogrebear

    The Complete Species Guide

    I did indeed- I meant the Savrips of dejarik fame: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mantellian_Savrip/Legends
  11. Ogrebear

    The Complete Species Guide

    Can I ask for the Yuzzem (Big fuzzy ones) and Sandrips please.
  12. Ogrebear

    The Complete Species Guide

    As you are not listing all the stats is the default 2 or am I mis-remembering?
  13. Ogrebear

    The Complete Species Guide

    Ditto here please. Great work so far.
  14. There are Wookiee Colony Worlds- some taken by the Empire; what’s not to say there is a hidden set of colonies down a deliberately forgotten space lane with their own fleet to protect them? Sorta like the Lesat from Rebels, but better.
  15. I am somewhat disappointed they went for such a grand scale of destruction in some ways, esp given it was a low power shot. Still I'll pick up the book to read this bit. Does Luke's face look odd?