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  1. Is there a good Edge of the Empire conversion for Tempest Feud please? All I am finding is dead links.
  2. How long would you say Tempest Feud would take to play through?
  3. What do you think would be a good follow up to CRATES OF KRAYTS given these players have already done BEYOND THE RIM in a previous campaign? They are currently indebted to Sinaso , thus working for him- some seem happy to keep working for the Hutt. I was thinking about doing something with the turf war Sinaso is in, but I'd prefer a written adventure to work from rather than do it whole cloth as I have a tendency to sub-plot which slows things down.
  4. Do you have stats for the Akuria please? They where in a WEG source book and a Comic. I found these Stats: https://rpggamer.org/page.php?page=5119
  5. With the Virus spreading around my players and I have decided not to meet physically for a while, and therefore move our StarWars game online, however I have zero experience of running a game electronically and am therefore asking here for some advice please. I have heard of tools like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds- Which is better for Edge of the `Empire? or is there another VTT system you would recommend? Or just keep it to an audio/video feed? Any thoughts on dice rollers? Thank you for any comments/suggestions.
  6. The Rikus01 dataset seems to have vanished- does anyone else host it please? Or is an Github account required to see it?
  7. I own the books and it is a fascinating setting, but we have never managed to get a game running in it. Keep meaning to wave it at my players, but we are still in a long running Star Wars game.
  8. A Mandalorian Mandallian Giant would be an awesome character idea! Thanks for the find. Could ask on the Complete Species Guide for a species work up?
  9. I'd rather have more Time Settings, Species, and Source/Adventure books highlighting less well known parts of the Galaxy such as Corporate space, Tion Hegemony etc. A set of books for the now-completed Sequel Trilogy would be useful. I don't feel there is a need for a Second Edition. I certainly do not want to spend money on getting basic systems books again when the current one works fine.
  10. Thank for the thoughts there. I have been trying to track down any existing campign with the same sort of 'timer' idea, but not had much luck. Any suggestions please?
  11. A while back my Star Wars group (in a now ended campaign) awakened a 4000 year old Sith Priest on Yavin 4 and inadvertently led him to the Temple of Exar Kun where he made contact with the spirit of his Master/God and the small Cult in the Temple. They left before it hit the fan, but they know a Inquisitor group sent to investigate the spike in the Force at the contact was mind controlled by the Priest. They were never bothered about follow up and went on to acquire a shipping route contract and a decent (mostly) legit income. Just as the campaign was ending however, after being unable to raise a contact on Yavin and hearing stories of odd disappearances they decided they should do something about the mess they made, but player/gm fatigue was quite large by then and we stopped. My players however have expressed in picking this back up, but rather than use their 1500 point high end characters I have been musing doing low level characters who are working for their high level one's Company doing missions which have an aim to impact the final fight vs the Priest and Cult. I was thinking of doing this on a timer- the Cult is attempting to resurrect Exar Kun at X point and they have until then to work against them. I was thinking missions like: -Recruit more forces for the fight: the players like more diplomatic missions so gaining recruits might be there sort of thing. -Gain more ships: just before the end the High-Levels got word of a Venator that might be salvageable, so sending the new crew to get it is an idea -Stop the Cult gaining X or Y McGuffin -Scouting on Yavin IV -Preparing for the Big Fight Trouble I am having is how to time this - do I set a fixed number of missions? Do I pick a date on the calendar and just keep notes of the days until the resurrection ritual but drop hints its coming to chivvy them along? Also what if they fail a mission or succeed exceptionally well? Do should I record impact for or against the Company and Cult? Any GM advise welcome! NOTE: Vader and the Empire are unable to just sweep in and glass Yavin as apart from the first 'burst' the Force has gone quiet, and the Controlled Inquisitors reported everything was fine, and there is a Major Insurrection broken out on Corellia, and they are gearing up for Hoth...
  12. Across the 5 campaigns I have run my groups have been: Bothan 1 Chiss 1 Devaronin 2 Drall 1 Droid 1 Gamorrean 1 Gank 1 Gigoran 1 Human 5 Nautolan 1 Selonian 1 Shistavanen 1 Sith 1 Togruta 1 Trandoshan 2 Twi'lek 1 Verpine 1 Wookiee 2 Yuzzem 1 Zabrak 1
  13. My highest current campaign is about 1100XP now- it transitioned from EotE to F&D characters over time but is still rolling along with no end in sight as the characters have a ton of stuff to do plot wise (Letting Ancient Sith spirits out on Yavin IV when there are Inquisitors about is a bad idea... who knew?) that I cannot see them retiring anytime soon. I have run several short games that ended in approx 400 XP as the story was done. Played in two campaigns that both ended at about 600XP as we completed the plot.
  14. RIP Peter Mayhew. I wish I'd had a chance to meet you and shake your paw for all your work on Star Wars and the Wookiee.
  15. Thanks for the updates. Could you please give some consideration to including the Yaka please? Pics in colour here: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Luwingo
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