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  1. Across the 5 campaigns I have run my groups have been: Bothan 1 Chiss 1 Devaronin 2 Drall 1 Droid 1 Gamorrean 1 Gank 1 Gigoran 1 Human 5 Nautolan 1 Selonian 1 Shistavanen 1 Sith 1 Togruta 1 Trandoshan 2 Twi'lek 1 Verpine 1 Wookiee 2 Yuzzem 1 Zabrak 1
  2. My highest current campaign is about 1100XP now- it transitioned from EotE to F&D characters over time but is still rolling along with no end in sight as the characters have a ton of stuff to do plot wise (Letting Ancient Sith spirits out on Yavin IV when there are Inquisitors about is a bad idea... who knew?) that I cannot see them retiring anytime soon. I have run several short games that ended in approx 400 XP as the story was done. Played in two campaigns that both ended at about 600XP as we completed the plot.
  3. RIP Peter Mayhew. I wish I'd had a chance to meet you and shake your paw for all your work on Star Wars and the Wookiee.
  4. Thanks for the updates. Could you please give some consideration to including the Yaka please? Pics in colour here: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Luwingo
  5. OneDrive/Dropbox/iCloud and put a link here?
  6. Oggdude- great to have you back. Can I please request a log file detailing what XP has been spent on? Would really help to re-create The path players take with their characters.
  7. I know SAGA Edition does not convert exactly into Edge of the Empire and I'll have to eyeball the Stats, but I am looking for some insight into what General Tarfful's SAGA Edition classes might translate into in FFG Star Wars please. In SAGA Tarfful was: Wookiee scout 3/ soldier 4/ noble 5 Character write up here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tarfful/Legends SAGA stat block here: http://titanorc.tumblr.com/post/175284991758/from-clone-wars-saga-edition-rpg-book I know these classes exist as FFG careers, but a straight convert does not seem right for the Wookiee General.
  8. Is there player stats for the Dowutin please?
  9. Fake the papers, then register the ship under a decent cover ID (might need some underworld and bribery), and then sell it before the scam gets discovered!
  10. My oldest game started 36.3.5 - about a year after the Death Star went kaboom. It was a straight ‘scum and villany’ Story at first but has evolved into ‘Tomb Raider’ with the players seeking old treasures and artifacts. Recently woke an old Massarri Preist on Yavin 4 ‘by accident’ and led him to the Temple of Exar Kuhn, then bugged out when the Inquistion arrived... The other game is set about the same time and started on Tatoonie with the ‘Mos Shutta’ start, but while they are running from Teemo, they are secretly working for his Major Domo...
  11. How long can someone be kept in and successfully unfrozen from carbonite - most likely physical/mental effects? Does species matter regarding this?
  12. I'd like official stats for Gamorrean and Lasat please. Perhaps a planet building guide. Finally some 'snap together/ready to go' type options for things like Imperial bases, Rebel hideouts, etc
  13. If I may offer an interesting challenge - how would you stat the Tchuukthai please? This was the Wizards version: https://web.archive.org/web/20031128141652/http://www.wizards.com:80/starwars/downloads/UAA_WE_Meerian_Tchuukthai.pdf
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