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  1. This post might be of use:
  2. My players encountered the Night Beast (old Marvel comics character/monster, which I retconned into being a normal red skinned Massassi) on Ziost who told them about his encounter with 'Skywalker' - the logs from the ship he'd arrived on (crew were dead) gave them some more details about Luke and Yavin 4, and they decided to visit. They never made it due to plot shenanigans and left the Massassi on Tund- which had survived the apocalypse of canon due to Lando (there was a statue of him in the square, they didn't get to meet). Currently they have just encountered Gungi - the Wookiee youngling from Clone Wars who survived Order 66, and has grown into quite a powerful Force using warrior, and Rebel Commander. They also met, and crippled an not-named-yet Imperial Inquisitor who will defiantly be remembering them... in detail. There has been a few unexplored side-plots that might have led to more 'Names' showing up, but my Crew have a tendency to talk themselves out of side adventures.
  3. My gamers usually get about 10-15xp per session, they get a bonus on 'Chapter' completion. I do give bonus xp for epic actions, or something that reduces us all to laughter.
  4. Course if any of us don't like whatever design Disney come up with, we can simply ignore the dammed thing, and carry on with the Bothans we have had presented by FFG so far.
  5. Just updated my list of books with this one... more things to buy for us completists! More please!
  6. Could I please ask for recommendations for a short 4-ish session adventure? Starting characters, Edge of the Empire flavoured. Two experienced EotE players in group of 4 total. Looking for something actiony. Can't be the starting adventure as a player played this one. Thank you
  7. I like the third one the best. How did it play out in the end?
  8. I am very much looking forward to the new rules for creating explosives from compounds, plus all the fun new explosives! More things for my Demolitionist to use to make da KABOOM!
  9. I am looking for stats for Gamorrean player characters please - I know they were in the Edge of the Empire core book as NPC's, but has anyone turned this into a PC species? Yes, I have heard of the Unofficial Species Menagerie , but that seems very out of date compared to the game(s) mechanics now.
  10. See the Disciplines of Harmony thread on this board...! How are you dealing with the Crucible's crash?
  11. Given the Time it took to climb down the tower, and get to the beach, is anyone surprised Jyn and Cassian didn't try for a ship? They knew the shield was down... Director Krennick's shuttle was at the base of the tower too. Since K-2SO had taken the time to slice himself into another droid body (he knew the odds of surviving), a pick up was always possible...
  12. Does anyone have a working link to adampageuk's 75 page version of the Mos Shutta fanbook please?
  13. The fun thing about time in Star Wars is when you break out items and stuff from the Old Republic era with date notations from that period ( years around the Treaty of Corucent) and what your players trying to figure out how long ago that was!
  14. I have found this rather awesome Galactic Standard Calendar resource which might be of use to those of us who like to know the dates! The authors name is Lugus Porkins and it was posted here on 03 August 2015: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/63474-resourse-galactic-standard-calendar/ The authors sources and method are described on that page.