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  1. Assume the first two actions are: 1. "Engage the hero with the most search cards." 2. "Engage the closest hero." What happen, if all heroes have the same amount of search cards e.g. zero: a) The first action triggers and the hero will be randomly selected or b) Because there are no heroes with search cards so the first action is skipped?
  2. If a skirmisher with fatigue equal to his stammina makes an attack and rolls a surge: 1. He may lost immediately a fatigue, so he can get this fatigue back to use "Deep Wounds" on the same attack? 2. He lost the fatigue after the attack so he can not get a fatigue to use "Deep Wounds" on the same attack?
  3. We played it the same way, but to my mind the profit of the teleport for the monster is that the master can use its fire breath on more heroes. So the heroes can decide if they take the risk to be hit by fire breath and take more than 3 damage or take 3 damage and won't be hit by fire breath. In the future we will kill the master last, maybe thats another planned profit for the monsters. We are unsure to spawn a monster because the ony other monstergroup we know which spawns monsters are the kobolds, which single kreatures are weaker.
  4. Hello, we are not sure how to handle the bonus actions of two Hellhound activations Get the heroes the damage if there is no master hellhound in game? Does 'place' in this situation mean spawn? Thanks alot for your thoughts
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