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  1. As a bit of context, I've recently come into a bunch of IA stuff and I've been enjoying playing and painting quite a bit of Runewars. I wanted to love Legion and spent some time reading as much as I can about it. As much as Legion would seem to be aimed right at buyers like me (active wargamers who LOVE star wars) I'll be skipping it. Part of that is disgust over the scale change which seems like a bizairre combination of a money grab and FGG not taking an easy chance to reward it's fans, many of whom have spend years buying IA product. Part is just not needing another project when I've already got Runewars, IA, Konflikt '47, Frostgrave and various other irons in the fire. That said, if the Legion scale was the same as IA, I'd find it very hard to resist going in. In the end, I'm not a tournament gamer anyway so if I decide I want more or different rules than IA skirmish there are plenty of other great rulesets I can use to game with the IA figs I have on my own terms.
  2. I use Purple Power for stripping the paint from plastic figures and I have literally stripped hundreds of miniature figures (no joke). It works better, and costs less than the more commonly used Simple Green. It might not fully remove all the black primer if it's oil based, but all the acrylic paint and primer will come off. Perfectly safe for plastic, PVC, metal, resin, etc but it will weaken and usually break superglue bonds. It's adviseable to use rubber gloves since a bit won't hurt your skin, but it can severely dry out your skin.
  3. Longtime wargamer but newbie to IA here. I ignored the game for a long time, but a big lot just got dropped in my lap via a raffle and I couldn't resist so here I am, with plans to buy more! I'm kind of in love with these IA minis but I'm never happy with plain painted bases on my miniatures so I'm curious what folks are doing to their bases either adding balast/foliage/etc or in completely rebasing. For myself I don't think I want foliage or balasted bases (already doing that for Runewars) but I'm open to being convinced otherwise. Also, I don't want to drop alot of $ on this so I'm leaning towards one of the following. -Champ Industries Plastic bases. Cheap and a great deck plate type pattern but I've used them alot already, and there isn't much varation. -Sedition wars bases. Again not a ton of variation but very cool and I've got oodles from parting out 3 copies of that game. Was going to rebase my space marines with these, but I don't think that's going to happen anymore. -Regular 25mm rounds topped Deathray Designs card base toppers. They're just card, but there's alot of options and they're looking pretty good on some Mice and Mystics figs I'm in-progress on. Any other suggestions? Pictorial examples much appreciated. I'd even be interested in ballast/foliage schemes. Thanks in advance!
  4. I base the trays. Not a fan of the look of plain trays and based figs.
  5. We're playing at Greenfire Games in Oak Lawn, just south of Chicago. They have folks playing Runewars and Armada on Wednesdays and Thursdays. A very nice, clean and well-lit shop that is growing their miniature gaming. If that doesn't work for you, I'm on the West Side and am often available for games at my place or elsewhere. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss.
  6. Yep. I used it as the bases for the forest, ruins, and spikes. If you buy thin ones you can cut it with Scissors! I still had to use glue for the ballast even though they do have adhesive on them. The foam rubber hills don't need bases.
  7. This was actually from last month, but it was our first chance at playing with the Infantry Command Upgrade set and my first experience dealing with a Death Star. Finally turned it into a proper AAR. https://www.chicagoskirmishwargames.com/blog/2017/06/20/aar-runewars-battle-at-greenfire/ Also, another buddy of mine has an in-progress post about his Waiqar army. https://www.chicagoskirmishwargames.com/blog/2017/06/08/tutorial-painting-runewars-waiqar-the-undying/
  8. If you use adhesive backed Vinyl Floor Tile (also known as "VCT" Vinyl Composite Tile) you get a bit more rigidity and durability and the adhesive is already present. Super cheap too. If you buy the thin ones, each tile is less than 40 cents.
  9. More room to deploy and it allows you to add more terrain while maintaining room for maneuver.
  10. I think you're absolutey correct. 3 deep seems fine for standard games. I just think it's also pretty clear that if you want to dramatically increase the size of the game, you're going to need that extra foot of space for deployment and maneuver.
  11. Yep, at a certain point increasing the size of the deployment area is going to be necessary as well. Moving to a 4 foot deep table could facilitate this somewhat. Luckily most gaming venues will have this.
  12. More great painting! Can't wait to see what you do with Hawethorne. You've set the bar pretty high...
  13. Anyone have any suggestions for alternate crossbow troops for Daqan? I'm going to buy the box for the cards and dial, but I'm really not a fan of the crossbow troops with their shields. Mainly due to the following issues: -How the heck are they reloading their crossbows if they're holding clunky shields? -What's the point of a shield with more than one firing port? Ambidextrous shields? Anyway, I've been looking about. Mantic has some Baselians that are similarly armored to Daqan and at least not holding shields, but they are not great looking figs. I like their dwarf "Ironwatch" figs, but I'm not sure if I want to mix the style of minis in my army. There are alot of historical options from companies like Old Glory, Warlord and Perry, but they tend to be a bit small in stature and bulk compared to the more "Heroic" proportions of Runewars/GW/Etc. Of course there are GW options too, but I don't want to spend GW kind of money. Help.
  14. Definitely agree. Part of what makes the "Spectacle of painted Armies" so grand is the story behind them that brings the battle to life. Either from the maker or via my own invention my armies/factions/warbands usually have at least some background in my mind. Terrinoth needs at least some of the trappings that other game universes have. This could come via a standalone book or an RPG sourcebook, either would be usefull to Runewars fans. This is a very good point. I felt that the fluff as it exists is not bad and is functional but stil pretty generic and sparse. However, it seems that there's still plenty of room to expand it into something more interesting. If small indie RPG companies can create innovative fantasy worlds then surely a company with the resources of FFG has -or can hire- some talent that can make Terrinoth into something special. I'll probably buy a lore book too.
  15. Yep, you folks are right. I just looked at the card and the first line refers to trays not ranks. Good Catch! Thanks!
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