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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Green Knight in New to x wing   
    Core set...
    Then pick 1 of the available factions.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Alternatives to facebook for scheduling games?   
    The unfortunate truth is that you are stuck with the platform most locals use unless you put in the work to 'convert' them. If you don't know anyone, yet, you have no choice but join them initially. 
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Icelom in So how is the App progressing????   
    Maybe they are getting the app actually done instead of just a website portal? and so it's taking some time but don't want to get our hopes up with any kind of timeline?
    ok.... probably not but one can dream, one can dream.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Icelom in T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being   
    Because anytime they stray a bunch of people loose there minds that it's not star wars enough for them.
    Even the T-70 and silencer had people going it's not different enough with a whole nother group complaining they were to different. And I bet there is a large group that no matter what they do will be in 1 of those camps with littrraly nothing Disney could do to ever apease them.
    Star wars fans are the worst part of liking star wars and do the most harm to star wars.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Robodirge in Why isn't x-wing.com this squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com   
    In the rule book downloaded from the website for 2.0. It clearly states the online builder can be found at x-wing.com
    I assume someone forgot to point x-wing.com to https://squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com
    Alternative question, is there no official way to report issues other than a public forum?
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Stefan in Favorite FFG map to use?   
    Starfield. I like it simple.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to gadwag in Faction Identity in X-Wing 2.0 - A guide for new players   
    Reposted from reddit

    When choosing a faction in X-Wing there are three main factors to consider: whether the ships look cool, whether the ships are any good, and whether the playstyle suits you as a player. Each faction has some very cool ships and some rather ugly ones, but I shall leave it as an exercise for the reader decide which faction is most aesthetically pleasing. In terms of power level, stay on the leader has an excellent trio of articles reviewing each of the main factions in 2.0 and discussing the effectiveness of their various ships.
    This guide, however, aims to provide a brief introduction to the playstyle of each faction as we know them so far. Bear in mind that each faction can pull off out-of-faction tricks to a limited extent - for example, Sabine crew is a very "scum" card in the rebel faction. You also aren't locked into a single playstyle for each faction, as each faction has a variety of ship types to choose from. This guide highlights the strengths and key features of each faction.
    Rebels: Damage and stress mitigation, inter-ship buffs, sturdy ships and big turrets.
    Rebels are the "good guys" and thus have plenty of abilities which support one another. Most distinct are their abilities to mitigate damage and stress. Damage mitigation comes in many forms - Biggs, Kanan, Rex, Evaan, Lowhhrick, the signature Rebel talent "Selfless" and the named astromechs R2-D2 and R5-D8. These let rebels reduce, move or remove damage and avoid important ships dying early. Note Saw Gerrera as an interesting deviation from this trait.
    Similarly, Rebels can mitigate stress with abilities such as Princess Leia, AP-5, Jek Porkins and Cassian Andor Pilot. At first glance this may seem lacklustre, but when one considers the stress-punishment abilities in other factions and the prevalence of linked actions it becomes quite convenient to avoid or mitigate stress. Keep the timing of stress abilities in mind, though - Cassian won't help you during the combat phase against Sloane!
    The third "good guy" trait of the rebel faction is an abundance of token sharing and abilities which require ships to work together. Examples include Esege, Airen Cracken, Kyle Katarn, Roark, Garven, Dutch, and of course Mario and Luigi Edrio and Benthic, the Two Tube Brothers. These abilities set up powerful squad synergies, but they can fall apart if key support ships are removed.
    On a more general note, Rebels tend to have sturdy, well-shielded ships which are not overly complex to fly. Typical rebel ships will have 1-2 agility and enough health to take a few hits before going down. This makes rebels less prone to variance (as they don't rely heavily on green dice to survive) and more friendly to new players.
    Rebels are also the "fat turrets" faction, flying modified freighters sporting heavy armor, shields and big guns. In addition to an abundance of turreted ships, rebels have a plethora of gunners designed to make the most of these ships - Bistan, Han, Luke, and Ezra all require a turret to operate.
    Imperials: Giving/receiving orders, swarms, stress punishment, evasive high-tech ships.
    While rebel buff abilities are generally between peers, the imperial command structure dictates that action economy and buffs should be passed from commander to subordinate. Typically, this involves coordinate-based abilities or powerful commanders boosting the abilities of many ships. Examples include Lt. Sai, Grand Inquisitor Crew, Ciena Ree, Emperor Palpatine, Admiral Sloane, Moff jerjerrod, Grand Moff "you may fire when ready" Tarkin and Director Krennic. These abilities rely on a support ship to improve the effectiveness of one or more aces.
    Not all commanders ride in crew slots, however. Howlrunner, Jonus, and Iden Verso (with honourable mention to Del Meeko) bring an entirely different archetype to the table - the Swarm. Howlrunner, Iden and 4-5 other TIE/ln fighters are a ruthlessly efficient and dangerous list, while Jonus and his TIE Bomber swarm bring powerful munitions to the fight.
    As a counterpoint to the rebel stress mitigation, imperials offer some stress punishment abilities. Sloane, Death Troopers, 7th Sister and (if you have Vader) BT-1/0-0-0 threaten enemy ships that become stressed, making linked actions and red moves a dangerous prospect. Interestingly, imperials also offer jam punishment in the form of ISB slicers (but no, this doesn't make jamming beams good, stick to using the jam action).
    Finally, while rebel ships are typically sturdy and well shielded, imperial ships are fragile, fast, and often completely unshielded. What they lose in durability they make up for in maneuverability - Imperial ships typically have 2-3 green dice and excellent repositioning. For example, compare the X-Wing with its far more maneuverable enemies the TIE Striker and TIE Phantom, or the Y-Wing with the TIE Bomber.
    Imperial ships also have far more access to the system slot than other factions. Fire control system and trajectory simulator are likely to be more common in imperial lists than in others, but the most fearsome upgrade is probably advanced sensors. When combined with imperial repositioning abilities, advanced sensors makes imperial ships even harder to pin down than before.
    Scum: Shenanigans, control effects/token denial, stress punishment, warped versions of ships from other factions, hate hard 3 turns
    The key feature of the scum faction is "shenanigans". While the other factions have abilities that are generally pretty straightforward, scum have whacky, weird, sometimes janky abilities that make the faction feel quite different. The illicit slot is the perfect example of this - it offers powerful one-time tricks like placing debris, ignoring stress, stopping, or cloaking. Other examples include Beckett, Boba crew, Tel Trevura and Moralo Eval. In addition to "shenanigans", scum are also a selflish and reckless bunch, with abilities that hurt themselves or friendly ships to gain a benefit. Examples include dead man's switch, Kaa'to Leeachos, Xixor, R5-TK, and Genius.
    While Rebels and Imperials generally buff friendly ships, Scum tend to prefer control, debuffs, and token denial. The Scum HWK-290 is almost a mirror opposite of its rebel counterpart, with Torkil debuffing enemy Initiative and Palob stealing enemy tokens instead of handing them out. Dace Bonarm doesn't mirror Jan Ors, but brings a powerful ion ability instead. Other debuff/denial abilities include Old Teroch, Torani Kulda, 4-Lom crew, zuckuss crew, Dengar gunner and Captain Seevor.
    In addition to straightforward debuffs, scum hand out plenty of red tokens for control. Latts (pilot) Ketsu (pilot), Shadow Caster, Unkar Pilot and the quadjumper can dole out tractor tokens, while Ketsu crew prevents them from being removed. Scum also brings stress control surpassing that of the empire. With Koshka Frost, 0-0-0, BT-1, Viktor Hel, Asajj, Latts Razzi and 4-Lom, as well as rigged cargo chutes, scum can both hand out stress and punish it.
    Unlike the other factions, scum don't have a defining archetype for their ships. Instead, they tend to be warped versions of ships from other factions. Generally the scum version of a ship will be slightly weaker but brings some new tricks (and probably an illicit slot) to the table to make up for it. For example, the Starviper is a high-tech ship akin to the TIE defender, but swaps white 4k turns for bendy barrel rolls. Kihraxz Fighers are dodgy X-Wings - a bit cheaper and weaker, but with more mod slots.
    Scum ships also tend to lack the hard 3 turn. I don't know why, but approximately half the ships scum can field are missing the hard 3. Some, such as the Kihraxz or Scyk, have a hard 1 instead.
    Resistance: fast and durable, powerful and expensive
    The resistance feels a little like rebels, but their ships are generally faster, better, tougher - and more expensive. Like the rebels, this faction features pilots that work well together such as Tallissan, Jess, Bastian, Chewbacca and vennie. Stress removal/management appears again as a theme with Jaycris, Nien, Ello and the resistance transport, as well as access to the tech slot. Rey gunner and the falcon also continue the "big turrets" theme.
    Mobility and speed are a defining feature of this faction, with cards such as black one, kaydel, ga-97, and the speedy rz-2 a-wings.
    First Order: even faster, powerful, expensive
    Just as resistance mirrored rebels, the first order presents a faster, more shielded, more expensive version of the empire. The focus of the first order shifts away from swarms and more towards powerful individual ships such as Kylo, midnight and quickdraw. Like their imperial counterparts, the first order ships are fast and agile, but first order ships have even better dials. Powerful fleet commanders such as Hux, Stridan, Cardinal and Snoke support the first order, while characters such as Phasma and Thanisson debuff and control enemy ships.
    The first order has even wider access to the tech slot than the resistance, granting them access to a range of abilities, notably infinite-range support with biohexacrypt codes.
    Republic: maneuverable aces, force, sturdy troops, teamwork
    The republic brings the Jedi and clones to the table, with two strikingly different flight styles.
    Jedi ships are incredibly fast and maneuverable, able to double-reposition without stress, but are more expensive or more fragile than aces in other factions. Jedi rely heavily on force to operate and thus work well for hit and run tactics so they can recharge force between passes. A single Jedi is almost unbeatable 1-on-1, but as their force wears down from multiple attackers they become much much weaker.
    Jedi aces such as Anakin and Mace Windu are independent operators and excellent flankers. Most Jedi are more support-oriented, however, with abilities that help both themselves and their allies (at the cost of spending force).
    The clones are much less maneuverable and feel a lot like rebel ships: slow, sturdy, and good at teamwork.
    The republic is notable for the interaction it introduces between limited and non-limited ships, with upgrades such as dedicated and battle meditation, as well as the Naboo handmaidens.
    Separatists: Piles of cannon fodder, tactical relays, calculate, aggressive sith, odd movement
    7th faction, thousands of battle droids. Cheap, weak and disposable, droids can be flown in large numbers to compensate for their individual weakness. While droids can only calculate instead of taking the more powerful focus action, they can work together to share calculate tokens with the ships that need them.
    Droid swarms usually benefit from a cornerstone ship carrying a tactical relay upgrade. This offsets the droids' own abilities, which are generally quite weak. In addition, many separatist pilots can take advantage of calculate tokens (either their own or those of friendly ships).
    Not all droids are ships: the separatist faction also introduces "remotes": upgrades that can move about the battlefield for support (probe droids) or offense (buzz droids).
    In addition to droids, the separatists have access to powerful sith. While the Jedi are fast, nimble, and evasive, the Sith are powerful, brutal, and durable. They rely on heavy offense and force tricks to crush their opponents, often fuelling their force through pain with the hate upgrade.
    Finally, the separatists have quite odd movement. The droids can turn more easily than they can bank or land on asteroids with grappling struts, and the nantex fighter is truly bizarre.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Forgottenlore in Should they have made Yoda and Obi-Wan crew for 2.0?   
    We’ll probably get them eventually. Remember that so far 2.0 is just bare bones updating stuff that was already out with the minimum needed to let us play with all our ships.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Hwarangdaem in Extreme Action preview - Saw's Renegades in 2nd Edition   
    It will probably come with 2.0 U-wing pack. As cool as it would be to get K2S0 in Renegades pack, it wouldn't make sense as K2S0 wasn't a Renegade. ?
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Icelom in May I introduce you to the NEW Veteran Instinct for 2.0   
    Engagement phase....
    Pilot skill is much more important in activation phase.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to matt.sucharski in Hey FFG, Where's Obi Wan and K2SO...And Shriv?????   
    I expect Obi-Wan when the Clone Wars-era factions are released (which I consider to be likely eventually). I have hopes for K-2SO as a part of either the conversion kit or Saw's Renegades.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Commander Kaine in Lessons Learned From 2e   
    I think this viewpoint ignores the necessity of a second edition. 
    Yeah, a lot of things suck from certain viewpoints, but... the game was cancer. Even if the surface level could be managed, there is no telling when a single newly released card would create a (probably rebel) synergy that wrecked the game... And the game had no viable solution to that, with the constraints of 1.0.
    There were too many overarching problems with 1.0. Let the past die.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Jike in Will FFG comment on the generics issue?   
    There seems to be a lot of assumptions being made by people in the last few days. We were never promised the possibility of using all our current ships as generics, nor were we promised the ability to use them in any specific configuration. We were promised the ability to convert our 1st edition models for use in 2nd edition. That's all. If people have made their own erroneous assumptions that's not FFG's fault.
    It'd be nice to be able to use all my ships in any combination I want in 2nd edition but, just like when I bought the various Aces expansions, that's not always going to be possible.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Icelom in Will FFG comment on the generics issue?   
    Can someone just give me the statement. Or distribution list or whatever.
    Really annoying when someone posts a thread stating something without linking to it in anyway.
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    OnlyOneCannolo got a reaction from Mattman7306 in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Innese in FFG, please take your time testing 2.0   
    They can also add/remove slots from ships or outright ban certain ship/upgrade combos.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Tlfj200 in FFG, please take your time testing 2.0   
    You're right about not fixing text, but they can still pull the "Oh, that's broken? It's 180 points now" lever. So that's good.
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    OnlyOneCannolo got a reaction from Rodafowa in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
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    OnlyOneCannolo got a reaction from Rydiak in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
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    OnlyOneCannolo got a reaction from Rouge Five in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    Considering that 1.0 didn't have a bulls-eye arc anyway, this isn't a regression. I think it's a great way to reward good or bad flying in different ways depending on pilot abilities and equipped upgrades.
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    OnlyOneCannolo got a reaction from Varyag in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
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    OnlyOneCannolo got a reaction from Dr Zoidberg in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
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    OnlyOneCannolo got a reaction from Dengar5 in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to Brunas in PSA 2nd Edition Will Not Be Balanced   
    Well, the other nice thing is that it doesn't much matter if the game is perfectly balanced on release.  The core game mechanics being fun, and the competitive game revolving around fun strategies is what matters.
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    OnlyOneCannolo reacted to matt.sucharski in Maximum Barrel Roll Distance: New vs Old: A Visual Aid   
    Each side shows only the maximum forward or rear positions.
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