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  1. The call sign that each unique pilot card has might help here. They can release another version of the same pilot with a different call sign and a slightly different ability. It would provide a fix without being a full errata. Since the call signs are different, they can make rules or list restrictions that single out one or the other.
  2. In the desktop version of the official squad builder, you can find the silhouettes in the Create Custom Format section. Right-click on the image and save it. Example: https://sb-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ship_types/I_AlphaStarwing.png
  3. The devs have previously said that giving the HWK-290 two red dice wouldn't have hurt, so probably. I don't remember the exact source, but I'm pretty sure that it was a YouTube video.
  4. Any ship that becomes canon for a faction will almost certainly find its way into the game for that faction.
  5. Considering that 1.0 didn't have a bulls-eye arc anyway, this isn't a regression. I think it's a great way to reward good or bad flying in different ways depending on pilot abilities and equipped upgrades.
  6. The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
  7. @Frostweasel : Thanks for the explanation! I gotcha. I'd also like to see 1.0 HotAC further refined. I agree that it's a great system. I do think that a XW2-compatible HotAC-like system and campaigns would probably be nice for both future players without XW1 components, and everyone who wants more HotAC! There's a lot of potential with the AI concept to expand well beyond the currently supported ships, and to create new campaigns, game objectives, and game types. HotAC was truly a ground-breaker, and I'd love to see (or even contribute) to future versions and spin-offs.
  8. To manufacture rotating guns on the A-Wing, they would have to make the guns a lot bigger, and probably improve the manufacturing process as well.
  9. Why would converting new 2.0 content to work with 1.0 HotAC be easier or more important than making a 2.0 HotAC?
  10. Is this mechanic going away in 2.0? Is it a problem from a game-play or thematic standpoint? Asking because I just didn't know that it was a contentious issue.
  11. The devs considered it, but found it too difficult to use in practice compared to the range-ruler-width bullseye arc that they settled on.
  12. I agree with the impact on low agility ships. My point about high-agility ships was probably too specific, but not wrong. I should have said that it opens up design space by limiting stacking defensive abilities.
  13. - Fly early-ish waves, since maneuvering will become more important again. - Use bluffing abilities (like U-Wing pivot wing), since bluffing will become more important. Basically, practice the core game skills.
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