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    CraftyAndroid reacted to ficklegreendice in I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats   
    You don't need a massive buy-in to do well competitively
    Every ship in wave 1 (albeit, the TIE Advance least of all) is very competitive
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to ficklegreendice in I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats   
    Eh, mixed feelings
    First is new players probably won't be at (or place well at) high level events so...who cares? Store champs and local scenes are what you should focus on when fostering communities
    Second is it doesn't matter what's allowed so long as everyone has SOME access to SOMETHING good
    For example, if I get two veteran players and give one only Second Ed stuff while the other gets everything, their lists should still be comparable in strength
    And, strictly imo ofc, four Xwings can compete with anything...so we're good there ?
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to FTS Gecko in I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats   
    I disagree.  Most of the people I know would prefer to be able to play their full collection in competitive events.
    Regarding new players, there were a couple of people playing trial games with the core set at our launch event, and a couple of people showing a lot of interest and asking questions.  Our store also runs beginner's nights to help introduce people to the game.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to viedit in I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats   
    Purely anecdotal, but most "new" players that I see have really been beer and pretzel players with friends in their kitchens/basements.  It's not until they get comfortable with the game that they show up in public and want to play against other people.  These players share a lot of ships between themselves and are usually pretty invested into the game already (own a lot of ships).
    I don't see many players that just roll into a store, see that it's something they want to try and walks out with a core and a half dozen expansions.  There are A LOT of disenfranchised "beer and pretzel" players out there.  Allowing conversions keeps them interested and they'll continue to support the community.  
    The "new" player process will continue to be a home brew thing of players that slowly build up a collection and comfort before they wade into the public/competitive realm.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Kieransi in I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats   
    In the Nova open speech, Alex said that the majority of competitive events will be the unlimited format, and the new-release-only format (which he called the "limited" format) will be secondary, with a few more casual events but only up to the stores to decide to implement "if they think they need new players."
    I feel like that's backwards.
    Like, they should make most events, and all the top tier events 2.0-only to be more fair. But at the low level do whatever you want, including conversions.
    People who are "good" practice for top-tier events. So if you make top-tier events new release only, you avoid the NPE of "the good player at the store keeps crushing me with stuff I can't even buy"
    I just want people who want to play competitive games to be playing new release only. It's more balanced for one, and it's more accessible and exciting for new players.
    If you like B-Wings so much, fly 'em casual. If you want to fly competitive, wait for your B-Wings like everyone else.
    My community is mostly dead and the only hope for X-Wing here is to have new players join.
    There's a reason I'm posting this here besides just dumping a ****storm. I want FFG and others here to see this because I am an old player, have been playing this game for 5 years, have spent thousands of dollars on stuff and several hundred more on conversions, and yet I'd much rather have a healthy game that new players join than be able to fly all my old ships right away. 
    I want to tell new players to play X-Wing. I really do. It's a great game. But the $1000 buy-in means I just can't justify telling people to play this game. Moreover, saying "go find all this stuff on eBay" really doesn't build confidence in the game at all. 
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to MegaSilver in SW The Clone Wars is coming back   
    Hope they add the Republic/Seperatists factions to X-wing!
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to AK_Aramis in Hard Sell   
    I'll not try to sell you on the book, but on the system...
     it's fast to create characters, thanks to a template system new templates are also easily created It uses only d6's. Typically, players will need only 4-6 d6; this means you can outfit the entire table with inexpensive dice from the local 5&dime for about $10 to $15, even if you're in the middle of nowhere and have no internet access. (Even in Talkeetna, Alaska, and Alsea, Oregon) (First Ed Specific) sadly, everyone NEEDS dice, due to the initiative system. It has a few interesting mechanical choices that are (still) relatively unique. This reprint lacks the weight of the EU; if you're a "movies only" type, it will be far easier to adapt to your vision of the SWU The game is hardly dead - fans produced a "Fan 3rd edition" (Called REUP), which quickly got hit with A C&D, but not before the anons made certain to put it beyond Disney's stopping range. And, in that short time, the hosting website exceeded bandwidth limits for the month in a couple days. OpenD6 Space is essentially a real 3rd edition, sans the star wars specific content - but it's fully compatible with SWD6 1E, 2E, 2E R&E, and even REUP. Play is much smoother than FFG SW - and note, I love both -  The design is based around allowing multiple actions in a turn The success roll is also the initiative number - higher is better in both cases Simple Success/Failure results This is the game that most of the FFG designers referenced in developing FFG SW, based upon their posted comments and interviews. They love it. Several worked on the WEG SW line. You'll see the origin of many portions of FFG SW when you play it.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Agrivar in Hard Sell   
    Selling points about this book:
    1. It has a significant importance in the initial development of the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe. It is really like owning a "piece of history" of the Star Wars franchise. This cannot be over-emphasized. With these books, you are getting a look at the first steps to expand the Star Wars universe when the only information available was the movie original trilogy and five or six novellas about Han Solo and Lando Calrissian adventures.
    2. The Rulebook gives you a perfectly serviceable rules system which it can be adapted to any setting wich favours a "cinematic" feeling (let's say any setting which could be used with the FATE system).
    3. The Sourcebook gives you A LOT of background information which it is useful for any "Star Wars" RPG game (just compare the amount of space given to the description of any starfighter with the amount of space given for that same starfighter in a FFG or Wizards of the Coast book).
    4. Both books are a delightful reading. Seriously, I laugh everytime I read passages like the "use of the Survivor skill" example. These books are from a time in which reading a RPG book it was supposed to be fun.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Parakitor in Any Methods Necessary - Firespray 2e article   
    Gentle reminder: the lightning bolts are called "charges." "Energy" is an Epic term.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Boom Owl in Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?   
    Be honest this time, why are you actually bad at X-Wing? Its not because you run jank lists or change your list to often or hold yourself to some code of honor everyone else doesnt. Its not. Seriously its not the reason your bad. Its not because your opponent takes good things and you choose not to, or because your opponents are bad. Its something else.
    What do you actually do thats dumb or what do you depend on that makes you bad? 
    1. I default to jousts far to often
    2. I dont always inform decisions with math
    3. I talk and type more about X-Wing than I play X-Wing
    4. I am still intimidated or impressed by top 8-32 games at big tournaments
    5. I practice mainly against turret defense lists that have a knowable position at all times instead of real lists that move dynamically and spread out on approach and are unpredictable.
    6. I take the incorrect action with high frequency. I often dont even know what the correct action is. Same is true for dial selection.
    7. I dont recognize when I can be blocked or when I can block or even range control
    8. I often shoot the wrong thing first
    9. I depend on High PS and Missiles as a crutch
    10. The only time I ever did genuinely well at a tournament I used Kylo Crew
    11. I go where arcs and bombs are or will be instead of where they arent or wont be
    12. I dont always see challenging mechanics as a puzzle and jump to quickly to the assumption that they are broken or unsolvable or unfair
    13. I dont always have a plan 
    14. I think "insert list here" is hard to use or high skill...hint its not.
    15. I depend on variance without knowing thats what I am doing.
    The day of reckoning is upon us all.
    Soon we will all play real X-Wing.
    I am genuinely bad at X-Wing.
    Why are you bad at X-Wing?
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Firespray 2.0 gets much needed buffs   
    The Firespray is the main reason I don't consider dumping my scum collection.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Jeff Wilder in Best X-Wing podcasts?   
    It really depends on what you want from an X-Wing podcast.
    Do you want a quick, concise recap of news, edited to be super-tight and on-point?  Radio TCX will not make you late.
    Do you want four casual guys, playing casual games and alternative formats?  Shuttle Tydirium, will clear your older code.
    Do you want a well-balanced show where the host gets progressively drunker, one guy rants well (and with reason), one guy rants loudly (and with extreme bias), and a couple of guys know the math well?  Scum and Villainy will hold your beer.
    Do you want a wholesome-ish show with three very likable hosts who obviously have a great deal of affection and respect for each other?  Mynock Squadron will chew your cables.
    These four above are my current go-tos.
    I haven't listened to the Krayts in quite a while, as they've just ranged too far afield for me, for too many hours of gibberish.  But once they regain some focus, I'll be back for the occasional enjoyable laugh.  (They really make me laugh.)  And I've actually never listened to Gold Squadron, though I frequent the Twitch stream.

    EDITED because I realized that I just described the Krayts as Off Topic.  Too soon?  (Also typos.)
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Commander Kaine in X Wing 2.0, the most expensive version change for a miniature game in the history of gaming?   
    To all of you guys saying that you HAVE to upgrade... No. You don't. And you know what? FFG is not obligated to continue the game you like, in the way you like it, for all eternity. You can still use everything you have. None of your previous purchases are invalidated.

    The majority of players will move on. You will not. Stay behind, and play the game you want. Be THAT guy in the FLGS. Gloat over the newfags who play the disgusting new edition... It will fill your life with whatever sour simulacrum of happiness you are capable of.

    You are not doing a service here... You are not opening the eyes of anyone. All you do is whine, signalling your inability to cope with changes. You are not the enlightened prophet who sees the truth... You are the old guy shouting 'Git off my lawn'.

    You are not needed here. Times change... Let the past die.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to PenguinBonaparte in X Wing 2.0, the most expensive version change for a miniature game in the history of gaming?   
    I guess I've seen a lot of individuals at a company working hard to curate a product that they obviously care about, unless they're master dissemblers in their interviews.

    On the other hand, I also bought in hard to Star Trek Attack Wing when it came out because I love Star Trek. That company constantly cut corners on every possible thing and treated its customers like the enemy, actively avoiding them at all costs. They had knee-jerk reactions to bad publicity, made careless rulings, contradicted themselves time and time again, and had really cynical cash grabs that even led to people getting trampled at GenCon.

    When they finally decided to overhaul the game they made some improvements, but did not go to these lengths. They decided to keep everything prior legal, but re-costed everything in a way that actually made all the old content that "you can still play" functionally obsolete and even had the effect of *reducing* the amount of stuff you could effectively fly in the game. They re-released their core set and some faction packs in a way that ended up costing just as much as this if you wanted to fly something viable, and then immediately added in more game-killing and ill-considered cards almost within a couple months. (There's now a card in the game that can potentially blow up a ship in turn 0). I finally checked out after so many bad play experiences even my love of Star Trek and really nice guys in the group couldn't cover over.

    If you want just one example, we were all super excited when they released a giant Borg Cube, but it was costed in a way that made it virtually unplayable. MSRP $100 for something far less detailed than an X-wing model. They never responded publicly to a single comment but did release a "Borg Cube" fix in the form of another $100 cube, and NEVER re-costed or errata-ed the original card. The thing is still worthless. 
    This isn't a case of being less screwed. It's a fundamental difference in company approach.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Pewpewpew BOOM in X Wing 2.0, the most expensive version change for a miniature game in the history of gaming?   
    I’ve not done any GW for a long time, but they really screwed people again and again in the 90s and early 2000s with scheduled game updates that often didn’t really fix a lot of things. It seemed clear to many players that they were updating for the sake of it as a cash grab. Often, many old models would get invalidated and new stuff would smash everything. 
    FFG is making it so I can choose to fly all my old stuff with new dials, balance, toys, etc.  My only issue would be if they don’t profuce sufficient copies - that would suck. 
    With the amount of stuff you get in the boxes, if the game ends up now having MANY top level viable lists then this will be a worthwhile investment. 
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to RampancyTW in X Wing 2.0, the most expensive version change for a miniature game in the history of gaming?   
    A few things here:
    FFG has literally zero obligation to support tournament play.  That they do is a nice bonus, but they have no obligation to.
    FFG has literally no duty to do anything other than what they've done up to this point, which is create miniatures and cards for you to play with.  Their obligation to you begins and ends with this.  They deliver what is advertised.
    FFG is not forcing you to buy into 2.0.  If you have no issues with X-Wing 1.0 between you and your friends, keep playing it!  If there is no reason for you to upgrade, just don't upgrade!  Is it really that hard?  2.0 apparently doesn't affect you, and has no impact on the products you already have, so don't buy it!  Ta-daaaa!
    FFG had no obligation to allow any cross-over between 1.0 and 2.0.  The fact that I can fly all of my previous Imperial and Rebel purchases (with a few I'll need to borrow or buy on the secondary market) for the cost of a wave of X-Wing is a pretttty good deal.  They didn't have to do that.  Other miniatures games don't always do that.  It's pretty cool that they did that.
    The sense of entitlement amongst gamers in general is crazy.  I don't think I'll ever fully understand it.  Video games, board games, whatever.  Doesn't matter.  The same sense of entitlement is incredibly pervasive in all forms of it.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Astech in X Wing 2.0, the most expensive version change for a miniature game in the history of gaming?   
    I'm pretty sure that changing from a 7th edition 40k ruleset to 8th edition will set you back maybe $400 for codexes and other things. So unless your X-wing collection is enormous you're making an unfair comparison.
    Neither of you seem to understand the scope of the changes they've instituted. The absolute core of the game is the same - plan, move, action, shoot, reset, repeat, but everything else has changed for the better. Maybe your definition of fun is different to mine, but flying against Miranda, or Ghost/Fenn, or Dengaroo, or Paratanni or any other meta list is an awful experience.
    With what's been spoiled on X-wing 2.0 so far, I believe it'll be by far the best minis game on the market at release - and for some time to come. Whether you buy in or not is your business, but FFG is creating a brilliant fix in the most affordable way possible.
    If you were to, for instance, view 2.0 as an entirely new game, then you'd find it would be an excellent investment of $200 to get one of everything in the frst wave, except for conversion kits, of course.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to madquest8 in X Wing 2.0, the most expensive version change for a miniature game in the history of gaming?   
    This is the way I see it.
    FFG create a rules system about space dogfights.
    They then sell you a new ship every few months, with new upgrades and skills and weapons.. even though the rules don't need any more upgrades or additions. 
    Soon they are creating upgrades simply because they HAVE to. They are't necessary, but every new ship must have a new card with it.
    Soon the rules are bloated, falling apart because of poor play testing, and even more upgrades keep on coming.
    FFG realise that they have screwed the game up by constantly introducing new rules, so decide to reboot the game with a new rules set. which unnecessarily changes lots of things in minor cosmetic ways... so they can charge all the customers in their game £200+
    That's right. THEY screw up the rules, then charge YOU £200+ to fix them.
    Once they finish counting their wealth, you better believe X-WIng 3.0 is on the way, because every few years they will be doing this again. SO buy your 2.0 stuff fast people, before the 3.0 conversion kits hit the stands.
    DISGUSTING! Get out now, while you can...
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    I believe you state that you are doing a barrel roll, then the side (port or starboard).   If you can’t place your base in any of the three positions you have just lost your action
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to PhantomFO in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The new BR is going to require you to fly better. You can't declare a BR and then carefully shift your ship along the template into just the right spot where you have arc-dodged them but they're still just barely within your own arc. You'll need to be able to anticipate whether the declared action will actually work or not, and live with it if the action fails.
    Plus, it lets them mitigate its effects on forward movement. It was pretty easy for a ship to do a hard turn and BR backwards to end up in almost the exact spot that they'd started, or to combine the boost and barrel roll action to pull off ridiculous forward movement. Those things are limited now.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to papy72 in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    Because you have to align the template in the center before you roll?  That really isn't much of a difference.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to PhantomFO in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    In 1.0, if you couldn't do a barrel roll, it was easy to forget exactly where your starting position was. In 2.0, your starting position is permanently marked by the template.
    The value of the Bullseye arc is going to come from pilot abilities and upgrades. It gives them more design space to play with, at zero cost. 
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to DagobahDave in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The way BRs worked before was absolutely easy mode with a heap of sloppy gameplay. Good riddance.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to OnlyOneCannolo in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    The 2.0 goals include speeding up the game, reducing complexity, and preserving or enhancing choice. This change meets all of those goals. I like it.
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    CraftyAndroid reacted to Otacon in A cliched title- A new X-wing 2.0 Article.   
    I certainly am. No more potential fudging of it and it's way easier to rewind if it wasn't doable given the template has to start in one place.
    That said, nothing really new in this one, just pulling together a lot of information from various streams and panels from the last week. What the **** is the ship in the Marksmenship art though?
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