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  1. Han Solo (original YT-1300) - 46 (61 total) Expertise - 4 Engine Upgrade - 4 C3PO - 3 Kanan Jarrus (crew) -3 new Title (SLoop) - 1 Jake Farrell (A-Wing) - 24 (35 total) Push the Limit - 3 Cruise Missiles - 3 Autothrusters - 2 A-Wing Test Pilot Title - 0 Predator - 3 Debating whether C3PO or Gunner is better as the Falcon's second crew. Thinking C3PO makes up for losing the evade from the old title, then use Falcon's target lock as a pseudo-Gunner when not boosting. The new title makes Han more maneuverable than the old title and Kanan takes care of the stress. With Jake, PTL lets him focus + barrel roll/boost, 2nd action can evade to ward against TLTs (plus autothrusters) - he's got enough green moves that shedding stress shouldn't be difficult, but PTL > VI? Debating whether to go with Homing Missiles or the new Cruise Missiles.
  2. Some of you guys sound drunk. It's no fun listening to drunk people ramble (at least not in this context). The target priority section was decent.
  3. Looks great, I like the elementals. Where did you get the skeleton? Also, what did you use to cover the models in a clear coat? Some kind of varnish?
  4. My understanding: Morale tokens are bad. They are assigned to units if the unit runs into an enemy unit without charging, or charges and does not collide with an enemy unit. When attacking, you can also roll a morale symbol on the die. When this happens, that die counts as one extra morale token. You must then draw at least one morale card from the deck. I'm not sure if spending morale tokens currently on the unit is optional or not. You will draw 1 morale card for each morale token on the unit in addition to the 1 you draw for rolling the morale result. You may then spend those tokens to pay for one of the morale cards you drew. You must have a combination of morale results on the dice and morale tokens on the target unit to pay for that card.I think you're confusing morale tokens with panic tokens. They're different. Panic tokens are bad, morale tokens are good. Panic tokens are assigned to your unit if you mess up a planned charge for example. Morale tokens are received during your attack based on the dice roll and are used to improve your attack or weaken your opponent.
  5. I just registered for Adepticon however the Runewars events are missing. They are on the Event List but they're gone when you go to register. I wonder if this means that the game won't be released in time for Adepticon (mid-March)?
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