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  1. Jabby

    official drop of DT

    Who else is really digging the card art? I personally wouldn’t make mind a full size wallpaper for the grenade launcher config card
  2. Jabby

    Jyn Erso: most tanky modell in the game?

    It just be like that. My brother once rolled 6 blanks of red defence dice, lost him the game
  3. I don’t. Doesn’t get easier than that
  4. Jabby

    Underwater Battles

    Hmm good point. Maybe U could roll them outside the water. I guess the water/tub is the board and all cards, dice rulers go around it?
  5. Jabby

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Can we get an “F” for @TauntaunScout‘s wallet?
  6. Jabby

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    I saw this and my first thought was , “lets go call out @TauntaunScout“
  7. Jabby


    This gotta be the first non-airspeeder discussion post for the last 2 pages
  8. Jabby


    Whenever I see posts like this I just skip to the end so it doesn’t show up in bold on the thread lists. Oh, and I make a comment like the one I did earlier
  9. Jabby


    Discussing the airspeeder again? “I cannot believe we’re back here again” - Ki-Adi Mundi, Clone Wars Season 2
  10. I just got a pair of wall-mounted ikea cupboard
  11. Jabby

    I really want the First Order.

    This. Plus I grew up with CWs
  12. Jabby

    Star Wars Inspiration Art

    Nah m8, gotta sell them toys
  13. Jabby

    Vehicle weapons?

    I use a small ball of blue-tack
  14. Oh it is very terrifying. I wouldn’t be suprised if suicide rates jumped up a couple percents. ****, even people who don’t okay legion would get depression from missing out
  15. Jabby

    about new Vader Commander

    If FFG loses any court cases and loses money they can’t make as many expansions. As such, it is within our interests to defend them.