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  1. Jabby

    Units from Solo

    Wouldn’t mind a commissar-esque low ranking leader upgrade card. “Get up, your emperor commands it!”
  2. Jabby

    Units from Solo

    Not sure if this thread has been made already. I watched Solo yesterday and couldn’t help but wonder what it would mean for Legion. We finally got to see a proper gritty battle in Star Wars. I would think that army troopers and At-Dt units would be a good addition. We also saw Tie fighters giving ground support. Thoughts?
  3. Fir people who don’t like them as snowtroopers just pertend that these are heavy weapons specialist gear
  4. Jabby


    Chewbacca operative Imp leadeR corps heavies
  5. Jabby

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Im really just waiting for phase II troopers and multipart clones. oh and mel now has battle droids without the backpacks
  6. Jabby

    Homebrew Units Thread

    Exploit for mudtroopers: use cowardly to move from one melee to another, rinse and repeat
  7. Jabby

    Clone war

    Clones are available from mel
  8. Jabby

    800 Points of each!

    How did you do the banner? Your way of stormtrooper squad differentiation is exactly what i was going to do
  9. Jabby

    Legions of the Lost Pharaoh

  10. Jabby

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Double post?
  11. Jabby

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Where can we get bases for the minis? $50 for 7 clones? Thats pretty pricey
  12. Jabby

    Jonas Painting Legion

    Where did you get the muzzle flashes and the missle?
  13. Jabby

    I need a bunker...

    Prepainted alone makes it worth it for me
  14. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-wars-boba-fett-movie-is-happening-james-mangold-direct-1113273 The fact that James Mangold and Simon Kinburg are doing it (the guys from Logan) gives me hope for a more brutal and girtty 16+ kinda movie that Boba Fett deserves