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  1. How did you do the different shades of black and grey. And the lighting
  2. Jabby

    My best stormtroopers so far

    I prefer a grey and black veers over the green olive ones. My Veers, which I have already painted and will upload on my thread eventually (when i stop procrastinating) is a grey tunic with black gloves, just like yours, but also with a bit of blue in the hard parts.
  3. Jabby

    Agis' Star Wars Legion minis (2)

    Will you be painting up any clone commanders from mel?
  4. He hasn’t worn it for a couple issues cause its been more focused away from him.
  5. Jabby

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    I like how this is a very visual builder, kinda like armada warlords
  6. Jabby

    manoftomorrow's (rookie) painting

    Nice. The commando sniper is probably the coolest gun made so far, kinda wish they did it like gw with the ability to buy certain arms separate
  7. Jabby

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Would it possible to allow us to buy the specialised troopers separately. E.g. i want the arc troopers and sniper but not the others? Also, could you make galactic marines? Similar to snowtroopers but with clone guns? Lower priority of course but it would be nice.
  8. Jabby

    Dry brushed Stormtroopers

    I already had painted mine. But i went back over whatever ones didn’t have arms in the way and dry brushed white. They look a lot better
  9. Jabby

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    But does he get a keyword allowing him to use his gun a range one throawing weapon
  10. Jabby

    Agis' Star Wars Legion minis (2)

    Fyi mel now has clone commanders. Cant wait to see those painted up
  11. Jabby

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Mel now has clone commanders. and a lot of them
  12. Jabby

    Agis' Star Wars Legion minis (2)

    If what you mean is the primer then i have found army painter to be very gritty and citadel to be better.
  13. Jabby

    Jedhead's Painting and Conversions

    Is that a custom sniper? Whre from?
  14. Jabby

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Personally I would really like some custom accessories like backpacks ammo packs and those things they use to denote ranks. Thanks! edit: and maybe weapons
  15. Jabby

    Agis' Star Wars Legion minis (2)

    Skullforge also has mudtroopers