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  1. This is where the fun begins is almost definitely going to be his 1 pip card
  2. It was actually worse than you would think. People were arguing about it before it even came out. We were arguing about the ships we saw in the visual dictionary. I still stand by my words though: the Interdictor is a female ship and no one can tell me different
  3. I haven’t been on this forum for ages (GW snared me and thats where my moneys been going) but I do remember the x-wing forums having a reputation for being a bit toxic. Nothing compared to the very beginning of the legion forum though
  4. You obviously never saw the x-wing thread for the last Jedi.
  5. I’m gonna assume (hope) that they just dump a couple large articles on their website and maybe like a twitch stream or something. GW product lines are usually a long time in the making so they’re not exactly flexible. I hope they figure something out cause I want my primaris bikers
  6. What does the marksman keyword actually do?
  7. I love using them. Flamethrower + impact grenades gives them a lot of punch. You could try what I like to call “meerkating” where you hide them behind cover/out of los then pop them out to shoot with steady then move back into cover/out of los
  8. **** that is the best clone armour I’ve seen yet. And Obi-wan too looks amazing
  9. Just use Aayla as “Obi-wan”. I’m loving the minis
  10. I don’t know how possible it would be but maybe stormtrooper heads on Space Marine bodies might work?
  11. Hey man your images for your last post seem to be down?
  12. FFG makes good money by keeping in Disney’s good books, can’t upset the mouse
  13. Having read the leaks for the new movie I doubt they’ll make them for the game
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