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  1. Jabby

    manoftomorrow's (rookie) painting

    I like the subtle panel colouring
  2. Jabby

    Rogue Dakotan's Legion Painting

    How did you do the arm?
  3. If he closes 2 eyes is he winking, blinking or dwinking
  4. Jabby

    Chewie article is up

    On amazon UK she was out of stock for months after release. Sold out very quickly, now she’s back at £46. Thats a high price
  5. Jabby

    Chewie article is up

    I haven’t used Leia except as a proxy once (**** high af price on amazon) but for Luke I use him to cause breakthroughs with trooper support. I also run him next to the airspeeder to give my opponent a dilemma of which to target and when.
  6. Jabby

    Terrain ideas and pictures

    Maybe a really wide ramp with a trench at the end to give the impression of a trench on a slope
  7. Jabby

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    Oh, the scuplts! Even better than the pathfinders
  8. Jabby

    Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure

    I thought, when I saw this title, that someone was going to be reminiscing some nostalgic rpg game. I was severely disappointed.
  9. Jabby

    Titles in Legion

    The “upgrade slot” could just have the picture thats in the top right of the unit cards to show which unit it refers to
  10. Jabby

    Date for wookies

    Insert rule 34 content
  11. Jabby

    Date for wookies

    My first thoughts exactly
  12. Jabby

    Playing the game in costume/uniform

    If your wife says you can’t buy a good costume say you’re buying it for your kids but it was too large and you lost the receipt
  13. Amd then you’re olaying long march amd breakthrough against a guy with 2 mortar at-st and snipers and you get tabled. But it sounds fun otherwise
  14. Jabby

    Gift Idea for Imperial Players

    I would prefer to call you target practice
  15. Jabby

    Star Wars Legion painting and extra bling!

    Hit me up when ur willing to sell