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  1. And theres a training upgrade with tactical.
  2. Look, a rocket launcher without exhaust! soft plastic on the clones but with customisations
  3. I guess the good thing about a later release is it gives me time to save up
  4. For real now? I literally just finish spending £200 on 40k then I find this out!
  5. For my brother red dice always fail. For me, red dice never fail. I still remember the time I dealt 5 wounds to a at-rt using deflect
  6. But with b1s that would allow order tokens to all corps within chain
  7. That’s accurate to this game
  8. But that would allow free order tokens for corps.
  9. I really hope a future cis comander allows for more corps units to really get the feel of a horde army. something like: Endless Legions you may include 2 more corps units
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