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  1. Ima write “moby ****” on the side of my at-st
  2. I like that idea, I’ll put “Ahab” on mine in Aurubesh
  3. Against rebel troopers without a dodge, you could probably do it. Edit: after doing the maths, there’s a 50% chance of it working
  4. Has anyone else realised how cheap tow cables are?
  5. It would remove the conundrum of “if one weapon has blast which hits ignore cover” and with impact and ither keywords
  6. Where did you see this?
  7. Thanks man. This is the attitude people who dont want the game should have. I salute you sir.
  8. You kinda said IA twice so i assume you mean Legion for the second. Also, you could use Legion minis in IA but not the other way round
  9. Choose one. Legion. Not to be that guy but this is a bad time and place to bring up IA/Legion. Someone will bring up “oh dont get legion, IA is better” or “dont get legion its not 15mm”
  10. And then the objective is breakthrough and the deployment is long march and your enemy brought a ton of speeders
  11. How did you do the flamethrower? Im thinking if copying it for legion
  12. Will you be getting legion?
  13. You should read the comics. These guys have to be my favourite duo
  14. Yh, i know. Later when they add more melee stuff i think i might make a melee focused list