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  1. DarthBlade

    Player Created Cards

    I'm currently hunting the same thing. I've found a couple sets about Legends and KOTOR but nothing for clone wars or new trilogy which I'd prefer.
  2. DarthBlade

    Ideas for Optional Flaws at Character Creation

    That is the most competent gibberish any drunk person has ever wrote. Lol
  3. DarthBlade


    eTalzim or possibly eBala. What makes characters good in this game is consistency. Poe through dice...OG vader through cards...new vader through dice...new phasma through dice...old poe through maz...this guy smells of consistency and that is always a sign that he is going to be good to me.
  4. Shallow as in star wars lore. It added very little compared to other movies. I'm not saying Shallow as in weight. TLJ was shallow in the same way. It added so little. Didn't answer a bunch of questions that it needed to.
  5. Well written? Of all the sins this movie committed its *Writing* is the biggest folly. You say "Well Written"??? By what standard I would ask? A marvel action movie? Iron Man 3? If so, then yes, it was WELL WRITTEN!
  6. Can't agree more. This film was the most shallow star wars film to date. I'd say it was even more shallow than Rogue One and that wasn't even focused on force users!!!
  7. DarthBlade

    Legacies ETA?

    Do you have any facts in your sure statement of "we WON'T see it until end of Jan - mid Feb? This forum needs less speculation and more proof when throwing out dates like this.
  8. DarthBlade

    Chance Cube Spoilers

    As a devout Baze/Snap player back in the day, this is a Godsend. That deck was dead with It's a Trash nerf. Now we may see some play-ability with Baze again.
  9. DarthBlade

    Red Legacies spoilers from FFG

    All I can say about Grand Moff upgrade is...WOW...That thing is absolute beast mode. I'll be doing a hard mulligan for this with logistics in my Tarkin decks for sure!
  10. DarthBlade

    Red Legacies spoilers from FFG

    Kallus' ability may as well say "If you roll damage, it is guarenteed to be a 2 range or a 3 for 1 Melee"....think about it...if you roll the 1 range you turn it to 3 for 1 melee. If you roll 1 melee, you turn it to 2 range. He is a consistent powerhouse. I absolutely love him.
  11. DarthBlade

    Adjusting Trash Characters Costs

    Seeing that the new FINN is out of this world better than the last I think old Finn should slot in at 11/14 or even possibly 10/13.
  12. DarthBlade

    New Spoliers

    Remember when Kanan was spoiled most people were "meh" and now he is a top player. I don't think Traitor is that good but is definately being grossly underrated at the moment. You could have two with Seventh Sister and load them up and have unmitigated holocrons, mindprobes, and force throws. And that's just one idea.
  13. DarthBlade

    So who’s getting the nerf: Rey, or Poe?

    Don't get me started on the missed theme of Force Illusion. It can't go on Chirrut who LITERALLY WALKED THROUGH A BARRAGE OF BULLETS UNHARMED. Rant over. Needs to be blue character only. Wouldn't mind a change on Chirrut to exclude his restriction as well.
  14. DarthBlade

    So who’s getting the nerf: Rey, or Poe?

    This is a change I've wanted since that card came out. Good call.
  15. DarthBlade

    JarJar is a thing! also yellow reveal article

    I could be wrong, but doesn't your opponent activating your Jar jar count as your opponents action only and not yours? Thus you could activate another one of your characters right after.