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  1. You guys are most welcome, thanks for the support
  2. My group has something different... A horrible pun tax... If a pun that is made is cringe worthy the one who made it rolls a d4 and suffers that amount if strain
  3. in the middle of a fight... A PC loudly and proudly exclaims "Boy have I got a deal for you"
  4. alright, Ill go with 1) successful hit (maximise my chance of doing this) 2) same round included (bring the pain) 3) npcs action is to continue choking the B**** ... i mean poor victim 4) add setbacks for counter attacks (1 for giving up all defence to land a hit and another for attacking someone in a awkward position) When its all said and done and if im successful ill regale you with the story of this encounter, so if your interested follow this thread for hopefully a interesting event =D
  5. Alright so I'm intending on having a NPC choke out one of my PCs in an upcoming session, but I want to be sure of something before I try The garrote Chrono says "A successful attack with this weapon causes the target to become suffocated, targets may attempt to break free with a brawl vs brawl check adding a setback for each round they have been caught" So here are the questions 1) by "successful attack" does that mean a successful hit or successful damage (soak can be annoying in that case) 2) the setback for each round caught, would that include the same round the garrote is used? 3) as the user of the garrote chrono, for my turns I'm guessing I can't attack with other weapons (narrativly speaking) so do I keep trying to add damage by attacking with the garrote? And if so how do I handle a failed attack in that case 4) getting attacked back rather than brawl vs brawl check to save themself... I think I may add a couple of setback to that unless someone has a good suggestion for if they try... (I would) So looking forward to using this, just hope it works the way I am pretty sure it works, gonna be so fun "shh shh shh just let it happen, just let it happen, just go to sleep this is all just a bad dream"
  6. second chances is pretty OP as is in my opinion, if you are determined to do this then at least have some serious limitations like costs a large amount of strain or once per session
  7. It's funny how H E double hockey sticks is censored, other words I understand but that one isn't that bad
  8. Holy ****, yeah GM hated you guys, sniper rifles are painful, my group found that out the hard way when a GM mistakenly gave NPCs the "E-11s" (has pierce 2 and accurate) thinking it was the standard blaster rifle "E-11" But yeah, I can understand maybe giving a whole lot of boosts but reducing the difficulty by that much?!? Yeah there is some definite rule violations there...and minions arnt generally known for having talents I could be wrong in this but I think it's rivals and nemesis that can have talents not Minions (correct me if wrong) My advice is talk to your GM, say calmly "those sniper minions seemed pretty OP, mind discussing how you created them to reduce the difficulty by that much?" And find out how he justified it, your goal is not to grill him about it but to help clarify rules and help make him a better GM Spotters would only give boost dice for aiming so provided no movement 2 (3 max if not minions) boost dice for a shot and wouldn't count if they were in the same group (1 group = 1 npc slot). And if he brings up multiple scopes point out the physical limitations of being only able to aim down 1 at a time What ever the result of this chat please be sure to share it with us, we always appreciate conclusions =D
  9. I'd probably make it linked instead of autofire for a melee weapon Both have multi attack but autofire allows multiple targets, linked hits the same target, if you want the increased difficulty that comes with autofire (that linked does not have) just put a special rule on it "uncontrollable: increase difficulty by 1 when using this feature"
  10. Thank you =D that's why I made the list, easy access to information, and great job having all the books (me inserting "please support the official products" comment) , you have me beat there... I had to borrow some books from my friends for this list To answer your question, no... There is currently not a planets tab and it is highly unlikely that I will add it in... To be of any use it would require me to add in detailed information on the planets... My list is for what an item does and not the information behind it although sometimes I do shorten that information down to a short 1 sentence snippet like "highly illegal on imperial world's" but I don't go into detail as to why. Sorry if this disappoints you
  11. Thought I might just give this a bump so people can find it =D As for updates, no progress on next update... Probably will work on it when I get the next book that releases... As you can guess working on this can be time consuming =P
  12. Hey, question for everyone Sorting... So I add things in the list and leave it in the order I have added it... Normally by book (makes it easier to find the new items in updates), revelation hit me on how I can keep the way I have sorted things so I will implement that in the new update but my question is how would you guys like the lists sorted, the current way? Alphabetically? By book (sometimes items related to each other are put near each other in my sorting)? Or some other sorting method?
  13. And we have LIFT-OFF... get it? lift-off... because of spaceships...they go into space... hope you guys like it =D And please, be sure to bump this every now and then... feels weird if im the only one that posts here to keep it alive
  14. @OggDude Would of sent this as a personal message but apparently they system says you cannot receive them....so here I am... I have a question for you if you wouldn't mind answering I am almost finished with my latest update with my master list, however while using your character generator to grab the tractor ratings for the tractor beams (because God forbid FFG put it in with the info of the weapon) I noticed that you had a lot more Starship weapons than I currently have on my list (having went through all the books) Looking into the page references in your generator I found the weapons yes but I have no idea where or how you found prices and raritys for them... For example "long barreled ion cannons" (lead by example page 53) or the long nosed laser cannon (sons of fortune page 107) ... we have the stats yes but not price, rarity and silhouette size requirement. So may I ask where you found this info? I'd like to add it to my list but I prefer to have sources listed, I scoured a couple of books hoping to find pricing on those missing weapons to no avail
  15. XD glad to see people liking my list Although the ability list doesn't have as much love as it should and it is mainly for PC abilities, NPCs have a lot more unique abilities like the joopa worm formation for some clone troopers... Maybe my next update (after what I'm working on) will be to fix this issue
  16. Your original post is so cryptic and confusing, maybe next time lead with the website instead of playing a guessing game Not everyone is familiar with UK based stores, also in regards to your original post, scruffy looking was used as a description of Han Solo, not the animals, and what the he|| is "splat" only description I have is the reaction/sound when object A hits object B at an exceedingly high velocity I.e. large bug hitting moving cars windshield
  17. And the Google search is in, results yield "Scruff A Luvs Rescue Pet Soft Toy - Rabbit, Cat or Dog, Aqua" on Amazon I used the search you asked me to use "scruffy looking' SW animal in the UK splat" Now cute and all but why? Why ask us to find this?
  18. apparently retrofitted it can fit at least 5 A-Wings, it also (retrofitted) has point defense lasers and turbolasers, dont know how many it would have but im guessing not many
  19. No stats exist for this yet... all frigates so far are silhouette 5 and 6 though... hope this helps
  20. Correction on one point on my list... Hyperdrive is just class 2, no secondary... but im betting that doesnt matter to you much... just accuracy matters to me XD
  21. how the **** do you add a 3? anywho here you go CR90 Corvette silhouette 5 speed 3 Handling -1 defence 2/1/1/2 Armor 5 HT 50 SS 25 Hyperdrive primary and secondary classes 2 and no backup Crew 165 Encumberance 2500 Cost 1,200,000 Rarity 5 Hard points 4 Weapons: One dorsal and one ventral turret-mounted twin medium turbolaser battery (Fire Arc All; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach 3, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1). Two port and two starboard turret-mounted light turbolasers (Fire Arc Port and Starboard; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Slow-Firing 1] Sourcebook AoR CRB page: 274
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