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  1. I was thinking on converting it myself for those who don't use excel... So if you would like to leave it to me, I'll get it done I'd probably name it "L's Inferior Google Item Master list" because excel is best =P
  2. So, One of my players finally had their morality trigger, their morality being Jusice and Cruelty, so I have read the rules regarding this and any morality change is doubled at the end, so if one should gain 4 morality they would gain 8 or if they would lose 6 morality they would lose 12 BUT, an event happened that could be considered relevant to the characters morality (Justice and Cruelty) and I would say this player failed the moral choice so I dont know what to do about or if failing the moral choice actually means anything So here is what happened, PCs happen upon a 2 groups in a tug'o'war over a salvaged protocol droid from some ruins, both claiming ownership (one because of holy religious traditions having marked the droid as his, The other claiming it was left unattended and posession is 99% of their laws so as it was in his hands it was his) the droid its not wanting to go to either party and would like to return to the ruins. anyway The PC with the triggered morality decides the first thing to do is to use the force to lift the droid and in turn the two parties who wouldnt let go up in the air.,,, While this is happening another character whos morality had not been triggered is now threatening them with a lightsaber, triggered morlaity PC not really doing anything to stop this, by the end of it PCs kinda listened to the reasons why both wanted the droid or offer any solution even having alittle scuffle with one of the groups and desecrating the religious practices of the other, and ... the PCs just TOOK the droid becomming theives essentially. So to me, stealing something is kinda the opposite of justice, so what do I do with this information... anything special for failing this specific moral choice related to a triggered morality OR just continue like the book says and double any morality loss or gain ... I am already planning on giving 3 conflict for stealing the droid
  3. Please when your done come back and tell us what happens (I love stories) im fckn stealing these names ... they are epic currently i have 2 astromech droids on my PCs ship called B-33P and B-00P ... if i get bodyguards these will be their names XD
  4. Hi all, so a few questions have popped up in recent sessions which id like to clarify with you fine folks So first Id like to ask about is the Technician signature ability "Inventive Creation" the ability to make any item that lasts 1 round up to rarity 5 with enough investment in this ability it can go up to rarity 8 ... now it sounds epic, boom i have a water filter system that i have made out of rocks... it sounds awesome, he can pretty much macgyver his way out of any situation HOWEVER .... when he used it... he made a foam grenade out of parts from a escape pod ... after this he pointed out that he was one investment in this ability away from making FRICKEN THERMAL DETONATORS!!!! tick tick BOOM any big bad guy that is put in his way with just spare parts (yes i know must be approved by GM common sense) So I have 2 questions regarding this ability... 1) is making weapons actually a thing with this ability (personally id say yes) 2) in combat how long would it take to make up something like a grenade... because one turn no grenade... second turn he has now thrown a grenade ... it was great narratively as he threw the foam grenade hitting both an ally and a minion group with it but im concerned 1 round is too short of a time to make up functional weapon. A possible solution I have to this as im writing this is to upgrade the difficulty of a check by 1 for making a weapon and another upgrade if making an explosive and a despair makes the weapon blow up in his face regardless of pass or fail ALSO Force power "Move" this ability has been the bane of many encounters.... Me: "there is 2 large groups of minions coming at you" ... Jedi: "i use force move to pick up one minon group and throw them into the other group" (thus damaging both groups) ... or bigger stronger dude Jedi: "i use force move on a large silhouette 2 rock and use it to crush the guy". With force rating 3 my little jedi has been able to consistently pull this off but it is forcing me to really try and consider what is balanced when putting up people against my PCs... of course my Jedi has been using this creatively too... long planned chase scene through a jungle trying to catch a imperial scout trooper on a speeder bike "I use my force power to activate his breaks" (did not see it coming and was fricken hilarious although destroyed multiple pages of work) or just recently used it to snake charm a rope down a turbolift shaft. So after a long time of use I want to make sure of some things regarding force use and in particular this ability A) When a player decides to do an action IE lift up a dude but only gets black pips on the force roll... can he choose not to do it (we have gone under the assumption that he can choose) but i have recently came to the thinking... you decide what you want to do but the dice determine your fate. B) picking up dudes and throwing them into other dudes dealing 10x silhouette ... is this actually legit ... that amount of damage without any chance of defence for minions or non plot important rivals? (seems like it, but FUUCCKKK its super OP) C) Force move with fine manipulation ... person wants to use the force to tie a rope around something... As a GM I think it is something that the PC would have to make a relevant skill check with, in this case a survival roll to actually know how to tie a decent knot, is that what you guys would do? Edit: Yes, The PC has heavily invested in this power and makes sure everything is followed to the letter, correct amount of pips required, upgrades difficulty for autofire, the whole shebang, i was mainly concerned of using the enemy as ammunition to hit other enemies. all in all... force powers can really ruin my day although I think i have thought of a way to increase the danger of using force powers so publically as this jedi has, by using the obligation system of EOTE ... kinda like bounty but "hunted", any time force is used in a harmful or obvious manner increase the obligation by 1, increase by 2 if there are surviving witnesses (maybe 3 if surviving witnesses are of the imperial forces), when the obligation hits a sith inquisitor or 2 comes to play after which that obligation is reduced by half so D) is that obligation system fair ... I did warn players blatant use of force powers could bite them in the @$$ so this should make them think twice before using such powers so openly so now there will be actual consequences.
  5. Next update will be alittle delayed... My friend has bought the new books so I am able to borrow them off him, however I currently have a cold and I do not want to be touching his stuff with my sick mans hands (gotta be respectful when borrowing other peoples things), also im going on holiday soon so it may be mid August that I can start working on it. So sorry for the delay on it, I love to get these out as soon as I can so everyone can have the most up to date info but it isnt in the cards right now... BUT IT WILL BE DONE, this is a promise =D
  6. ALRIGHT, the part where i had planned to use this has now come and gone, now i promised to tell you beautiful people what happened so now OP delivers =D The Plan PCs are taking over a pirate ship, the PCs gather themselves into a small lift and make their way to the top deck to find the captain of the ship, initially the plan was to have a minon group of commando droids operate a heavy gun and light up someone in the lift... this part of the plan was changed and instead of a droid minion team it was replaced with a droideka due to the PCs amazing success in the previous session, so the plan then was for it to light up multiple people with is "Fire Sweep" ability, after the squad defeats the droidekea the pirate captain (modeled on captain hook) was supposed to come out and challange the squad to 'honourable' one on one combat where he would lure a PC into another room and close and lock the door where the captain would turn to dirty pool using a wrist mounted pistol (Verpine shatter pistol) that has knockdown, after which he would then use the garrote chrono and choke the victim out, after that PC would be knocked out he would open the door acting panting like it was a tough fight and then loudly proclaim "NEXT" What happned TLDR at bottom The PCs arrive in the small lift to see the droideka with its shields up looking at them ... PCs knew this due to accessing security cameras but there wasnt much they could do to prepare... it was such a great choke point, so the door opens up and combat begins with the droideka up the top of the initiative order (AWESOME i think) I open up with its "Fire sweep move" and make its hard ranged check to allow it to attack 2 or more people in the 1 turn... the dice are in my favor on this roll as well... AMAZINGLY the squad learn the way of the loth cat and become liquid and cram themselves to the sides of the lift dodging the droideka's attack (**** IT!!!!) ... its ok its ok... this droid has soak 8 and a shield that gives it the equivilent of adversary 1 and 2 defence so it will be fine....PCs do combat rolls out of the way of the droideka's fire, blaster fire peppers its shields some breaking through to connect and do damage, One PC pulls out a armour piercing grenade... he wanted to d something special with it so i increased the difficulty by 1... so this PC steps out droideka blaster fire raining down around him, he throws the grenade like a baseball at the droideka's shield, it bounces off the shield bouncing so perfectly it bounces upwards hits the roof and lands perfectly on top of the droideka's shield and then slowly sinks through the shield and lands on top of the droids head before exploding... OUCH... its ok its ok the droid is still alive but barely... then another PC character bolts out of the lift drawing her vibrorapier and plunging her sword into the droid taking the last remaining few wounds exactly ... **** IT big scary droid did exactly 0 damage to the PCs ... oh well telling that grenade story was epicly fun. With the droid dead the door to the next room opens and out steps the Dread Pirate Captain Vist, he begins his evil bad guy monologue congratulating the PCs on making it this far and challenges the group to honorable one on one combat .... now of course if we have a Captain Hook like character I NEED Mr Smee, so out pops Mr schmeed (not too original i know) the ships first made and slicer genius (needed someone to challenge the PC groups 5 intellect hacker mechanic) ... this bumbling baffoon comes out in a horrible attempt to protect his captain he misses his one and only shot (Scripted so no chance of hitting) and is pushed aside by captain Vist “Step aside you detestable delinquent im here trying to have a duel to the DEATH... well several now OUT OF MY WAY, so who wishes to cross swor....." at this point before i can finish my monolouge the teams droid swings his axe and damages the captain starting combat ... Thankfully I gave the captain 2 custom abilites Bad Form: When a PC does a dishonorable action activate Bad Form, Before making an attack suffer 2 strain to make 2 attacks in the one turn, no crits may be applied while using this Bad form, Bad Form Indeed: When attacked by multiple PCs, Spend 4 strain to make 3 attacks per turn, maximum 2 attacks on 1 PC, must attempt to target 3 different PCs, if a third PC cannot be targeted excess attacks go to the PC who is the least hurt, No crits may be applied these 2 abilites were made to stop the whole gang up on one character having like 6 attacks against a single NPC... thankfully I accounted for someone doing something underhanded... that wasnt Captain Vist... so this really helped put this droid in its place, 2 turns it went from hey im doing alright to KNOCKED THE F&#%& OUT ... and i didnt lure him into another room for one reason... i couldnt garrote wire this droid as he does not breath... THANKFULLY a victim volunteered, he ran past the droid and captain, even attempting some underhanded trickery involving a spool of slice wire a friend with a mastery of the force their intention to run past the droid and the captain and when between those two the force user would pull 1 end of the slicewire thus making a razor clothesline attack against the captain ... would of been epic if it worked destroying my plans completely but one of them failed their coordination roll and force pulled the entire spool rather than just an end... With a new victim in the room of doom Vist steps through the doorway he was standing in and closes and locks the door between the two and the rest of the party, the little victim attempts to run into the next room and presses the lock button thinking that he can stop any attempts on the captain unlocking the door with super hacking skills... unfortunantly for him... its the captains ship and he knows the access code to open the door, to him its just a few buttons... YES i think, finally a chance to commence my plan ... and this is the tech guy so there is such a low chance he can stop me if i was successful in garrotting him. So I commence the first step... knock him down (i know i didnt need to do this but it was for themeatic purposes), so I shoot with a verpine shatter pistol... as i read out what it does to him... 8 damage... knockdown... oh and 2 pierce ... when he heard the pierce he said "... Well im down" ... my heart sank... I have taken out 2 PCs and still havent used the garrote chrono. Well after this small game of cat and mouse the other PCs are there breaking through the locked door... one using a lightsaber the other made a ridiculousally good roll and with his rifle just dissintergrates the door they see their friend on the ground, the PC with the lightsaber charges in and starts attacking, doing some damage, the one with the rifle makes some shots but misses but gets 9 bloody advantage... i allow it to be transfered as a despair effect for the captains next turn... the last PC is there chilling eating space popcorn that schmeed offered eariler (the PC was my character... we alternate GMs so we have our own characters with the group) ... so enough playing around I WANT TO USE THE GARROTE CHRONO!!!!!! ... the dice gods are not kind... he misses... and gets attacked again with the lightsaber but a dispair on that roll the PC loses that saber.... attempt # 2 with garrote chrono... remembers the despair so for that the struggle lands both the lightsaber user and the captain on the floor right next to the blaster rifle PC in a prime position to get his head blown off ... shot comes... SURVIVES!!!!! OMFG 1 wound left *phew* ... Lightsaber PC attempts to struggle out of the garrote having suffered 3 strain ... F(&*%ing succeeds!!!! Sensing impending death for the captain story script mode activates (his death is currently unacceptable) My character was checking a bounty hunter database and sees a very high bounty on this guy ... oh S#!T moment activates and my character rushes in and tackles the guy saying to the others I need him alive and places cuffs on him.... this ends the combat with PCs victorious... and my plans to choke someone out... gone... but even still it was sooooo fun because i dont know if my PCs may read this I cannot reveal anything else beyond this point but i can say good things happen for now =D I hope you enjoyed my sharing what happened TLDR ... Garrote happened, but not the way i wanted and not as long as i wanted... still had fun
  7. My group has something different... A horrible pun tax... If a pun that is made is cringe worthy the one who made it rolls a d4 and suffers that amount if strain
  8. in the middle of a fight... A PC loudly and proudly exclaims "Boy have I got a deal for you"
  9. alright, Ill go with 1) successful hit (maximise my chance of doing this) 2) same round included (bring the pain) 3) npcs action is to continue choking the B**** ... i mean poor victim 4) add setbacks for counter attacks (1 for giving up all defence to land a hit and another for attacking someone in a awkward position) When its all said and done and if im successful ill regale you with the story of this encounter, so if your interested follow this thread for hopefully a interesting event =D
  10. Alright so I'm intending on having a NPC choke out one of my PCs in an upcoming session, but I want to be sure of something before I try The garrote Chrono says "A successful attack with this weapon causes the target to become suffocated, targets may attempt to break free with a brawl vs brawl check adding a setback for each round they have been caught" So here are the questions 1) by "successful attack" does that mean a successful hit or successful damage (soak can be annoying in that case) 2) the setback for each round caught, would that include the same round the garrote is used? 3) as the user of the garrote chrono, for my turns I'm guessing I can't attack with other weapons (narrativly speaking) so do I keep trying to add damage by attacking with the garrote? And if so how do I handle a failed attack in that case 4) getting attacked back rather than brawl vs brawl check to save themself... I think I may add a couple of setback to that unless someone has a good suggestion for if they try... (I would) So looking forward to using this, just hope it works the way I am pretty sure it works, gonna be so fun "shh shh shh just let it happen, just let it happen, just go to sleep this is all just a bad dream"
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