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  1. LMasterList

    L Master List

    Thanks for pointing that out, will be fixed for the next update =D
  2. LMasterList

    L Master List

    I cant say everything but it does have a lot, and a decent amount of starships has been included, the idea later when I find the will to do so is to add each type of weapon a ship has and any special ability it has in the special notes part. And I hope you enjoy it onebadveggie, dont forget if you find any problems even spelling mistakes with it post it in here and it will be corrected in a later version (much like the critical table that the_remora pointed out). And GoldenGuard, thank you, always nice to get support, and I fully intend to keep updating it when new content comes out dont worry ☺️
  3. LMasterList

    L Master List

    Bump from the grave with the 7.0b update ... 7.0 is not fully complete but at least there is now the 2 new sourcebooks dawn of rebellion and fully operational
  4. LMasterList

    Mission help: Hostage Rescue

    thanks guys, i think ill go with Snuffy's one, it will take me some time to translate it over to FFG SWRPG format but should be worth it
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had made up and done a hostage rescue mission that you might be willing to share the session details with me so i can loosly base my session off that. I am intending to do a session at the end of the week but with work I dont have the time to make one from scratch and flesh it out, basically id like my group to find and rescue a female Pantoran Jedi and escape with her. thanks in advance "help me swrpg: eote community, your my only hope"
  6. Thanks, Much appreciate it, I will be adding this to my groups server as soon as I can =D
  7. cant wait to try this Questions before I start working on it for our discord server setup emoji on your own https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/207619737-Adding-Emoji-Magic files in dice/ https://github.com/SkyJedi/SWEotE-Discord-Dice-Roller/archive/master.zip Any further information on these? and does everyone need to download it? and where do I put it once i have it?
  8. LMasterList

    L Master List

    6.2 is up. Planning on starting 7.0 soon ... Starships... god help me
  9. LMasterList

    Update Request: "Auto-Rotate"

    Hello, Id like to request a seemingly obvious feature for this dice rolling app. Id like to see the screen auto rotate to the way the screen is orientated so we are not always stuck with a vertical view, often I would prefer horizontal as it would work well with my tablets stand. Also as a bonus id also like to request a new general dice for easy 50/50 decisions... either a coin or to keep in the star wars theme a "chance cube" (3 sides red and 3 sides blue)
  10. LMasterList

    Network Ability

    Id support this as a update... although im the only one of my friends that uses the app for games... they seem to believe it rolls with bad luck...
  11. LMasterList

    Kyber Crystal Gun

    I loled (i know my work) XD
  12. LMasterList

    L Master List

    v6.1 up Ill look into it soon, but i wonder what font is more common, the one im using at the moment or your one? also, im surprised the hidden sheet is unhidden XD "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" =P
  13. LMasterList

    L Master List

    Taking me longer then id hoped to get "No Disintegrations". **** work scheduling shifts on the days my game store is open =(
  14. LMasterList

    Dice Font for Word

    every computer i tested this on i had not encountered this problem until I looked at it on my phone, and thanks for bringing it to my attention, this being said the only real issue i see is the boost dice not being blue there, the rest still works =P
  15. LMasterList

    Dice Font for Word

    For the master list i have been making I have been using the symbols provided by microsoft office as much as possible, it has the half half pip ? , as well as light side ? and dark side ? even has setbacks ⬛ which I color for boost dice ⬛ , just takes alittle looking and after you have inserted them once they will be in your most recently used symbols (although i just copy from elsewhere in my document) this all being said if this post works you may even be able to copy from here... so fingers crossed