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  1. Because a Chimera is several animals that have been magically or divinely combined, squished together if you will, to form a monstrous new creature. The lion/goat/dragon is just one iconic version used alot in pop culture, its not the only option. As such, using a different (star wars) mythos structure they may have combined different creatures than the greeks did- other cultures here on earth certainly have done so. Its also a scientific term for a creature that is living, but made of multiple, genetically distinct organisms. There are a number of human Chimera living amongst us, having only partially absorbed a twin in the womb. Their appearance can be indistinguishable from other people, or startlingly different.
  2. Their track record with Armada has been amazing, and I think we should look at that first. Same company, same IP, but vastly different everywhere else. Dras covered that better than I could have. One of the *biggest* problems Ive had bringing over X-wing players into Armada is they want to fly capital ships the way they do star fighters- mathed out maneuvers they can do in their heads to the nth degree 3 turns out. Armada is a different game, it takes a different approach, and frankly theyve learned alot by the *failures* of X-wing. I dont think repacks are going to be common- theyre not even common in X-wing- because not only is the release schedule smaller, longer, its also more robust. They have done a better job with future proofing this game, and the ships are staying relevant longer. In X-wing half of each wave seems to be sent to the discard bin.... not so here. Theres also the difference in how collections work- in X-wing I frequently see people getting 2, 3, even a dozen of the same ship so they can have access to the 'op netlist' for this or that season, or epic, or because they need 4 of this upgrade card. Thats not something I see being *needed* in Armada. Yes, there are completionists who love to do so, but you dont have to in order to bring effective tournament-oriented forces. So when you dont already have 12 of the thing, but rather 1 or 2, getting another one that fills out your potential maximum for reasonable play isnt an onerous burden, its not 'useless plastic', its just a capstone piece to ones collection- as it should be for something special like the Chimera. Im not opposed to campaign packs, and frankly I loved the dirth of new fighters we got with our first one, but I refuse to believe the sky is falling because FF is giving us another product that looks to be above our normal high standards for quality upgrade cards and inter-faction ship balance..
  3. Sounds like you have a problem with what *might* happen instead of with what *is* happening. And thats not FFGs problem, thats you borrowing trouble from the multiverse.
  4. I think its an ability that allows you to ignore Escort. Hence the similarity to the escort symbol.
  5. I think thats probably a really poor assumption. The ISD 2 has advantages over both the refits of the ISD 1, and the ISD 1 has some niche uses that the refits cant pull off- like the super-carrier for example- so neither is actually being replaced here. Time will tell, but I think the actual 'fixes' to the ISD are in the task force title, new unique titles, and with giving you flexibility to run them as both battleship AND support ship. The only other 'fix' they need is called a Gozanti Flotilla. I think your math is wrong, and leading you to false conclusions. The new expansion has 3 each of the new ship cards. That allows you to potentially run 3 of the same ship. But it also means you need 2 of the old ships to do it. Double ISD is a reasonably common point of collection for armada fans. Whether or not its run competitively, alot of us own a second ISD for the upgrades, the cool factor, and for larger games. And because its to date our only large. By offering 3 of these cards theyre saying, along with the unique nature of almost all of the upgrade cards within, that you only need to buy one of this box and we dont see you ever needing to run more than 3 of any of these ISDs, ever. And frankly, its true- short of recreating the battle of Endor I dont see anyone needing more than 3 of each ISD1. Even if you own 7 star destroyers, and only 1 of them being this new set, I think youd be hard pressed to find a good reason to run more than 3 of either refit, quiaff?
  6. Im a cook, and a father of three, disposable does not really describe any of my income. A single $50 pack, sometime within a week to three months after release, isnt going to break my bank. I probably wont buy the wave all at once. If I want multiples I certainly wont, but I will buy them eventually. I personally cant see 'but I dont have the money' as a workable argument for someone who already has many of the same model. If you felt you could buy 4 CR90s, why is 1 more a sudden burden? Especially in place of an entirely new ship that would have cost the same if not more?
  7. Again, depends on your point of view I suppose. X-wing waves are far more frequent and diverse than Armada waves, and people seem keen on buying more multiples- or were, spam/horde-lists seem out of vogue atm- than they do in Armada. 3 Jumpmasters was a standard list for a long time, but triple-star destroyer has always been an incredibly odd niche build. So this expansion, yes it has plastic in it- but theyre including enough of the upgrades and ship cards to outfit a normal collection in its entirety. More of the cards contained inside are useful, and so instead of paying 60 bucks for two packs to be able to upgrade all of my Ties I only have to buy one to upgrade all of my ISDs and expand my fleet in a useful and significant way. Its even cheaper than doing it in X-wing, because the number of ships Id need this upgrades for is just flat out smaller. X-wing players treat their game like MTG, and Armada isnt, and doesnt need to be, that.
  8. The Chimera is an Ace pack. Just like in X-wing. Extra upgrades, fixes to aging ships, and cool, hypable characters with repainted models. This is not new for FFG, nor is it shocking or concerning.
  9. Theres also the stretchy-ness of the whole thing. You have him on a reasonably fast ship- I cant see the MC-75 being less than speed 3- and then you can deploy out the ship well up the field on the second or third turn, looking at a ship thats already activated and which itself is now in alot of danger. Its some scary ****. And Rebels have the cheapest activation in the game, if youre really worried about 'giving up an activation' drop one bomber squad and get yourself another set of slug transports. Its not like theyre a bad pick anyways. And in the same vein, profundity is almost as valuable as Demolisher. Placing your salvo where you want it, when you want it, on a fresh chassis. Yes, seven points is alot- but so is 7 dice at short range I didnt have a chance to stop short of killing a tanky large.
  10. Just spitballing- but Im thinking its the ability to ignore the escort keyword. Mandalorians being super-elite and all that, they might be able to ignore an x-wing to kill Norra, for example.
  11. I mean, theyre already in most imperial fleets with a strong squadron presence so....
  12. Respectfully I disagree. Targeting supply convoys and merchant shipping changes the balance of power in many wars. The rebels conducted pirate-style attacks, against imperial forces, and I dont see why actual space pirates wouldnt have done the same if the material was worth the risk. And in a galaxy wide war one might think a rebellion with only 60 ships was irrelevant, but here they are, an entire faction of their own. So yes, those skirmishes must be important. The rebellion did holding actions, hit and run tactics, and alot of skirmishes. Major fleet battles were incredibly rare. And Armada, with its 4-5 capital ships on average per side is really just a large skirmish. As such, third parties, scum for lack of a better word, are entirely practical and if done well entirely fun.
  13. I mean, that kind of proves what Im getting at though. Look at A-wings vs Interceptors, which are roughly analogous and prices both at 11pts. We have uniques at 12pts, 16pts and 17pts vs 12/17/18. Its very close. Tie Bomber vs Y-wing, 9pts to 10. Aces are 10/16/16 vs 12/16/17 Intel bubble? 12/20 vs 12/19, with identical base ships. Imperial aces are not undercosted, they have a tendency to be a lil less expensive than the highest value rebel aces- but theyre also on a cheaper base ship in general.
  14. I mean thats not really how it works. The Rebel Alliance had no real hope of survival, frankly. They were outnumbered ten to one even at the height of their power. Same thing applies in real life history. Theres always people going 'no, this is one step to far' or 'if we ambush them theyll never get to report this in we just have to be good' They also dont have to be the ones picking the fight. Imperials jump in, see Hutt vessels and go 'well, theres our pirates!'. Not to mention the Empire is noted as not being willing to conquer certain parts of space- notably Hutt Space- because the war it would require was way beyond what they needed on their plates. Skirmishes happen, even during 'peacetime'. Etc etc etc. I mean, thats exactly why they would go to war with the Empire. The Empire, like all Empires, reserves the highest quality material for its own use. From arms to medicine hitting an imperial convoy is going to get you some absolutely primo ****. It was only four Gozantis. You didnt even have to drop in your medium base to do it, just a couple corvettes and bunch of fighters. Now youve got a whole darn campaign about the Empire hunting around your pirate fleet because that was the fifth time youd done something, got a bit to bold, and one escaped- so now theyre hunting you down. Personally, that sounds like *fun* to me.
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